Cassandra Finally Pooed But…

it wasn’t ‘explosive’, considering she hadn’t pooed for 3 days and she pooed at around 8pm yesterday.  When I saw her poop in her diaper, it was the most pleasing sight for me in the longest time.  I cheered and clapped and my 2 older gals followed suit.  Everyone was so happy that our little darling had finally pooed and the poop wasn’t hard and she didn’t strain the slightest bit.  She still hasn’t poo pooed today.  I’ve been feeding her with 2-3 teaspoons of plain water throughout the day, massaging her tummy and exercising her legs in a cycling motion.  Hopefully, she’ll finally poo today.

I always find my 3 angels most angelic when they are soundly asleep…. and both hubby and I always can’t resist kissing and stroking them when they are asleep.

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9 thoughts on “Cassandra Finally Pooed But…

  1. so glad to hear that the lil one has pooped 😀 I can understand your happiness…hehehheeh. she’s getting to be very very chubby!!!!!! i really cannot resist those arms and cheeks of her.

  2. Haha this remind me last time we waiting for my princess poo2 like waiting for gold. The longest she constipated for 4 days. When brought her to paed, he said he doesn’t worried much as she is breastfeed bb.

  3. See I told u so that her poo wld be soft & normal. It’s normal for bf bb’s to not poo frequently when they r reaching 3 mths or so. Breast milk is absorbed efficently by body without much wastage.

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