Mummy’s Milk Is The Best

3 ounces of milk in under 15 minutes…. not bad huh? That’s how much milk I can express out yesterday. Hopefully the supply will increase in days to come. I must thank Barb once again for this wonderful Avent ISIS manual breast pump. It sure feels better than the Medela electric breast pump that I used with Alycia and Sherilyn. The suction from the Avent manual pump is not as painful as the Medela pump, yet the suction is strong enough. My breasts even shrunk after using the Medela pump! Best of all, the Avent ISIS pump is almost silent, unlike the Medela pump which emits loud sounds like a cow mooing away and it sure sounds awkward in the middle of the night when everyone is fast asleep. Even our neighbors can here the mooing sounds!

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18 thoughts on “Mummy’s Milk Is The Best

  1. Shireen,

    this wonderful pump had enable me to breastfeed qiqi exclusively for the first 6 months of her life even though I was working at that time. Really a great gift from Barbara!

  2. Wah good achievement!! I think at that time I can only get 3oz in 3 hrs. I used Avent ISIS manual pump too, but you really need to stock up the part expecially the white valve bcoz it easy to spoilt.

  3. You know, I actually do miss breastfeeding…no kidding. Good job there getting 3oz in 15 minutes….nice mooing job. By the way, the Medela Dual pump is not as noisy as the single one wor….it was my savior!

  4. Good for you! Mummy’s milk IS best.

    I used both pumps you mentioned my first time around and neither one worked very well for me, but I think I was the problem, not the pumps. πŸ™‚

    My second time I did not use any pumps at all but I did breastfeed til she was almost 3. (shh)

    It is wonderful to be able to feed your babies the way nature intended!

  5. Avent hand pump IS the best. Quiet and superfast. Expensive but worth every sen.

    But really, nursing, as Sarah says, is the most convenient esp. if you’re not a fulltime working mom. I perfected a way to nurse with her on my sarong sling and when sleeping. I remember once, I brought Sky to work with me and she needed to nurse, I took her to the car and put on all the visors and air con. She nursed, I took a power nap. Bam, 15 mins, done and she went back to sleep. This was still in Malaysia!

  6. Thanks peeps for all the encouragement.

    Sarah & Jenn…. you are absouletly right. Nursing directly is the BEST method and the most convenient – no washing of pump and bottles, no sterilization required and it’s stress free.

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