Busy And Bored

School holidays are here and I am even busier than school-going days. When the kids are at home 24/7, I have NO me time.  They sleep late and wake up early too, especially Cass.  I cannot even go jogging early in the morning as Cass wakes up at 7am.  I have to wail till the MIL returns from swimming or the gym before  I get to go  and it would already be around 8ish am, during which time the hot morning sun is out, thus making jogging not favorable anymore.  Then the kids have a really LONG breakfast, chatting and enjoying their food while reading the newspapers.  It is difficult to concentrate in my work when it is too noisy at home, with the kids fighting, bickering and getting mischievous all the time.   As I am typing this post, I have a heap of newly arrived stock next to me, waiting to be checked, packed and sent out.

Our holiday only begins in 2 weeks when we make our ‘yearly pilgrimage’ up North to my parents and then to GMC Penang for Cass’ yearly ultrasound scan and appointment with the surgeon. Hubs has been super busy with his latest project and we hardly see him these days and this will go on until his partner comes back from overseas in 2 weeks. So  the kids and I are pretty bored and all cooped up at home.

How have your school holidays been?

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6 thoughts on “Busy And Bored

  1. super tiring over here too as they are eating, fighting, crying non stop from morning till night till i have to wash, yell and yell from the moment i wake up till the last second before i close my eyes!

  2. I work as usual while hubby juggling his time between work and taking care of our 2 girls since he has no intention of sending them to tuition. As a full time working mum, I wish I could be a SAHM..

  3. Same here…..wake up…yell for breakfast, bath, lunch, do revision, bath, dinner, bedtime…drink water…tired loh.

    I am SAHM without any assistant with 2 girls (9 n 8 yrs old) and 1 11 mths old boy. OHHHH really hope tht i hv a robot tht can help me do some house work n cook so tht i can hv more time with kids…less yelling too. PRAY PRAY

  4. It’s time to get yourself a car, perhaps? 🙂

    I enjoy spending time with my boy, well, maybe I only have one! 🙂 We can do lotsa of stuff together and now that he is almost 10, he is a little good helper around the house.

  5. Yes! I do agree with you. My routines are all interrupted……and this kids will want lots of activities, Oh mummy what can I do today bla..bla..bla… non stop……:(

  6. I know what you mean .. when the kids are at home 24/7 I am busy and stress .. and can’t get thing done … hang in there .. another 2 weeks and you will have some well deserved break ..

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