RMCO Day 26 ~ Sunday, 5 July 2020

I woke up at 6:45 a.m. today. I’ve been waking up at this time almost everyday throughout the MCO, except on days that Alycia has to go to school on Wednesdays and Thursdays when I will be up at 5:45 a.m.

When Cass and Sherilyn return to school on 15 July, I’ll be up by 4:30 a.m. again.  😫 😩 🥺.   This ungodly waking time does not do me any good. Even waking up at 5:30 a.m. is a pain for me. It makes my brain foggy and I find it really torturous to have to battle the extreme sleepiness at that hour.  The only thing I like about being up at this hour is the absolute silence and peace in the house, sans any noise except for the soothing music from the radio.  And of course my pre-dawn workout after sending Cass off to the school van.  My daily 40-60 minutes of pre-dawn workout helps me to detox my mind and body as well as gives me a quiet time to do some soul-searching and prayer.

Beautiful sunrise at 6:45 a.m. today:

These days, hubs has to be at the bistro that he set up for a client every single day – to train the staff and ensure that the bistro runs smoothly and profitably.  He leaves the house early in the morning for his office and shop to settle catering and food box delivery orders and then scoots off to the client’s bistro in Sunway.

This morning we went groceries shopping at our neighborhood supermarket and had lunch together before he started work – first at his shop to supervise food preparation ordered by a customer for a party and then to the bistro.  He has to work doubly hard now to recoup the earnings he lost for the months of having zero income during the initial months of the MCO  💪

In the afternoon, I went to hubby’s shop to collect lasagna as he told his chef to cook extra for us but the extra is one gargantuan tray for us!  The girls are so happy as lasagna is one of their favorites. I’m happiest as I don’t have to cook dinner. No cooking = less washing and that’s my kind of lazy Sunday.

Loaded with cheese on top and generous amount of minced chicken and veggies on the inside. And not too salty or oily. Perfect lasagna!

I divided the lasagna into 4 tubs for freezing for future meals and gave a tub to Maria, our part-time helper who was here today to clean up SIL’s vacant unit on the other block.

Tub on the foreground – biggest chunk for Maria and her hubby. This will be their breakfast tomorrow.

If you’d like to try this delish lasagna or want to order food for an event at your workplace or home, please Whatsapp Alan at 019-266 4297 or email catermatesdnbhd@gmail.com.  Thank you ❤️

Happy Sunday, all and sundry ☺️

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RMCO Day 14 & 15 (Tuesday & Wed, 23 & 24 June 2020)

My days are slowly but surely seeing some semblance of old normalcy now.  I am getting busier by the day, just like how I used to before Covid-19. And as things slowly return to normalcy, my hectic days are following suit too. My sleep hours are getting shorter, my chauffeuring duties are getting heavier and I am starting to doze off on my work chair once again. During the height of the MCO, I was a little insomniac and had trouble falling asleep at night.

This pandemic is a real test from God on our patience and perseverance.  The past 4 months during the ‘World War III’ felt surreal, like we were all in a very bad dream that would never end. Hubs’ business was hit so badly that we thought it would never be back to its glorious heyday again. Everyone at home felt discombobulated – the kids for being taken out of school for so long, disruption to their routines, anxiety over loss of income, anxiety over when this pandemic will end, family  members grinding gears with one another out of frustration being stuck at home and cooking 3 meals a day and much more.  The news that we read from news portal everyday were very negative and demoralizing. The end of the road seemed so near for us.

But the worst of the 4 months are now behind us. New Covid-19 cases have now gone down to single digits. Today’s new cases is 6. More and more sectors are reopening.  Alycia who is in Form 5 went back to school today (Wed, 24 June 2020).  Gyms, swimming pools and cinemas will be reopened on 1 July 2020. And the sweetest news yet is weddings, seminars, parties, training events and social gatherings can now be held effective 1 July 2020, up to a max of 250 pax with strict SOP in place. This means that hubs’ catering events will start to trickle in.  He’s already received a catering event for a meeting with over 100 pax.  God has been very kind to us.  Throughout the partial lockdown and restrictions on social gatherings when his catering events were slashed to zilch, he had and still has an alternative income. No one in our family had to go hungry, nor any of his staff throughout the MCO.   In fact, we had more than enough food placed on our dining table everyday. And it’s looking pretty positive that our beloved part-time helper, Maria can come back to our home soon.  God has answered many of my prayers and I am so thankful to him.

On the eve of Alycia’s school reopening yesterday, I brought her for a much needed hair cut.

The school’s hair cut policy is length of hair cannot be longer than 2 cm below the ears. This is Alycia before her hair cut:

Our regular hair salon owner has increased the price by RM5 to RM25 for Alycia’s haircut, to cover the cost of disposable aprons and hand sanitizer. The hair stylist cum owner wore disposable rubber gloves and goggles during the haircut.

Our dinner yesterday:

Buddha’s Delight (Lo Hon Jai), blanched organic baby spinach, stir-fried assorted vegetables from hubby’s kitchen, stir-fried ginger, mushrooms and sesame seed oil chicken tenders for the big girl who cannot stomach spicy food and sambal cili Tenggiri fish from hubby’s kitchen.

First day of school in RMCO – Alycia getting out of the house to her waiting transporter at the lobby this morning:

Social distancing markers on the van:

Students’ temperatures are scanned at the school entrance on a facial recognition thermometer and teachers are stationed at the bus stop area screaming out to the 5th and 6th formers to maintain a 1 meter distancing from one another.  😷

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Fish Head Curry From Catermate

For those of you who missed out on the fish head curry from my hubby’s shop last and this Wednesday, his chef is cooking it again this Sunday, 21 June 2020 just because it’s Father’s Day 🙂

One portion is RM60 — composed of Garoupa / Grouper fish head, lady’s fingers, aubergine, tomatoes and onions. Some of you asked me how the curry tastes like – we all think it’s very close to the famous Kg Attap fish head curry 😋

To order, kindly Whatsapp 019-266 4297.  Thank you ❤️

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MCO Day 84 ~ Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Today our baking queen baked her very first loaf of hand-kneaded bread, which is Brioche loaf bread and Brioche buns!  According to her, the bread is not 100% perfect as the texture is not super fluffy and pillowy but her sisters and I think that it’s pretty good — super soft, buttery and rich (she used 6 eggs and an entire block of butter for all these). In fact she even marked her Brioche as ‘FAILED’!  That’s how much a perfectionist and critical she is, just like her dad.

Brioche burger buns… but we think they look like ‘Heong Peang’ 😆  Nonetheless. taste and texture are commendable.

Lunch today is Sundubu jigae (Korean Spicy Soft Tofu Stew) again as there’s still one last portion of homemade Gochujang in the fridge which Sherilyn made some two weeks ago. She also made a side of Oi Muchim (spicy Korean marinated cucumber).  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Sundubu jigae which tastes so much better than the ones at Korean restaurants as ours is less salty (and doesn’t give me a bad aftermath of unquenchable thirst) and most of the ingredients are organic.

Dinner tonight is Nasi Hujan Panas from hubby’s kitchen.

Today marks the last day of the Movement Control Order (MCO) and tomorrow begins the next phase ~ Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO). Our country is slowly but surely on the way to recovery! 🙏

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Catermate’s Bento Boxes For Lunch / Dinner Delivery

Today the mil needn’t have to cook much for dinner again as hubs has extra boxes of Nasi Hujan Panas for us, woohoo! I love days like these when the kitchen is not so greasy and there are fewer things to wash for the girl in charged of washing dishes 🤗  This week is Alycia’s turn to wash the dishes and she was rejoicing when she saw me bringing the bento boxes back from the basement.  Who likes washing greasy dishes, right? It’s my top most dreaded chore, followed by wiping windows and ceiling fans.  I am so thankful I always have someone to help me wash dirty, greasy dishes.

Compliments like this one, received today, on Catermate’s bento boxes really made my day and hubby’s too:

This message was from another customer of ours last week on Nasi Hujan Panas bento box too:

I’m so thankful and grateful to all my friends and customers who supported hubby’s bento boxes throughout the MCO. You saved our days and helped him save his staff from losing their jobs too.

Now that the Government has allowed meetings and workshops to be held again, subject to strict SOP, we are praying that hubby’s catering events will start to trickle in again and soon, for him to achieve his heyday again.

Below: Nasi Minyak on Thursday’s menu @ RM23 a box:

And Nasi Kerabu @ RM23 a box on Friday’s menu:

Only good quality rice and ingredients are used in the cooking. Hubs is super persnickety on this and we go to Jaya Grocer @ Gardens Mall together every Sunday to shop for the rice and other ingredients.

To order, kindly Whatsapp 019-266 4297 (Alan). Thank you for your support 💝

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MCO Day 77 & 78 (Tuesday, 2 June & Wed, 3 June 2020)

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

With over 2 months of being stuck at home and devoid of a daily part-time helper, all the cleaning and washing finally took a toll on my hands.  My stiff shoulders got stiffer and the crick in my neck got ‘cricker’.  I’m currently suffering from pain on my right hand (the hand that I use the most) and have difficulty turning this hand. The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that attacked my hand shortly after Alycia was born was also on my right hand.  My right hand has been grossly over utilized!  Yesterday I fished out my Salonpas patches and stuck them on my neck and right hand. I also massaged my neck and hand with Wintergreen essential oil. Both the Salonpas and Wintergreen essential oil provided a little pain relief but complete healing is going to take forever as long as Maria our beloved part-time helper doesn’t come back to provide me with the real pain relief! 😫

I miss having my portable massage chair to give me daily massages on my shoulders and back.  When I went to Mid Valley Megamall last Sunday, I was shocked when the staff at Osim informed me that my faulty massage chair is still stuck in their shop – their reason was it’s still Hari Raya. But from the staff’s ‘guilt-stricken’ expression when she found out that my massage chair was still at their shop, I knew they’d forgotten to send it to the head office. 😥  With such cheesy quality despite the 5-star price, this will be my second and last purchase from Osim.  The sales staff even had the cheek to cajole me to buy their second-generation portable massage chair, that’s more expensive at a whopping RM1,800!  No way Jose, not even if it’s at a 50% discount🤔

Our baking queen made Chawanmushi for lunch today and this time, it’s umami-packed with a consistency that’s similar to those from Japanese restaurants.  She added dashi and a little Chinese rice wine since we don’t have sake at home.

Hubs gave us a surprise when he came back early with tapau Ba Kut Teh for dinner.  His catering event ended early and he came back early to rest as he woke up at 5:30 this morning to start work at the kitchen with his team.

Dinner of fried rice (with eggs, turmeric, kafir lime leaves and curry leaves), blanched broccoli, cauliflowers and celery, stir-fried lean pork with big onions and leftover sambal from hubby’s shop and Ba Kut Teh.

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Hubs tapau Yong Tau Fu, Sarawak curry noodles and char koay teow for brunch from O&S Restaurant @ Paramount Garden, PJ after his physiotherapy session at the hospital today.

Today I started my morning jog a tad late at 10:30 a.m. and the sun was already out in full force grilling me like a piece of meat when I jogged at the jogging trek of our condo. Somehow, the morning sun does not give me a migraine, only the afternoon sun does. In fact, it gives me a high of serotonin, which makes me very happy and calm! No matter how busy I am, I try not to miss out on my morning jog – this is very important in helping me detox not only my body through sweat, but also a detox of my mind from negative and unhappy thoughts.  The only downside is I now spot a bronze tan on my limbs and face. When the girls return to school (which no one knows when, yet), I think I won’t look like a Chinese anymore 👩🏾 😜

Hubs brought back Nasi Briyani from his kitchen in the late afternoon. Since there was warm yummy food on the dining table,  I had my lunner at 3:30 p.m. so that I could have a longer Intermittent Fast today.  We used to have dinner at 4 p.m. pre-Covid19 as the girls would be back from school around this time; when they’re back from school, they always appear like famished feral dogs. So I always ensure that dinner is ready by 3:30 p.m. and I eat my dinner with them at this hour!

We also had 5-Elements Miracle Soup today. This meat-less soup is believed to have the ability to fight cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and other ailments.  I love this soup and don’t mind having it everyday as it’s meat-free and naturally aromatic and sweet. It’s composed of the following roots:

  • Daikon Radish Leaves (Green element)
  • Daikon Radish (White element)
  • Carrots (Red color element)
  • Burdock Root (Yellow element)
  • Shittake Mushroom (Black element)

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MCO Day 73 ~ Friday, 29 May 2020

Today is hubby’s catering company’s first catering function during the MCO and CMCO. It’s for a board meeting of a large organization.  Meals are served  in bento boxes and from the photos that were taken, I can see very good social distancing practice amongst the board members during lunch.  There will be another catering event next week for a client’s new product launch and food will be served in bento boxes as well.   With fingers crossed, I’m praying that more catering events will be in the offing for Catermate in the days, weeks and months to come with more economic sectors to be reopened soon. 🙏🏻

As usual, we get to savor delish food whenever there are functions and bento boxes for delivery.  Today we had traditional scrumptious Raya delight as it’s still Hari Raya.  There’s nasi impit, lemang, chicken rendang, dalcha vegetables, Ayam Kuzi and his chef’s peanut sambal sauce that’s to die-for.  Even the lemang is cooked by his chef and together his hubs, they test-cooked this three times to achieve a perfect lemang that’s delish, soft, santan-ish and really addictive. Even a low-carb health freak like yours truly can’t resist popping the lemang into the mouth non-stop.

Nasi impit and lemang:

Chicken rendang:

Ayam Kuzi, a Kelantanese dish – I’ve not eaten this dish for over 20 years.  When I was working in a bank yonks ago, I had a colleague who is from the Kelantan royal family and she would cook this dish whenever we had a staff party. And it was from her that I was introduced to this exquisite dish.

Dalcha vegetables:

Nasi Briyani with raisins and cashew nuts:

I love the sambal peanut sauce (satay sauce) with lemang and it’s quite ‘dangerous’ to sit at the dining table with such a delectable spread that’s not very spicy (I can’t stomach spicy food) as I can help myself happily to all my favorite dishes!😬

This is the reason why I have to have a steely discipline in my exercise regimen. With all these delicious spread from hubby’s shop almost daily and Sherilyn’s bakes, it’s impossible not to gain weight, hence a daily workout is a MUST!  🏃‍♀️

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MCO Day 70 ~ 26 May 2020 (Tuesday)

Sherilyn got up very early this morning. She wouldn’t get up early if she doesn’t have an activity… or have something up her sleeve. Since it’s the school holidays now and online classes by school teachers are suspended during the holidays, I knew she’s up to something in the kitchen because for the past few days, she kept saying that she wanted to cook Pho!

Today our baking queen has been very productive in the kitchen.  She whipped up Wanpaku Sando for breakfast and Pork Pho for lunch, that’s enough to last us till dinner.

Meet the newest style of healthy sandwich from Japan that looks absolutely enticing, tastes incredible and totally Insta-worty – Wanpaku Sandwich or Wanpaku Sando. Stuffed with colorful cooked and raw vegetables and layering ingredients, these solid Japanese sandwiches present endless possibilities!

This time Sherilyn stuffed the sandos with egg rolls, boiled sausages, cheese, tomatoes and crisp Ice Plant. You can slather the bread with butter, mayo, tomato ketchup and whatever your mouth desires.

She prepped the Sando while the pot of bone marrow broth was boiling on the stove and the ginger + onions + garlic were toasting in the oven.   After she was done with the Sando, she toasted a heap of herbs and spices – bay leaves, cinnamon bark, cardamom, star anise, cloves, black pepper corn… and the aroma from the toasted herbs, spices and roots roasting in the oven is SO therapeutic. Even if you are in a bad mood, the aroma from all these healthy spices and herbs can instantly give your mood a boost.

A healthy pot of immunity-boosting ingredients slow-boiled with pork bone marrow for over 5 hours, seasoned with fish sauce.

While the bone broth was boiling, she quickly made Char Siew. It’s her first try at it and I must say that it’s pretty good, albeit the next time, she can reduce the soy sauce for a healthier low-sodium version.

The pork belly (not marinated) was seared before braising with sauces.

Tender meat that falls off the bone – every pore, fiber and muscle in every mouthful resonates with the aromatic flavors from the myriad of herbs and spices, a result of an almost 6-hour slow simmering.

Laborious work but the end result is such a hearty temptation.

Sherilyn spent over 6 hours in the kitchen to whip up 3 meals for the entire family 👏🏻💕 .  Of our 3 girls, she’s the only one who likes cooking and baking. She baked her first cake when she was almost 9 years old, baked her first pie the following year, broke a dozen of plates and bowls and cut her fingers umpteen times to reach where she is now.

We had Pho again for dinner and a side of delish chicken rendang from hubby’s shop.

This is Catermate’s menu for bento box delivery. Kindly Whatsapp Alan at 019-266 4297 to order. Thank you for your support 💓

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Nasi Hujan Panas From Catermate (5-Star Rating!)

MCO Day 63 ~ 19 May 2020 (Tuesday)

Nasi Hujan Panas (Rainbow Ghee Rice) is on hubby’s shop menu today. We’re having this for lunch and dinner today. So it’s another easy day for us in the kitchen – just whip up a vegetable dish for dinner and all is good.  Hubby’s Indonesian chef can whip up ultra mouth-watering Indonesian and Malay dishes. His peanut sauce for Satay and Gado-Gado (Indonesian salad) is to die for. Each time hubby’s sister from Hong Kong comes back to KL, she will order a few tubs of peanut sauce and Sambal from hubby’s kitchen.  The sauce goes well with anything – dip for breads, crackers, grilled meat, salad, just anything.

The Nasi Hujan bento box (RM20) is composed of ayam masak lemak drumstick (very delish!), Tenggiri fish sambal berlada (freshly pound chilies), mixed vegetables with fresh Shiitake mushrooms and Acar Rampai. Rice is cooked with ghee, cardamom, star anise and other spices. This set is just right for my gassy stomach (caused by stress and fasting yesterday) as it’s not very spicy.

I need to relax and unwind today after an anxiety filled day at the hospital yesterday. Every step of the procedure was nerve wracking — if the renal blood test wasn’t good, Cass couldn’t proceed with the MRU test. And if she moved during the MRU, the images would be blur and we would have to go through the entire 2 hour grueling process again. And if Cass’ body was allergic to the contrast, the procedure would have to be halted. Thank God all went pretty smoothly, except for the lack of communication from the Urology Department to the Day Care Ward.  I’m praying that what needs to be seen will be shown in the images so that a remedial action (surgery) can be done by this year. This year is like a Gap Year for Cass and she wouldn’t miss out much on her studies if she requires to be on medical leave.

Tastes like a million dollars and people who’ve tried it gave a 5-star rating.

Menu for week 18 May ~ 22 May 2020:

To order, kindly send a Whatsapp message to Alan at 019-266 4297. Thank you 💖

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MCO Day 59 ~ 15 May 2020 (Friday)

Our fridge is almost empty. Besides a few sticks of carrots and half a bitter gourd, there’s no more vegetables. I’ve not gone grocery shopping since shopping with hubs at Jaya Grocer on Sunday. But my car is still stuck in the car repair shop and hubs is stuck at his shop.  With so many things to buy, I definitely need help and someone to follow me to the supermarket. My post Carpal Tunnel Syndrome hands can’t carry heavy stuff or they will act up with terrible pins and needles for the next few mornings.  Sherilyn offered to go with me and she suggested bringing the trolley too. But the trolley wheels ain’t made for rolling on uneven tarred road or they’ll act up too with threats of falling apart! So my super girl folded the trolley and held it with her hand throughout our 10-15 minute walk to the nearby supermarket in the scorching 10 a.m.  ☀️💪🏻.

After shopping and buying our favorite fattening kuih again, we walked back under the 11:30 a.m. sun with face mask on and buckets of sweat trickling inside our stuffy face mask and clothing in the 37C heat 😷.  Sherilyn was struggling to push the full-to-the-brim trolley while I had 3 huge recyclable bags strapped to my shoulders and another hand holding a packet of toilet papers.  This time we used the main road where the roads are smoother and easier on the trolley wheels.  People who saw us must have done a double take on these 2 girls who look like buffoons 🤭  Luckily we had our face masks on and hopefully no one recognized us hahahaha!

Best workout in the world — it’s FOC, makes you sweat buckets, builds muscles and you’ll get your dose of sunshine vitamin and happy hormones 🤩

As most business sectors and offices have re-opened, most people were at work when we were there.  Thus, the supermarket wasn’t very packed at 10-ish a.m. today. I saw many familiar faces there — the retired uncles and aunties and housewives who would patronize the supermarket at around the same time everyday on pre-Covid19 days.

Our lunch and dinner today – Nasi Kerabu from hubby’s shop, Catermate!   Tastes like a million dollars and value for money. At only RM23 a pack, the bento box comprises of good quality fragrant rice, traditional condiments of kelapa tumis, kesum leaves, raw vegetables, half a salted egg, crispy fish crackers, Tenggiri fish masak gulai, Ayam Masak Hitam Berempah and traditional sauces. Hubby insists on serving good quality rice and we both went to Jaya Grocer to get the finest selection of rice for his bento boxes.

I discovered that the best place to shoot food pix is at our balcony where we get natural lighting. Thus, I don’t even need to edit the pix.  I ❤️ the 🌈 colors of the different types of food from the bento box.

Spiciness level is perfect for me and I’m one who can’t stomach very spicy food. The chicken is not spicy and the Tenggiri fish is mildly hot. And the toasted shredded coconut is da bomb. I could eat a whole box of it with all the condiments sans the rice.

If you’d like to try Catermate’s Halal bento box, kindly send a Whatsapp message to Alan at 019-266 4297. Thank you 💖

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MCO Day 58 ~ 14 May 2020 (Thursday)

After my usual MCO-style morning workout of stairs-climbing (5th floor > 18th floor > Ground floor), I jogged for another 30 minutes in the 10-ish a.m. sun.  I find that jogging under the morning sun gives me a lot of energy and elevates my mood (not to mention the sunshine vitamin / Vitamin D), besides giving me a dose of a much needed serotonin. Usually, I will use the stairs to walk back to my unit on the 5th floor.  Today after stairs-climbing and jogging, I walked in the sizzling sun to the  nearby shops to buy red dates and kuih from my favorite stall. The kuih seller has recently re-opened her stall. I was so happy to see her and her kuihs, my ultimate kryptonite!

When I got home, I quickly gobbled down the fattening kuihs which I missed so much.  Sherilyn also prepped a droolicious Wanpaku sandwich (or Sando).  Stuffed with colorful vegetables, eggs, meat and layering ingredients, these solid Japanese sandwiches are pleasing not only to one’s eyes but appetite!

Sherilyn used whatever that she could find in the kitchen — eggs, onions and carrots.  She made two types off eggs – mashed eggs with mayo, scallions and sesame seeds and ramen eggs.

The onions were caramelized and carrots sauteed.  Bread is organic and homemade by mil.

This Sando recipe is a real keeper. It’s a cinch to prep, it’s healthy and the ingredients for layering are endless. The only snag is that you have to eat it immediately, otherwise the bread will turn soggy.

I hit 6,670 steps from my morning workout and another 2k steps at home doing chores. OK la, I can still hit over 8k steps during the MCO!💪🏻


Lunch was yet another super mouth-watering, lip-smacking Indonesian delight cooked by hubby’s Indon chef today. Selling at RM23 a set, the bento box consists of Nasi Minyak with Ayam Percik and peanut sauce, prawns + petai (stinky beans) Sambal, Vegetables Dalchar and Acar.  The fried shallots are housemade and are delightfully crunchy, sweet and aromatic.

Dinner: leftover Acar, Ayam Percik and prawn sambal, blanched celery and braised potato chicken.

My fridge is now empty and I have walk to the supermarket again tomorrow! Hubs has been busy at his shop and my poor car is still stuck in the car repair shop for the second week now as the mechanic is unable to find an OEM electrical system for my car. It now looks like hubs has to buy an original part and that is going to burn a BIG BIG BIG hole in his wallet as it can cost up to RM4.5k 😭🥵

To place your order on Catermate’s Halal bento boxes, kindly Whatsapp Alan at 019-266 4297. Thanks ❤️

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MCO Day 57 ~ 13 May 2020 (Wednesday)

Today is payment day to the girls’ tuition centers and transporters, all done via online banking since last month. Though there is still no formal directive from the Government on bus fare to school transporters throughout the MCO, there was however an opinion by a Minister in the newspapers recently that parents do not have to be obligated to pay the fare throughout the MCO and CMCO.

Last month, Alycia and Cass’ transporters sent a Whatsapp message to me requesting for a half month fare to be credited into their bank accounts.  Initially I was a tad reluctant to pay as I have not been using their services since 18 March and I had paid them a full fare for March.

But if I, as well as the rest of the parents don’t pay at least a half month fare to these transporters, where are they going to find the money to feed their families and pay bills? As the half month fare is only RM125 and RM100 respectively, I agreed to pay the transporters every month, throughout the MCO.  I’ll just treat it as a good deed.  None of us are prepared for this totally unexpected pandemic. Never in my most frightful nightmare would I have dreamed that I would have to go through World War 3.  I hope that the half month fare will sweeten the transporters’ days a little because life is tough and bitter for most of us during this difficult time. Some people lost everything during this war — the businesses that they worked so hard to build just collapsed overnight without any warning.

For lunch, our baking queen cooked mushroom pasta using fresh Portobello, dried Porcini, onions, ground black pepper and a few tablespoons of champagne.  The outcome was superb! The splash of champagne added an extra edge of flavour. Restaurant secret!   And the flavorful Porcini, which is the Porsche of mushrooms imparted so much mushroom flavor to the pasta.

Future celebrity chef in the making but this girl says she will never choose cooking and baking her choice of study in uni or core area of specialization in future. Her passion is in dancing and she’s bursting with creativity.

She whipped up this impressive matcha oat bowl for herself for breakfast. Lately, Sherilyn and I are experimenting with food photography and I’m considering buying a special lighting gadget for photography. And heck, I really need a better  phone with high end camera feature!  Huawei, I’m waiting to get you again!

Hubs brought back his shop’s signature dish of Nasi Briyani for dinner today.  His chef’s Nasi Briyani is one of the best I’ve tasted and never fails to impress anyone.  Everything about this dish is sensational, from the fluffy aromatic spiced Basmati rice to the California raisins, toasted cashews, Ayam Masak Merah, Indonesian pickled salad (acar), mutton rendang (not in picture) and vegetable Dalcha.

Catermate’s Ayam Masak Merah is a hearty temptation.  It is a casserole of chicken drumsticks in dried chilies sambal.  The chicken drumsticks are first fried to a golden brown then slowly braised in a spicy dried chillies and tomato sauce.

Super refreshing fresh vegetables Acar Jelatah.

As I was savoring this vegetable Dalchar for dinner, I thought to myself that if I turn vegan or flexitarian, I could eat this everyday and never get sick of it.  Plus it’s healthy and bursting with flavors.

Blanched celery.

Today hubs’ phone was flooded with compliments on his Nasi Briyani  ❤️ It’s hard work to ensure that food that’s churned out from his kitchen is tasty and even harder to send the food boxes out as soon as they are packed so that they reach his customers while the food is still warm and on time.   And hubs has to literally split himself in the kitchen and in his office (few shop lots away) so that he’s around to do the QC check on every pack of food that goes out. It’s a lot of hard work to do food delivery with limited reliable staff but the comments he gets from his customers make it all worth his sweat and stress.

This is Catermate’s menu for week 11 – 15 May 2020.  To order, kindly send a Whatsapp message to Alan at 019-266 4297.  Thank you for your support  💝

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MCO Meals & Nasi Briyani From Catermate

Friday, 1 May 2020
Our Labor’s Day lunch, prepped by Sherilyn –  stir-fried assortment of homemade pastas that she hand-made a few days ago with olive oil, garlic, fresh button mushrooms, bacon, lemon zest, lemon juice and black pepper.

Dinner: oven-grilled salmon, sauteed organic long beans with minced meat and organic miso, steamed egg with minced pork and bitter melon soup.

Hubs bought this Oreo brownie from a friend’s teenage niece to support her fledgling home-based bakery. Our girls loved it. It’s the kind of dessert that teenagers will love – sweet, chocolaty, fudgy and with Oreos.

A little sweet note from the teenage baker:

Saturday, 2 May 2020
Hubs bought takeout dishes from our favorite ‘tai chow’ restaurant, Sing Kee Kitchen, to support the lady boss who is also very supportive of hubs’ newly rolled out bento boxes.  The lady boss and her hubby who’s a chef at the restaurant and us have become good friends over the years as we have been regulars at their restaurant for over a decade. When Cass was born 12 years ago, she gave me a bottle of Dom and an ang pow.   In such difficult times, everyone has to support each other so that we all stay afloat and weather the stormy weather together.

The rainbow colored vegetables are from our own kitchen.

Basque burnt cheesecake, also made by hubs’ friend’s teenage niece, which hubs supported with a purchase. It looks a tad over burnt on top but the interior of the cake is very yummy.

Nasi Briyani from hubby’s shop, Catermate.  On Friday, he rolled out his chef’s special Nasi Briyani bento box for delivery.


Most of hubby’s staff are now back at work and adjusting to their new normal – no more serviced catering but 100% preparation of food boxes now until a vaccine is found for Covid-19 and social gatherings are allowed again.

If you’d like to try Catermate’s food, here’s the menu for Monday, 4 May and Wednesday, 6 May. Food is HALAL.

Monday, 4 May 2020 :
Nasi Lemak @ RM15 per pack:
Steamed rice in coconut milk and herbs
Ikan bilis & kacang
Cucumber slices
Half hard boiled eggs
Chicken Rendang

Wednesday, 6 May 2020  :
Nasi Briyani @ RM19.50 per pack:
Basmati rice cooked in herbs
Ayam Masak Merah drumstick
Mutton Rendang
Dalcha Vegetables
Acar Jelatah

For orders, kindly Whatsapp Alan at  019-2664297. Thanks for your support 😊

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MCO Day 42 ~ 28 April 2020 (Tuesday)

Today hubs has Nasi Lemak boxes for delivery again. We’ve been having his chef’s special Nasi Lemak with Ayam Goreng Berempah twice in a week already. When I asked the girls if they still wanted the same thing for lunch today, I got a resounding “YES, why not?!”  So off I went to hubs’ shop to collect the hot Nasi Lemak after my short shopping spree at the supermarket and pharmacy.

Crispy chicken right out from the hot wok of oil.  Somehow I don’t get a scratchy throat or sore throat after eating this fried chicken.  It must be the oil that hubby uses. He doesn’t use oil in flimsy plastic bags but uses Knife brand cooking oil.

After each cooking session, hubs disinfects the entire kitchen with PECA disinfectant water.

My main purpose of popping by the pharmacy is to get a new digital bathroom scale after my old digital Omron scale died on me a few weeks ago.  I’m pretty sure health and fitness freaks out there would agree with me that a bathroom scale is an essential item in the room, eh? 😆

Very happy with this RM71 digital scale from BIG Pharmacy 😍

Sherilyn was up early this morning to make music. I’m not sure what’s under this creative girl’s sleeve but this is for a competition with cash as prizes for the winners.  And I see knifes and wine glasses as part of her musical instruments, besides her guitar! I also see her learning to play the piano from You Tube.

Have I mentioned that Sherilyn has been selected as one of the top 10 winners in an online dance contest that she submitted a few weeks ago?  She’s still not sure what exactly the prize is but she’ll be collecting the prize from the organizer after the MCO is lifted.

See those dishes behind the laptop? Someone shirked her responsibility last night and she had to keep them this morning.

And I finally had my hair cut today! I’ve actually wanted to make a trip to the hair salon way before the MCO started and ended up waiting for another 1.5 months before I had the confidence to let Sherilyn handle my precious locks! My first hair cut by my 15-year old girl!  If not for my waist-length hair bothering me whenever I do house work, I’d have kept the hair even longer until the MCO is lifted.

The sound of the scissors snipping on my hair gave me similar feelings of when Dr Jason Lim @ SYMC  snipped away layers of the skin on my tummy right into my womb when I delivered our 3 babies!  The jitters and the fear that something might go wrong!

And I must say that my multi talented girl did a pretty good job!

Before and after photos:

Does this pass?

I got compliments from my two biggest critics – Alycia and Cass 😅
Cass commented that I look years younger with shorter hair.

Dinner of braised organic chicken with tomatoes and potatoes, leftover fried fish, blanched lady’s fingers and stir-fried baby spinach.

Assam laksa from Nyonya Colors, bought yesterday:

Roast duck from hubby’s friend. They swapped food today – Nasi Lemak exchanged with roast duck.

Hubs’ chef will be cooking Nasi Briyani for delivery this Thursday, 30 April 2020.  The Nasi Briyani box is composed of   1) mutton rendang 2) ayam masak merah drumstick 3) dalcha sauce 4) acar @ RM19/box.  For orders, you may Whatsapp Alan at 019-266 4297 ☺️

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Nasi Lemak For Delivery During MCO

Hubs and I have been super busy today – me with some urgent writing jobs and hubs with prepping over 70 boxes of Nasi Lemak and arranging for e-hailing drivers to send the food to his customers.

My craving for Nasi Lemak and ayam goreng berempah is finally satiated today as he cooked extra for us.  His Indon chef’s Nasi Lemak is ‘sedap gila’ (outrageously delish)!  We had this for lunch and dinner.

Staff at work.

Fluffy steamed coconut milk rice that’s really addictive, even for someone who doesn’t like rice and carbs.  His chef sautes the uncooked rice with onions, lemon grass, coconut milk and herbs before steaming it in a multi-tiered rice steamer. Thus, every grain of rice is full of flavor and texture.


Every bag is sealed with a quality seal, sealed by hubs himself, so that no one can tamper with the contents inside. Have you seen videos circulating on social media on how some unscrupulous food delivery riders opened up the food boxes to ‘tax’ the food using the disposable spoon meant for the customer and then closed the box before delivering to the customer?  Outrageously disgusting and unethical!

Hubs treated the food delivery riders to his Nasi Lemak to thank these brave frontliners.

Hubby is having Nasi Lemak with ayam goreng berempah on his menu again this Saturday, 25 April 2020.   For those of you who would like to try the Nasi Lemak, please submit your orders to him by Friday, 24 April 2020 before noon.  Each pack (as seen in the photos) costs RM18 and consists of whole chicken thigh (cut into two), special grade fried ikan bilis and peanuts, half hard boiled eggs, sambal, fluffy coconut milk rice and cucumber.  Delivery charges to be borne by the customer, yeah 😉

Orders can be made via Whatsapp number 019-266 4297 (Alan).

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Movement Control Order (MCO) Day 1 & 2

Today is day 2 of MCO and I am starting to feel terribly bored and missing the malls! I miss walking on the streets and eating hawkers food at my favorite kopitiam without a care.  Our girls are happy as long as they don’t have to wake up at ungodly hours to prep for school; as long as they have their phones and as long as they can do what they want… in the house for the next 2.5 weeks.

Both Alycia and Sherilyn started online tuition classes today.  Sherilyn found several sites that provide free online dance classes and participated.  Cass is happy doing drawing, painting and reading novels all day and occasionally video calling her besties to chat.

I still have several online assignments to submit and have been struggling to work on them as my heart has been very distracted; I have been clicking on online news portals to check on the Covid-19 updates in our country.  The number of cases in our country is so depressing. The Police force has already been deployed on the streets to ensure that everyone stays off them.

Today  will be the last day Maria our part-time helper comes to our place as a safety precaution and to obey the MCO.  So from tomorrow onwards, I’ll be busy washing and cleaning whilst the mil will be busy whipping up meals 3x a day. God safe me please!  I hate cleaning and washing.  The skin on my hands has started to peel and turn wrinkly from all the washing and sanitizing. I can’t wait for the entire MCO to come to an end but the order can only be lifted IF everyone is obedient and just stay home. Our PM last night pleaded with the Rakyat repeatedly to “JUST STAY HOME”.

I miss having my 1-hour pre-dawn exercise every morning. Since I now have ample sleep, I will wake up at 5 a.m. tomorrow to get an hour of workout at our condo compound.  Can’t wait to exercise again after almost a week of skipping it.  The gym, pool and playground at our condo are off limits throughout the MCO. Even jogging outside is prohibited now.

This is our breakfast, lunch and dinner on MCO Day 1:

The nasi lemak and chicken rendang are from hubby’s kitchen. He now packs food boxes and delivers them to his clients.

Hubs went to a nearby restaurant to get takeout chicken, char siew, siew yoke and wanton noodles for breakfast yesterday.

Our breakfast on MCO Day 2:

DIY sandwich with onion omelette (leftover from previous night dinner), shredded roast chicken with mayo (roast chicken breast from previous day takeout) and avocado.

Sherilyn’s plate – she made blueberry jam the previous day to go with her toast.

Our lunch of guava, tomatoes, sweet corns and steamed nian gao with grated coconut.

I went to our neighborhood supermarket to get some groceries this morning. The scene was one of panic buying again!  Egg shelves were almost empty, pork shelves were empty and people were queuing up for new stock, vegetables and chicken shelves were almost empty too. I wanted to buy big onions but all the onions (big and small, red and white) were all sold out!  Panic buying in crowds is seriously wrong too during the MCO!  The next time I go to the supermarket, I’ll make sure that I’m there at 8:30 a.m. when the supermarket opens its shutters.

The empty egg shelves – luckily I managed to grab 2 crates. We’ve been using a lot of eggs lately as we’re cooking 3 meals a day. I’ve told Sherilyn to stop baking as we have to ration our eggs for our meals and not for baking. Eggs are one of the essential items that’s always sold out in a heartbeat in supermarkets. In times like this, we now have to ration our food to avoid running out of them and to minimize trips to the supermarket.


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