Carelessness Kills!

Alycia got back almost all her first term test papers this week.  If this was her UPSR exam, she would have scored all As and would be a straight A student.  BUT…. both the Mandarin tutor and I are very disappointed with her marks. Why?  CARELESSNESS!  I told Alycia that she must have left her brain on her computer table of her bedroom  when she sat for her tests in school. I told her that I will remove the D-Link router from her computer three weeks before her mid-term exam next month and she will have no more access to the internet.   All her mistakes were careless mistakes and she repeated the same mistakes that she made in previous exams, which I had over and over and over again drummed into her not to repeat them!  When I saw her English test papers just now, I could feel steam spewing out from my head as the mistake that she made was the exact same mistake that she made in previous tests!  And a day before her English test, I reminded her repeatedly on the grammar and what she was supposed to write and what not to write. What do I know!! She did just the opposite!!

Getting all As is not a problem for Alycia but being in an elite class,  the majority of the pupils score As in all their test papers and this time, she lost to many of them, though only for a few marks.  For each mark lost, her position would go down by a number. I am angry not because she did not get the marks that I expected her to get.  I am angry because she kept repeating the same type of mistakes in the ‘Sentence Making’ section and it’s not that I did not do my job by not explaining to her.  She always feels that I am a very long winded nagging mum, reminding her of the same thing over and over again. But I know my daughter too well.  Even with repeated reminders, she can still make the same grammatical mistake, not once, not twice, not thrice but many times! This I can’t accept! Totally not acceptable!  GRRRRR!!

So, just now, I zeroxed a copy of the Sentence Making page of her English test paper and stuck that on the window of her room. Each time she sits at the table to do her homework, she will have to look at her silly careless mistake and seethe with regret. Hopefully this mistake will be imbedded in her head forever from now onwards! *ROARRRRRRR*!!!


Test paper 20 mar 2014

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4 thoughts on “Carelessness Kills!

  1. Oh dear, calm down Mummy! Carelessness, forgetfulness, over-confidence, anxiousness and/or pressure too all contribute to this. It seems to run in our family. Remember my frustration when I was the mum and you three were the kids? Alycia has to learn to check and double-check before submitting her answer sheets …*SIGH*!!

    1. Mum, I told her already a zillion times since she was 6YO but… sigh!! Guess she will have to learn it the hard and painful way somehow.

    1. Merryn, ya ya rub it in, grrr! I told her just now that she needs to eat more brain power food. I totally dont get it why she can be so careless and forgetful!

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