Baby C @ Day 20… And Enjoying Her Bouncinet

That’s Cassandra @ day 20 and this was the first time we put her on the comfy bouncinet.

Cassandra now spends more time awake and demands that she be carried or talked to. This morning I did not know what she wanted. I had nursed her and had talked to her for quite some time but when I placed her back in her crib, she started to whine “eeeee eeeee aaaaaaa aaaaaaaa” again. However, the moment I placed her on the bouncinet and bounced the net gently, she stopped whining and was instantly lulled to sleep. I guess the crib must have been too hot for her to fall asleep.

Blue eyes…. babies have blue eyes….”
That’s one of my favorite songs. Sher commented that Baby C has blue eyes, which is quite true. I notice many babies tend to have light blue eyes but the tinge of blue gradually turns white as the baby grows too.

I can only place Cassandra on the bouncinet when both Alycia and Sher cheh cheh are asleep, otherwise, they will surely bounce baby off the net.

As I am typing this post, Cassandra is fast asleep in her comfy bouncinet. Daddy had brought Alycia and Sher to Mega Kidz @ Mid Valley this morning and will be back anytime. I better get my forty winks now before the 2 rambunctious monkeys are back. My urut lady is also coming at 3pm for my 2nd session of urut.

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Baby C @ Day 16

That’s Cassandra at day 15

and day 16

Baby C’s legs are very thin, they were even thinner at birth, just like skin wrapped round her bones. Sherilyn even commented yesterday that baby C’s legs are like ‘chicken legs’, how very right she was in her description, LOL!

I’ve been nursing Cassandra all day and night till my teats feel so sore. They even feel sore when they touch my clothes. My sil from HK has given me a very good Lanolin cream for nursing moms to apply on the nipples. Perhaps I should try them today, else I will not be able to nurse Cassandra anymore.

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A Little Update On My Life As A Mum To 3 Kids

I have been nursing Baby C the whole day today….. non-stop and it is really tiring me out.  Sometimes, she just wants to suckle my teats for comfort and not for milk, otherwise she wouldn’t go to sleep. 

Sherilyn is also desperately seeking a lot of my attention lately. She has been resisting our instructions and would bawl and roll on the floor when her whims and fancies are not met. When I wasn’t nursing Baby C, I was reading to Sherilyn.  When I wanted to get some rest or coach Alycia in her homework, I put on a DVD for Sherilyn to watch.  Watching TV is the only time she would sit still.  Alycia’s homework is also very heavy this week. That’s because she was absent from school for 3 days last week as she had high fever.  Coaching Alycia in Math, especially in abacus and mental calculation are the toughest as she seemed very lost, not to mention my non-familiarity with using the abacus.  She had missed too many classes lately.

Did I also mention that last week both Alycia and Sherilyn had high fever and throat infection?  Gee, it really ain’t easy having to take care of a newborn baby and care for 2 very sick toddlers.   I was also worried sick that Baby C would catch the virus.  Sherilyn is still on antibiotics now.

I just could not find much time to blog lately.  My earnings will definitely drop this month as expected.  Hopefully it will pick up again next month when things are more settled. 

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Baby C @ Day 14… And She Has A Name Now

Today, daddy finally went to JPN to register Baby C’s birth. Finally, daddy has settled for the name Cassandra Yap Kay Lee. So Baby Callista, Caitlyn or Caeley is now called Cassandra or Cassi in short.

Baby C is starting to get addicted to my teats. For the whole of this afternoon, she has been whining away, but not exactly crying, you know, the type of whine that’s pestering for something. The moment I picked her up and carried her, she turned her head left and right, seeking my breasts. When I let her suckle my breast, she stopped whining but did not exactly suckle for milk, but suckled for comfort, as if it was a pacifier.  The minute I placed her back in her crib, her whining started again.  When my CL fixed her an ounce of formula, she spat the milk out, closed her lips tight and whined….. until my breasts took over. This went on the whole afternoon.   

Alycia and Sherilyn did not help either when both of them fought for pillows and bolsters and both wanted me to lie down and turn sideways facing them during nap time. I went ballistic when all 3 of my kids bawled at the same time!

Doesn’t Cassandra look like a boy here?

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Baby C’s Drinking Pattern

Baby C’s appetite and demand for milk are becoming stronger each day.  My breastmilk is insufficient to satiate her ravenous appetite.  I now have to increase the formula to keep her tummy full.  From 2 ounces of formula a day, she’s now drinking around 4-5 ounces of formula on top of my breastmilk.  My breastmilk is still not a lot.  Today is the first day I actually expressed out my milk to see how much milk I have and sadly, I only managed to milk out 2.5 ounces from both breasts after painstakingly sitting and pumping till my hands ached for around 20 minutes.  

Baby C also tends to suckle at full force for a short 5-10 minutes and then she will drift back into slumberland and then treats my teat like her pacifier instead of suckling for milk.  Consequently, she drinks very little and gets hungry pretty fast. 

I have asked hubby to buy some raw papayas and I shall get my CL to boil some papaya soup tomorrow in the hope of boosting my milk supply.  I also intend to get some Milkmaid tea to drink.  I heard Milkmaid tea is really effective in boosting milk supply.  Does anyone know where I can buy Milkmaid tea in KL? 

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Baby C At 10 Days Old

Baby C is quite a good baby.  She wakes up 2-3 times a night for nursing and does not poo poo in the middle of the night anymore.  I am nursing her on demand and sometimes I supplement it with a total of 2-3 ounces of formula in a day (once or twice a day) when my breastmilk is insufficient to satisfy her hunger.

Baby C looks so much like Alycia when she was a baby in these 2 pix here.  However, in terms of size, Alycia is much much bigger than Baby C at birth…. so big that that I could not even see her neck for the first few months!

Now I have 2 teaching assistants – Alycia and Sherilyn flashing cards to Baby C!

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My Nightmarish Post C-Section (Part II)

This is a continuation from Part I….

For the first time in my life I was desperately hoping to pass out wind.  I could feel my tummy harden, followed by an immense pain each time the spasm of the guts attacked me.  I was praying to God day and night for a miracle to happen.

When my Ob&G could not treat me and make me pass out wind, he suspected that I had very inflammed guts as the pain that I had even spread to my both my shoulders and I felt as if my body was semi-paralyzed when the spasms attacked me. My Ob&G then called his colleague, the Gastroenterologist who came to see me. My Ob&G told me that I needed an X-ray of the guts and if the x-ray shows that my guts are all knotted, I will require another surgery to fix the problem. I cannot tell you how worried and horrified I was at that moment. I cannot imagine myself going through another major surgery.

Thank God, the X-ray showed that my guts were all clear. The Gastroenterologist then came to see me and pressed my tummy. I had a shock of my life when he did a test where he pressed my ‘battered’ tummy deep with his fingers and then released it hard….. unceremoniously, in a way that my tummy ‘sprang back’. I shouted out in pain and had cold sweat dripping down my forehead.  He then ordered that I be injected with antibiotics and an anti-inflammation medication through my IV.  I was also ordered to be pumped with another big bottle of 133ml enema into my rectum. The sight of the huge bottle of enema sent shivers down my guts. But that was the life-saver.  Seconds after the enema was pumped into my sore bottom, I rushed to the bathroom.  I tell you, I felt so relieved as the air came out like a balloon that was being deflated.  Farting and pooing had never felt this good (sorry for being blunt but that was exactly how I felt and for the first time after my c-section, I could muster out a genuine smile on my face).

This episode is indeed a blessing in disguise.  Had I not gone through this, my hubby would never know how much I had suffered and had I not gone through this ordeal, he would still insist on having baby no. 4!  Can you beat that? Hubby loves kids and wants as many as I can bear him but for me, I have always been contented with just 2.  I could see how anxious and how bad hubby felt when I went through this ordeal.  Now, we have both agreed that this will be our last baby.  Hubby heard with his own ears from the gastroenterologist today that my body just cannot tolerate anymore surgeries.  My body’s reaction to surgery is that most of my internal organs will adhere to each other after each surgery. This happened too when I delivered Sherilyn via c-section but it wasn’t as bad as the 3rd c-section.   With God’s grace, I hope that I do not have to undergo anymore surgeries…. for the rest of my life.


The life saver – the big bottle of enema that was pumped into my rectum.

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Baby @ 6 Days Old

These pix of baby with different facial expressions were snapped yesterday @ 6 days old :

Hubby and I have yet to agree on a name for Baby. While I like fanciful and girlie names, hubby (who is quite a Chinaman LOL!) prefers a more conservative name.  We still have less than 7 days to come up with a name and register her for her birth cert.

So, who do you think Baby looks like?  Hard to see eh?

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