Busy, Busy, Busy With My Babies

Have been really busy with my 3 babies today.  Baby C did not nap for long the whole day.  The longest she slept was only half an hour, then she would cry and wants to latch on to my teat teats.  She has been suckling and drinking so much milk that she poos very frequently too.  I have been changing her diaper almost every half an hour to an hour coz even a fart produced poop.  I should buy more cloth diapers to cater to her frequent pooing.  The frequent pooing could also be caused by the antibiotics that she’s taking.  I was just nursing her and changing diapers the whole day.  It’s really frustrating that right after I had cleaned her bum and changed her diaper, she pooed again or surprised me with a wee wee fountain and messed herself up again.  This happens most of the time.

In between nursing Baby C and changing her diapers, I was coaching Alycia and Sherilyn in their homework.  Alycia’s homework from pre-school was very heavy on Friday coz she had missed 3 days of class resulting from throat infection and fever again.  Getting Alycia and Sherilyn to do their homework is another tall order.  Alycia does not seem to be able to concentrate whenever it comes to Math, Abacus calculation and Mandarin.  Her mind seems to be wandering far away and I have to repeat a million times everything, yet she can’t absorb whatever that I had taught her.  My mil and I had to take turns coaching her, which can really test our patience to the limit.  As for Sherilyn, this tough nut of mine has no interest in her homework.  I have to drag her to the table and hold her hand to color with her.  The moment I leave the table, she would jump around like a monkey again. 

In between all these, I have to counsel my maid and give her pep talks all the time. My maid seems to be quite disobedient and forgetful. I can never leave her alone to cook anything for she will surely forget what I had told her and would screw up the dish.  I have also told her countless times not to wash the baby and kids’ clothes with other laundry and told her specifically not to put softener in the load of kids’ clothes.  Yet, I caught her putting my hubby’s dirty waist pouch and socks into the washing machine together with the baby’s clothes and she also put softener to the load of laundry.   The other day, I also caught her hitting Sher’s cheeks (very lightly) when Sher scolded her.   Alycia and Sher have now started to hate my maid and does not want her to bathe them because of the way she treats them, which can be quite rough at times.   Some friends have asked me to change my maid but I prefer to give her a chance to turn over a new leaf.  Moreover, it’s not cheap to get a new maid and there is also no guarantee that the new maid will be better off.

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9 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy With My Babies

  1. not easy to life with 3 kids at home + a maid yeah! With a maid, although the house is much cleaner, food served on the table, but there are lots of other concerns as well. I find that my sleep are much more peaceful with a dirtier house!

  2. Take it easy, mam. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

    I can’t believe Sher has homework (albeit colouring).

    I don’t think Rae (who was in kindergarten) has had homework more than five times the last year but she came back in summer with two inches of summer work to tide her over the hols so she won’t lose what she learnt. Can’t believe she’ll be in 1st Grade this Sept.

    Time flies, mam. Don’t forget to enjoy your kids!

  3. Wow! How do you find the time to blog? I remember the time when baby pooped all the time too. I would breastfeed her and then she’d poo halfway through, then I have to get up, change her and before we are finished she’d poo again. In the end, I was so frustrated the paed told me to just wait till the end of the feed before changing her so I had to feed a dirty, smelly baby. Haha. I can’t imagine having to do that and supervising homework as well. I’d go mad! Supervising homework really requires lots of patience on my part.

  4. if she understand after an explanation on hygene, then should be an okay maid. One of mine continue to do so for the preceeding 6 months despite our earnest explanation on why socks and baby clothes shouldnt mix. Lucky the agent refund our money after our existing old maid, Atin, found maid’s notebook on how she vex us into doing all chores ourselves. Lucky we got our agency fee back, else its another RM7,500 down the drain.

    I still find it difficult to coach Kimberly with her homework if Ashley is not napping. Had to get Kimberly external tuition and feels that I am such a failure at being a mom sometimes.

  5. Jenn… yup, time really flies. Wow, Rae will be in 1st grade this year?

    Chin Nee.. I think so too.

    Sue…. it helps a little but she gives me headaches too at times.

    Mumsgather… yes, that’s what I do now. I let her take her own sweet time to finish pooping and I hv no choice but to hold a stinky baby in my arms… and my arms smell of poop too !

    Allthingspurple… I did explain to her that socks are very dirty as we walk everywhere in them and she can’t add them into bb’s clothes as bb has sensitive skin / eczema but my maid is kinda stubborn and wants to do things fast, the short cut!

  6. Yup, here in Washington six yrs old start First Grade liao, one year faster although in terms of what they teach, less academic (you’ll be shocked – I was). I may have to supplement at home a little bitlah.

    I’m not a very on-the-ball mom, which is just as well because Rae doesn’t respond well to pressure.

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