Gardenia Butterscotch Bread

The other day, I read from Elaine’s blog how delightfully delicious the Gardenia Butterscotch bread is. So off I went to get a loaf the next day. While Baby C and I loved it, Alycia found it yucky. She even gave me a ‘I want to puke’ look when she saw this in her lunch box yesterday:

I had spent so much time trying to make the Butterscotch bread look as enticing as possible by making cheese sandwich with the bread and cutting them with a Hello Kitty bread/cookie cutter that my sil bought from Hong Kong. But she hated the Butterscotch bread.

From left : Butterscoth bread with cheese wrapped with cling wrap, organic animal biscuits, Pooh Bear shape honey plum and oranges.

The set of Hello Kitty bread/cookie cutter that my sil bought from Hong Kong.

So am I going to buy the Butterscotch bread again?  Maybe not maybe yes. I actually like it and it’s quite addictive when you start eating a slice. You’ll end up nibbling on it non-stop and it’s really fei sei lor!

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