Breast Is The Best

It’s been 2 weeks since Sherilyn’s chicken pox attack and Baby C hasn’t been bitten by the CP virus yet and I think I can safely say that she has passed the contagious period and will be spared from getting CP, well at least for now, for as long as she’s drinking my milkie. 

That’s one of the multitude benefits of exclusively breastfeeding your baby.  Your baby gets auto immunity from you for 50 over diseases!  As I have had CP before, Baby C therefore got the natural CP immunity from me too. 

So to all you nursing mothers and mothers-to-be, go for breastfeeding and don’t wean your baby off your boops just yet.  I strongly advocate exclusively breastfeeding your baby for at least 6 months of her/his life.  The longer the better.  The benefits are just too many to list down.

Check out this awesome tube bra  for nursing mums which I bought at my other blog. 

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2 thoughts on “Breast Is The Best

  1. Wow…I didn’t know bfg can protect against Chicken pox too!

    I got the jab but didn’t give Lucas his…wondering if I should as I don’t want him getting it when we’re trying for No. 2 next year. Esp when we are all so far away in China!

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