Unable To Upload Pix

Is anyone facing problem uploading pictures into your blog (Blogspot) today? I’ve been trying to upload pix to my blog the whole afternoon but kept getting the “unable to display page” message. This is just so frustrating. I hope it’s not a virus attack on my computer or anything wrong with my blog or computer.

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Problem With Blogger

Is anyone experiencing problem with Blogger (Blogspot) for the last 2 days? I am experiencing extremely slow downloading time of my blog, editing and creating my posts and a host of other problems. Each time I attempted to edit my post, I get a message stating “Out of memory at line : 56”. That’s the reason why I hadn’t written many posts or visited many blogs for the last 2 days. I hope my computer is not infested with some bugs or virus. I think I’d better ask my hubby to get his computer buff friend to check out my computer before it conks out.

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