Amniocentesis Results

The day finally came when the results for my Amnio test were out.  I had called the gynae’s office in the morning but was told that it’s not out yet.  Later in the afternoon, the nurse called to inform me that it’s finally out, 4 days early.  As it was pouring heavily with thunder and lightning, I couldn’t hear her clearly on my cellphone.  When she repeated the second time, I was really overjoyed to hear that everything is normal.  As to the gender of the baby…… I am sure everyone is eager to know yah?  Is it a boy or a girl?  Not telling just yet. 

Ok, I’ll stop pulling everyone’s legs,  I’m going to have another princess!  Though my gynae had told me earlier that it’s a boy, it turned out to be a girl!  The little dicky bird that I had seen on the screen had vanished!  I swear I saw it but looks like it could have been the umbilical cord maybe?  As I had mentioned earlier, it really doesn’t matter to me whether the baby is a girl or a boy.  What matters most is that the baby is healthy and perfect.  Well, I am still not 100% convinced with just a phone call.  I still have to see the results myself to believe that my baby is ok.  I’m scheduled to see my gynae on Wednesday next week but I’m going to call to have an earlier appointment.

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Post Amniocentesis – Day 2

Just got back from my gynae’s office.  He did an ultrasound scan and told me that everything looks fine.  There is no built-up of amniotic fluid outside the sac and there is no bleeding around the area that was poked.  Baby’s right kidney still looks dilated. If the Amnio test shows that the baby has normal chromosomes, then, he’ll just have to monitor the kidney closely.  Hopefully the dilation will resolve by itself. 

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