New Math Workbooks

These are the Math workbooks that I got the girls from MPH on Friday. Hubs said purchase of books can get rebate from Income Tax, so off we went to a books shopping spree and spent close to RM500.  We received some cash vouchers from MPH and we shall shop for books again soon.

The Kumon workbooks cost RM24.90 each, frigging expensive eh?

The contents of the Kumon Math workbook. Kumon is all about practising and practising till your hands turn numb!

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Alycia’s Birthday Pressies… Part 1

We got a package from New Zealand several days ago. It’s a pressie from Alycia’s mah mah and 3rd koo mah from NZ.  Inside are these books.

Clifford The Red Dog, one of Alycia and Sherilyn’s favorite story books.

And of course, their all time favorite Barney….

And also Dr Seuss, a book that every toddler should read as Dr Seuss’ books are all funny and silly and the words all rhyme, so it’s very easy for toddlers to remember the words.

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New Books From Granny

My mum bought the gals lots of new books, jig-saw puzzles and foam puzzles when we were in Ipoh and the gals had fun reading the new books and playing with the new puzzles with granny.

The gals love the series of books under Thematic Reading Scheme, a local publisher. It is also easy for me to read to them as the words are big and on one page whilst the pictures are on another page, so the gals won’t get distracted by the pictures when I read to them.

Hello Kitty and Mickey & Minnie Mouse jig-saw puzzles.

Foam puzzles.

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They Love Noah’s Ark

Alycia has always loved the story Noah’s Ark. She liked it even more ever since she watched the movie Evan Almighty, a rendition of the modern Noah’s Ark. Yesterday as Sherilyn was sitting on her potty doing her poopie business, Alycia took out a cloth book on Noah’s Ark (which I had bought for her years ago from my church), pulled out a stool to sit next to Sherilyn and began ‘reading’ to her sister. Alycia certainly did a good job as she even mimicked the way I normally read to them, i.e. pointing to the words as I read.

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New Books

It’s been almost a month since I bought these new books for the gals and so far, they’ve still not shown any signs of boredom with the books. In fact, they love the books and would plead with me to read each of the book to them everyday before their afternoon nap. It’s the gals’ routine now – before nap in the afternoon and before bedtime at night, they would insist on being read to.

This book gives simple and easy to understand illustration on addtion and subtraction.

A book on simple grammar.

This book teaches sounds made by different objects and animals.

This is Sherilyn’s favorite book and is all about Teddy and its balloon coz Sherilyn is balloon-crazed too.

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New Books and Jigsaw Puzzle

I got some cheap Bumblebee books, produced locally by Pelangi from MPH for the gals on Sunday. They only cost between RM1.90 to RM3.90 each. The words are huge and there are colourful illustrations on the pages. I also got Alycia a 48-piece jigsaw puzzle which only cost RM5.90. I saw some Dr Seuss books and I was so tempted to buy them but they are way out of my budget, costing RM30 and above. Well, I may buy them if I get to earn more from paid posts.

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Alycia Loves Her Kids’ Bible

Alycia loves this kids’ bible that sil#2 bought her weeks ago. She is so in love with the book that she begs me to read to her every night.

A couple of nights ago, as I was busy reading to Sherilyn her favourite book, Alycia ‘read’ the bible to herself. I quickly took out my camera and took a pot-shot of Alycia, so deeply engrossed in the book (more of the pictures actually) that she was frowning as she was reading away. I just hope Alycia will have a life-long love for books.

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Tom Tom The Piper’s Son

Today just before lunch time, I read and sang some nursery rhymes to Sherilyn, my 2.5 yo toddler who LOVES singing and loves me reading through singing to her. I sang her a few nursery rhymes like Baa Baa Black Sheep, Rock A Bye Baby, Little Bo Beep Has Lost Her Sheep, Hey Diddle Diddle and Tom Tom The Piper’s Son. She loved the Tom Tom song so much that she wanted me to sing and point out each word to her as I sang to her over and over and over again and she didn’t want me to stop. I swear I sang like around 50 times. When I stopped, she cried. I had spent close to 1/2 hr singing to her till my voice ran hoarse. As I wanted to do some work on the computer, I put Sherilyn on my lap as I did my typing with 1 hand and I continued singing and singing till I told her mummy got to stop to go wee wee. Wah… the moment I put her down on the floor, she wailed and her tantrum flared.

My maid and I spent another 15 mintues trying to placate her. She didn’t even want to watch Thomas & Friends when the tv was turned on. So my maid placed Sherilyn on her lap and fed her her cereal for lunch. After a while, she stopped whining and began to settle down, enjoying her meal of cereal and organic green tea noodles with fish paste in winter melon soup.

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