Cassandra’s 4th Post Ureteral Reimplantation Surgery Ultrasound Scan

We had to make 2 trips to the hospital this time as the ultrasound scan report was not ready yesterday. Thus my anxiousness was protracted. I never like the feeling of waiting for reports or results. It makes me sick.

Baby was mighty brave this time. Albeit the long wait for the radiologist to come and Baby who kept pestering us to go home, when the time came for the radiologist to scan her abdomen, she lay still without fussing a wee bit. Instead, she kept saying “I’m not scared, I no need to be scared!” After the scan when we were back in the hotel room, she told me “my kidneys are good!” LOL!!

The ultrasound showed that her right duplex kidneys are doing very well. The meat surrounding the duplex kidneys are growing thicker and the kidneys are growing well. The dilation has not increased on the right kidney, which confirms that there is no more kidney reflux. The surgeon is very pleased with the ultrasound scan results.

My next big worry is that Baby has to go through another round of MAG3 scan next June. The MAG3 scan is to see the functionality of her right kidney and to see the flow of urine in the urinary tract system. I know that this procedure will be very traumatic for her as she will need a catheter to be inserted on her down under and another IV line on her hand. Radioactive dye has to be injected on both tubes. However the radiation is very low. This MAG3 scan costs a fortune and again it’s not claimable from our insurer. We had spent a BIG portion of our savings on Baby’s surgeries last year but it’s worth it. Hubs and I would do anything to save our little girl’s right kidney. We are happy with the progress. Luckily we did not listen to the advice of the first surgeon and have part of her right kidney removed last year.

Hospital trips aside, we are having a food marathon here. I am so stuffed I feel like puking. Can’t wait to go back to Ipoh tomorrow and back to KL next week so that I can start my gym and jogging regimen again, this time I must work doubly hard.

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