Cassandra is Hospitalized

Hi all!  I just got back from the hospital. Cass has to be hospitalized for UTI.  Her pediatrician is extra careful with her whenever she has a UTI attack as she’s got a right duplex kidney and had Grade III Kidney Reflux. He’s very cautious over the bacteria traveling up to her kidneys and scarring them. Thus each time Cass has a UTI with pain on the right kidney, he will order for her to be hospitalized with antibiotics infusion via IV.

It’s 11:10 p.m. now and I’ve got to force myself to my bedroom and force myself to get some sleep, though I’ll be worrying about Cass alone in the hospital by herself. It’s her first time sleeping alone in a foreign place without anyone of us with her.  But I trust that she’s in good hands at a 5-star hospital with 5-star service.  And I’m praying hard that the fever will break by tomorrow and she can be discharged by Monday.  Also praying hard that our insurer will approve this claim, else it’s going to be a BIG OUCH to our hearts and pockets 😭.

To be continued with more stories and photos as soon as I have the time to sit down in front of my PC again.


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4 thoughts on “Cassandra is Hospitalized

  1. Oh dear! Hope she recovers quickly. You know, I think she I’ll do ok on her own at such a nice hospital, and it will be another life experience for her. Still, as a mum one will always worry. Sending you and Cass all positive thoughts and prayers.

    1. I told my hubby that this experience will force Cass to be more independent and appreciate me more. She hates it that I nag at her for her own good. And she relies on me for everything. Without me by her side, she will be forced to use her brain to think on her feet. And she misses me so much more today when I visited her at the hospital. She even asked me not to go home so early. In the past, she prefers to be alone and not have me around. LOL!
      Thanks for the wishes Chris 🙂

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