Buckwheat Pancake

Sometime early this year, my sil from New Zealand gave me a box of gluten-free buckwheat pancake flour.  Last week, I finally made the pancakes for my girls.

I used 1/2 the packet of pancake flour.  I added 3 eggs, 2 tablespoon of Aly and Sher’s Dutch Lady 456 milk powder and a pinch of salt into the flour and poured water to form a batter.  Then heat up my non-stick pan, put in some President butter and poured the mixture into the pan.

When the pancakes were ready, I used my My Melody cookie/bread cutter and cut them into these:

The My Melody shaped buckwheat pancakes were for Sherilyn. She gets turned on by bread / pancakes / fried eggs / fruits cut into cute shapes, but not Alycia. Alycia only gets turned on by tasty food… appearance doesn’t really appeal to her.

And that’s how Sher ate the pancakes – by slathering kaya and putting cheese on top.

I made extra portions, put them in glider food storage bags and stored them in the freezer for future quickie lunches.   When I am in lazy mood to cook, I just need to thaw the pancakes, put them into the toaster oven and lunch is served!

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3 thoughts on “Buckwheat Pancake

  1. Pancakes…mmmmmmm……

    I love them for breakfast, lunch & dinner. I used to buy the Pillsbury pancake mix but now I try to make it from scratch. I bought a Bob’s Red Mill wholewheat pancake mix and I can’t wait to try it. Health freak momma, one of my health treat is to dip my pancakes in a small bowl of maple syrup instead of pouring the syrup all over the pancake. By doing this way, I still get to enjoy the sweetness without the extra calories. 😉 Oh, don’t forget to invest in a bottle of real maple syrup, the ones that they usually sell in the supermarket is labeled as pancake syrup aka high fructose corn syrup, if it is pure maple syrup, the only ingredient labeled is maple syrup…thought you might like to know if you don’t already. And thank you so much for the good luck in my exam, I sure have received the good luck because I’ve passed! Pheww, this is great news because my company will not dream of forking out for my resit for sure. 🙂 Have a great Sunday tomorrow!

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