Foot Spa

For the longest time ever, I had a pair of really UGLY feet. And I mean really ugly, especially the soles and heel. Even my part-time helper’s feet are smoother than mine. Even the hubs’ feet are silkier, pinkier and smoother than mine. Damn, I am jealous of the hubs’ feet! Cover my face and body, and one would think that the feet belonged to a hobo.  I kid you not 🙁

So how come I’ve got such disgusting feet?

Firstly, I have ultra dry and sensitive skin, which make the skin look wrinkled.

Secondly, I used to wash Cass’ butt like 30 times in a day since birth for several years. When I washed her in the bathroom, my feet got wet too.  Wetting your feet almost every hourly, 365 days/year, for several years is a harbinger to many problems to come.

Thirdly, I only fancy wearing sandals and wedges (coz they are fast and easy to slip in!), which exposes my heel and toes. Dust / dirt stick to the feet like magnet. If you have cracks on the feet, you’re doomed for sure.

Fourthly, the monkeys at home love to do painting and calligraphy. Sometimes the paint and ink get splattered onto the floor. When I forget to wear my indoor slippers, that would spell big trouble! Why? When you have cracked heels and flaky skin that looks like fish scales, ink and paint would get embedded via the cracks into the inner skin.  Can they come out? NO WAY if you are talking about ink and paint.  My feet used to look like a canvass painting with abstract motives on them, in black ink.

I have tried pumice stone, steel pumice and stain remover and these did not help much to remove the stubborn stain embedded under the cracked skin.

Get the picture of my feet now?

Lately, my feet looked so undesirable till I got repulsive at the sight of them.

BAD! I just had to find a salon to do a feet transformation, however expensive it may cost.

On Thursday last week, while walking to the washroom of a supermarket, an unassuming salon opened by a Filipina caught my eyes. I turned back to have a closer look at the services that they offer. My eyes glistened when I saw foot spa!  I went in to inquire and an appointment was made for the next day. I could not wait to see a transformation of my feet!

Now I understand the feeling of those who are dissatisfied with their looks all their life and finally have the guts to take the aesthetic surgery route to fulfill their life-long dreams of looking beautiful. The self-satisfaction you get when you see a brand new beautiful you is indescribable!

So here I am, having my very first foot spa…

Above pix – getting my feet soaked in hot bubble feet bath, generated by a machine.  Sofia used a special electrical gadget to gently shave off the dried skin off my foot to smoothen the skin.

Above – After the ‘skin shaving’ process which took a frigging 2.5 hours, Sofia used bath salt to wash my legs and feet.


Above – Sofia filing the toe nails.  At this point, I had to tell her to stop as I was already at the salon for 3 frigging hours and the girls would be back home from school in another 20 minutes.

Sofia had initially told me that the whole process would only take 40 minutes to an hour but she didn’t know that my feet would take so much time to work on! HAHAHA!

Sofia promised me that I could go back to the salon to continue with where she stopped.  I went back to the salon this morning but Sofia was on emergency leave. I will be back to the salon again on Thursday to continue with my foot spa.

Verdict – this is SO WORTH IT!  I am going to pamper myself with a foot spa every month.  It only cost RM55 and if I sign up for the package, it would cost even cheaper. Yeah, I am going to love my feet more from now 😀

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School Holiday – Day 5 (3 June 2016)

Today we had a rather unhealthy breakkie of char koay teow, curry noodles, Hakka noodles, mee rebus and good old iced teh C tarik and kopi peng at our favorite coffee shop alfresco style the Malaysian way — ‘kar liu’ with using 70% washed plates and cutlery (with oil and detergent still intact)  and other germs 😀  Oh well, our body needs those germs to gain immunity from them.

After breakkie, we went to the coolest and most raved about supermarket in town right at the heart of our neighborhood for shopping and to enjoy the cool air conditioning after sweating it out in the morning sun.

Back home, I did some work on the computer while the girls stuck their butt to the couch with eyes glued to You Tube on the idiotic box.

Today, I decided to do something to get rid of the age spots on my cheeks naturally, yikes!!

I applied fresh lemon juice on my age spots and on drama queen’s nose to get rid of those black heads.  Our #1 and #2 are at the age of getting pimples and black heads.  I am trying out natural remedies on their pimples and black heads with lemon juice, melaleuca oil, Izumio and not forgetting that they get their daily dose of exercise to sweat out the toxins from their body.  Click on the link above to hop to my health blog to find out if I had successfully removed those age spots.

Beauty banter – lemon juice for making lemonade and facial astringent for age spots and black heads 😀

Blueberries & cream Haagen-Dazs ice-cream for dessert after dinner.

This is our simple yet fulfilling holiday spent at home 😀



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Of Bushy Eyebrows and Light Eyebrows

I have always wished that I have thicker, more refined and more shapely eyebrows. My brows are very light in color (and sparse), as are my hair color (which is brown) and my skin color. I have very fair skin and I guess God has made my eyebrows light colored to match my overall color coordination.

Despite my light colored hair and eyebrows, my 3 girls are born with dark and thick eyebrows and I am very thankful for that. I always tell Cass that I wish I had her bushy eyebrows as I am so tired of drawing my brows.   I am just so over drawing my brows and have been eyeing on some eyebrow embroidery jobs. Eyebrows are a major part of our face and a pair of seductive eyebrows accentuate the eyes and overall features of our face.  You have to agree with me on this, don’t you?

Many of my friends have had their eyebrows embroidered and I think they look great with more shapely eyebrows.    Well, most of them look better with embroidered eyebrows, except for a handful who now look as if they are some Chinese oprah singers with thick and gaudily drawn eyebrows. This is what one of my friends commented as regards fake eyebrows and she discouraged me from having my eyebrows tattooed or embroidered.  She scared me with stories of how the brows may swell after the job and the many trips I will have to make to the beautician to have touch-ups.  The hubby is also against my idea. He says tattooed eyebrows look very fake and outrageous. Besides, there is no guarantee by the brow impressionist that she can make me look prettier with my new brows. They may even make me look hideous that I need to hide away from the world! The hubby has never liked women with fake and thick eyebrows for that matter. And I am scaredy cat too of a botched job, which may ruin my looks forever!

While shaping up my eyebrows with an eyebrow blade last night…

Cass – mummy, who do you even have to shave your eyebrows huh? I thought you like to have bushy eyebrows like mine?? (asked in a satirical manner)

Me (on the verge of LOL on hearing her sardonic comment!) – that’s because I want my eyebrows to have a nicer shape. So I need to shave off straying hair on my brows.

Cass – yeah, but you said you want to have bushy eyebrows right? So don’t shave it la! Just let it be and they will grow thicker! Just leave your eyebrows alone ok mummy? Then you will have bushy eyebrows! (This 6.5YO can sometimes sound like a woman trapped in a little girl’s body I’m telling you!)

My baby girl sure cracked me up last night and gave me a good laughter therapy.

Back to the topic of eyebrows. I am still very, very tempted to have my brows embroidered. Should I or should I not? Hmmm….


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