Cass Has UTI

Sorry for the long silence here. Whenever you don’t see any update here for more than 3 days, I must be either drowned in work or a crisis must have had happened. Or both. This time, it’s both.

Cass has urinary tract infection (UTI) and is admitted. It’s her first UTI in 5.5 years. It all started on Wednesday after school when she told me that she felt like dying in school. She complained of pain when peeing. This coming from a tough cookie, I know it must be something very nasty. By Friday, she complained that her right kidney hurt like hell. When it comes to her kidneys, this is something that I will never take a bet on with a ‘wait and see how it goes’ approach. I immediately brought her to her usual pediatrician at Pantai Medical Centre. He’s been seeing Cass since she was an infant and knows her complicated urinary tract condition. Knowing that Cass has a very precious and delicate right kidney that’s duplex, once had a Grade 3 Reflux (and fixed with surgery) and dilated, he did not want to take any risk. He ordered Cass to be admitted right away and to start her with antibiotics drip via IV.

As in previous times, this doctor allows home leave for us, where Cass can go home but has to be brought in to the hospital three times a day for antibiotics jab via IV — at 9am, 4pm and 11pm. The past 3 days have been a whirlwind of events for us. On Saturday we were at the hospital from 9am through 5pm. Cass had an ultrasound scan of her kidneys and another urine test. Praise the Lord that the ultrasound scan shows that there is no infection in Cass’ kidneys. I hope I don’t get a heart attack for getting less than 5 hours of sleep every night!

The ever tough cookie, who shed no tear throughout her ordeal. She only requested that I hold her hand, which I did as usual and gave her all my moral support.

So what could have caused a UTI in Cass? Tracking back all the sequence of events and history, I can only deduce that the UTI is caused by:
1) Cass holding back peeing when she’s in school.
2) Lack of proper hygiene when she pees and poos in school
3) Spending a little longer time in the pool lately
4) Two Sundays ago when we attended a workshop at a hotel, she held on and delayed  peeing for 3 hours when she should be peeing every hourly.

While most kids will have not much problem holding pee for 3 hours, swimming for prolonged time and not getting tip top hygiene in their daily ‘business’, it is an entirely different case for Cass as she has a urinary tract that’s not so perfect anatomically.

The surprising thing that I notice throughout Cass’ ordeal is that she was still active, had no loss of appetite and had no nausea or vomiting. Most people stricken with UTI would feel malaise, nauseous and could not hold down food. And her urine collected for tests was still not cloudy (it was listed as ‘clear’ in the urine test report) and only had ‘occasional bacteria’ in it, though she had pain on her flank side and bladder when peeing. I can only guess that the Izumio hydrogen water that she’s been drinking has been helping her!

Today is the 4th day that Cass is hospitalized with home leave. We will be off to the hospital in a while. Will keep you all posted.

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4 thoughts on “Cass Has UTI

    1. Hi Chris, Cass will be discharged tomorrow. The insurance co. has rejected this claim (> RM5k!!). Hopefully they will consider our appeal with another letter from our doctor.

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