Basic Life Support Courses

We often read of devastating stories from the newspapers on how babies choke to death while being bottle fed with milk. In most of the cases, the babies were being cared for by unregistered babysitters who operate from home. It really breaks my heart to read of such stories and I cannot fathom how the parents accepted the death of their babies. The question is who is to be blamed for cases like this and what sort of preventive measures can be taken? It could be a case of negligence where the babysitter left the baby to sleep with a bottle of milk while she attended to other kids under her care. It could also be that the babysitter lacked proper knowledge on CPR. Or perhaps the babysitter carefully bottle-fed the baby but did not properly burp the baby before putting the baby to sleep. Babies who are not properly burped after feeding will burp and sometimes regurgitate in their sleep. I had seen this in the case of my own babies where I was unsuccessful in burping my baby and she regurgitated in her sleep much later. But for some babies, they could swallow the regurgitated milk and choke to death while sleeping.

Caring for an infant is a huge responsibility and requires enormous care and attention from the mother or the person caring for the baby. For new parents who have attended courses on baby caring before the birth of their baby, they would be taught CPR, amongst other important things. I never attended any course before the birth of my first child as I had to be on partial bed-rest due to pre-term labor scare which started when I was in the 5th month of my pregnancy. But I surfed the internet a great deal to read up on caring for a newborn baby.

I remember vividly that when Cass was about a year old, she almost choked on an ice cube. I was seated next to her when she was sucking on the ice cube. When I saw her gagging half way through sucking on the piece of ice cube, I slapped her back hard which resulted in the ice cube ‘flying’ out from her throat. Thank God for my fast thinking action and that incident really scared the sh*t out of me!

If you would like to attend an online course on CPR, you can hop over to to find out more.

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