Avent Baby Bottles

I have been hunting for Avent baby bottles for many weeks at both Mid Valley Megamall and 1Utama but most of the shops are not selling the 9-ounce bottles. So 2 Sundays ago, we went to Babyland in PJ SS2 to look for the bottles. I was shocked to see that the price of the 9-ounce bottle has increased from around RM25 to RM35 each! I wanted to get cheaper wide-neck bottles but from my past experience with them (Pureen), they are really cheesy and tend to leak a lot…. and cause milk mess everywhere on the bed and on the gals’ face. I ended up having to discard them and revert to Avent bottles. Anyway, hubby who’s very particular when it comes to using plastic and things for his 2 princesses grabbed 3 Avent bottles without any second thoughts. I told him they are too costly and put 1 bottle back, with the hope of getting cheaper Avent bottles next time. The price of Avent teats have also increased to RM22.90 for a pack of 2.

I also got a NUK bottle brush, a sponge bottle brush and a twin pack non-flouride, sugar-free strawberry flavored toothpaste.

When I was at the check-out counter, I saw an area near the exit displaying an assortment of cute Puku Petit stuff. I saw a very nice bib and it was only RM19.90. I of course bought it.

Also bought 2 Pooh Bear melamine spoons for the gals.

When I reached home, I was shocked to see this Pooh Bear and Friends bowl in the plastic bag. No, I didn’t put this in the basket. It must be the work of either Alycia or Sherilyn as they have a habit of putting everything that they like into the shopping cart or basket. And this bowl cost RM9.90. What a waste of money as we have so many kids’ bowls at home. The gals are now fighting to use this bowl during meal times. I think I have to get another one to prevent further meltdowns during mealtimes.

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