A Rewarding Job In HR

One of the best jobs that I have had held with the happiest memories created was my 8 years spent in the human resource department of a local bank. That was my second job and the 8 years I spent there was filled with joy amidst ups and downs.  No doubt the work load was pretty heavy, especially during year-end and start of the year, I was nonetheless happy with the working environment, my colleagues and the benefits.

I joined as a junior secretary and rose through the ranks.  By the time I left the bank, I was already holding the position of HR officer.  My last portfolio held was as a recruitment officer on top of supervising junior officers and clerks in the management of staff loans and staff benefits.  I remember traveling with my colleagues around Malaysia to give career talks at schools to fifth-formers.

Because of my dedication and diligence, I was promoted four times during my 8 years tenure with the bank.  I was also one of the proud recipients of Merit Award and Merit Increment for several years.  In addition, I was sponsored by the bank to attend a one-year course in human resource management.

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One of the best perks that we enjoyed as staffers of the bank was the incredibly low interest rates for loans taken for the purchase of house, car and even computer.  We were also given additional percentage of interest rate for money deposited into fixed deposit accounts and staff rate for purchase of unit trusts.  Those were the perks that I really miss, not forgetting the yearly bonuses and salary increments.

As  a HR officer, my duties were pretty loaded but manageable as I had a small team of junior colleagues who were very diligent and just as dedicated.   The below were among some of the tasks listed in my job description as a Staff Benefits and Recruitment Officer:

Processed staff loans
Vetted and processed staff’s hospitalization claims
Vetted and shortlisted candidates
Interviewed candidates
Reviewed human resource and staff benefits policies
Conducted surveys
Conducted employment checks
Maintained staff personal files (thousands of them)
Prepared increment and bonus letters to staff of the entire bank, which was in the thousands
and much more. We basically extended our support and advise to all the staff in the bank as and when needed.

Before I was internally transferred to the Staff Benefits and Recruitment department, I was in the Staff Training department for several years and was briefly the secretary to the HR Manager before my promotions. With the exception of Staff Payroll, I was pretty much a seasoned HR staff 😀

After the bank I worked for merged with  another bank, many of my colleagues left for better offer. Some of them applied for the bank’s VSS scheme.   I was headhunted for to be a Personal Assistant to a ‘datuk’ in a large conglomerate and accepted the offer.

Given a chance, I would really want to work in a bank again and would definitely choose the human resource department again as this is still my cuppa tea!  If you wish to get a human resource job, you can either search the job vacancies section of the newspapers or go through a reputable job search company.  A job in the HR department is indeed a very rewarding and fulfilling career.


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