Brewing My Favorite Tea

Apart from Japanese tea, I love Crysanthemum flower tea. My mil who is a discerning tea lover has a cute and handy tea brewing set from Korea which I can make my tea in a jiffy. I just need to put in the Crysanthemum flower buds into the ceramic strainer and after letting the flowers steep in hot water for a few minutes, I remove the ceramic strainer and pour out the tea into my cup. I use this tea brewer almost everday to brew my favorite Crysanthemum flower tea.

The Crysanthemum flower buds. These tiny ones in buds have a stronger aroma than the big petals Crysanthemum.

The special tea brewing set from Korea.

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3 thoughts on “Brewing My Favorite Tea

  1. Yum yum. Those are high quality flower buds leh…compare to the one we get in our market here.

    Last time went to China, also manage to get some of these flower buds, certainly better than the one sell in our grocery store. 😀

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