Christmas Dinner ~ 25 December 2020

We had a small pot bless Christmas party attended by immediate family members from hubby’s side today.  The last time we had a gathering was in February this year during CNY.  Relatives from New Zealand, UK, Taiwan and HK were absent this year. Nonetheless, it was a great reunion of the Yaps at our yearly Christmas dinner with the usual roast turkey with stuffing, glazed ham, pigs in a blanket, minced pies, pasta, roast festive vegetables, fruit cake and Tiramisu.

This year we prepped the pigs in a blanket.

Our 6.5kg roast turkey with delish giblet gravy.

Stuffing for the roast turkey:


Roast pumpkin, potatoes and onions.

Pesto pasta with scallops and prawns.

Low-sugar fruitcake with extra booze and walnuts.

Focacia bread.

Minced pies

The girls received fewer presents this year but they’re totally OK with it.  What’s more important is the reunion with their aunt, grand aunties and grand uncles.  We’re very thankful that everyone in the family is safe and healthy. One of my Christmas wishes is for this pandemic to die out and for our lives to return to normalcy very soon.


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CMCO Day 183 ~ Wednesday, 9 Dec 2020

Today is the queen’s 75th birthday and Sherilyn made Mont Blanc cupcakes for her grandma. The chestnut cream is made from chestnuts (cooked into a paste) and swirled atop the Génoise Sponge cake. The cake is super yums ~ not too sweet, not cloy and very light. The chestnut cream has a nice aroma of fresh chestnuts. This would easily cost RM15 – RM20 each at a glitzy bakery or cafe. But our cost is only about RM5 each, or less.

SILs from Hong Kong, Hawaii, UK and New Zealand arranged for a Kochi Yuzu Mango Tart from Lacher Patisserie to be sent to their mom. They arranged for flowers delivery too.

Lunch today was the extra food from hubby’s shop >> ~ grilled salmon, grilled chicken, spaghetti and Daging Masak Berempah/Hitam. And dinner was KFC delivery as the mil loves KFC. We’re all so so so stuffed today 🥴

Daging Masak Hitam / Berempah (beef cooked in spicy dark sauce with spices) is a sweet and aromatic beef dish cooked with a myriad of healthy herbs and spices, from galangal to shallots, garlic, lemongrass, cardamom, ginger, etc. The beef is simmered with all these spices and dark soy sauce for over an hour and the result is tender redolent beef that tantalizes your taste bulb. I love this beef to bits!

Fresh Japanese chestnuts and Tong Guan organic chestnuts were used in the chestnut paste.

Génoise Sponge cupcakes before the chestnut cream topping.



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MCO Day 54 ~ 10 May 2020 (Sunday, Mother’s Day)

It certainly doesn’t feel like Mother’s Day today. Ever since I became a mother 17 years ago, Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May revolved around going to some fancy restaurants or hotels for a luxurious Mother’s Day lunch, complete with cakes and gifts. Every single year, except in the year 2009. That was the only year that there was no celebration as I was stuck in the hospital, with no mood for any celebration as Cass’ life was still hanging by a thread with a post-surgery complication.

Hubs was at his shop to prep Mother’s Day lunch boxes for delivery today.  He bought takeaway breakfast for us from our  neighborhood kopitiam hawkers, which recently re-opened. I was so glad when I read from our Taman Facebook Group that they are re-opening again.  He bought char kway teow and prawn noodles. I’ve been patronizing the char kway teow stall for exactly 23 years now and really missed their food throughout the MCO.

By the time I finished drying out the laundry, the prawn noodles and char koay teow were already attacked by the ravenous piranhas and didn’t look as appetizing for a blog-worthy snapshot 😬

Sherilyn cooked dumplings (made by the girls yesterday) in wakame egg soup for lunch.

And added a side of crunchy radish Kimchi for a more Korean twist to our lunch.

My sole Mother’s Day gift is from Sherilyn, who used her competition winnings to give me a treat of my favorite Matcha Latte from Niko Neko Matcha, which she ordered online. She also ordered coffee beans online to gift her grandma who’s a coffee lover.

Cass has exhausted all her savings for my birthday angpow in March and has zero savings now with no pocket money now as school’s been out for almost 2 months; but she gave me a massage at bedtime 👩‍❤️‍👩.

Sherilyn made my favorite egg custard too but this time, the custard is a tad firm. She said she accidentally used too much eggs. It’s really the thought that counts and I ate them 🥰

Egg custard with her homemade passion fruit sauce.

Hubs ordered chicken rice (free range chicken) from Loke Yun Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Ampang, delivered to us by Lalamove.  Loke Yun was the recipient of “2007 Malaysia TOP 10 Hainan Chicken Rice King” and “The Best Poached Chicken Rice 2008”.  Hubs first tasted Loke Yun’s poached free-range chicken a week ago when his gourmand friend brought some to his shop in their almost daily food-exchange session.

Lok Yun’s homemade chili sauce leans towards spicy (which is too spicy for my liking), and when combined with the homemade piquant ginger dip, adds a punch to the chicken rice experience.  The rice is fluffy and fragrant with subtle ginger aroma.  I find the chicken meat a tad ‘tough’, which is a common feature in free-range chickens. I am not really a chicken lover and if I have to like a chicken dish, it has to be either roast, grilled, minced, stewed or fried. My lazy jaws find it too tiring and achy to chew tough free-range chicken meat with ‘muscles’ haha!  But my gourmand or rather gourmet hubs who is a sucker for poached free-range chicken, enjoyed every bit of the chicken.

Char Siew, Siew Yoke, stir-fried veggies and stuffed tofu pok were from Sing Kee Kitchen, our favorite tai chow restaurant.  The flowers were compliments from RT Bakery.

Alycia, my chicken feet lover, devoured the braised claws from Loke Yun the moment she saw them 😱.  Animal feet and innards are never my kind of food.

Mother’s Day cake for the two mothers at home.

By the time we finished dinner and cleaned up, it was way past 9 p.m. and all the health freaks at home unanimously agreed to only eat the cake tomorrow… which made hubs roll his eyes and say “then what’s the purpose of buying this cake for Mother’s Day? Might as well just get you some regular cakes tomorrow!”    Yeah, he made a good point. But the problem with this MCO is that every single night, there’s so much washing and cleaning to do post-dinner that we have no more mood for cake-cutting, candle-blowing and photography. Photography also means having to change to clean pretty clothes but when I’m all drenched in sweat in my shabby house attire with hair clipped and tied up, I have no mood to transform for a 10-minute photography and then continue with mopping the floor and scrubbing greasy kitchen stove. Bleh 🥴

I only get to enjoy this delish softy, spongy cake layered with light and fresh cream and fruits after jogging the next day.

On Mother’s Day today, our Prime Minister announced that the Conditional MCO (CMCO) will be extended by another 4 weeks, ending 9 June 2020!  I’m pretty used to this New Normal lifestyle by now and expected to hear that in the PM’s Speech this afternoon.  Besides having a massive reduction in our household income throughout the MCO,  being overwhelmed by the occasional cabin fever, frustration, meltdowns and temper flareups, I think there are some pros to being forced into a massive timeout. It’s good to have a reboot in your life.

How was your lockdown Mother’s Day? I hope you had a blast with your family.😊

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MCO Day 40 ~ 26 April 2020 (Sunday)

This morning, our personal trainer laid out the yoga mats to start private lessons with Miss Lazybones.  He waited so long for the dawdler (who was actually hoping to get away with the boot camp) to get ready that he almost zonked out on the lounger while playing with his phone. 😆

See the brat – not following instructions 😤

After 20 minutes of lessons, the brat was finally released for brunch of porridge with ‘Tau Kok Lup’.

Our regular organic fruits and vegetables seller delivered her produce to us again today. It’s the second time this week that she’s delivered fruits and vegetables to us. Today we’re lucky to have apple custard, star fruits, lemons, limes, preserved limes, honey dew, lemongrass, pandan leaves, bananas, papayas, pineapple and baby spinach. All these are home grown in her parents’ orchard.

The guavas are ordered online from 88 Happy Guava King.  They are fresh, crunchy, sweet and priced reasonably. I’ll definitely order again, together with their pickled mangoes when their stock of mangoes arrive.

Hubs also went to the supermarket to stock up on oranges, apples, dragon fruits and pears. I should have reminded him to get milk. Looks like I have an excuse to get out of the house tomorrow to buy milk 😉

It’s my turn to be happy as a pig in mud, while munching on a juicy star fruit in the mud, as we have a kitchen full of fruits now! 😍

Today is my baby brother, Roy’s 43rd birthday  It’s another family member’s birthday in style this year!  Mum baked a pumpkin banana cake in heart shape for him and we had a virtual birthday party at night,  via Whatsapp Video call.

New norm birthday celebration –  us from KL, baby brother in Shah Alam, parents in Ipoh and big brother and family in Singapore.

Mum’s labour of love for her youngest son – a delish pumpkin banana cake. Wish we could try a slice of it!

Dinner tonight: organic chives omelette, braised hairy gourd with dried shrimps and mung bean noodles aka ‘Tai Yi Ma Kar Lui’, 3 Cups Chicken aka ‘Sam Pei Jie’ and cakes gifted by hubby’s friend.

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MCO Day 12 ~29 March 2020 (My 47th Birthday)

When your country is in a partial lockdown and you are in a house quarantine, every day seems the same – from Monday through Sunday. We sometimes lose sense of time.  Even important events like birthdays. I almost forgot that it’s my birthday in the morning until I saw Alycia busy whipping up something in the kitchen. No wonder she asked me where the matcha and some baking tools are kept last night!

My first birthday present was Dalgona matcha, whipped up by Alycia, the one with royal fingers and Princess attitude who doesn’t like any sort of kitchen work! I am totally touched that this Princess actually knows so much kitchen stuff and now I know that she’s been pretending not to know all these while 😬  She must have watched the DIY tutorial on how to prep Dalgona matcha so many times that she could whip up a perfect glass of frothy quarantine cafe-style beverage for her mummy ❤️

What is Dalgona?
Since a three quarter of the world has been implored to stay at home for the past one month plus, the bulk of the caffeine dependent among us have had to get creative with our coffee or matcha at home, as popping to Starbucks or boba tea shops is no longer an option for many.  Enter Dalgona coffee, a DIY South Korean coffee trend, which has been popularised by video app, TikTok.  Dalgona coffee or Dalgona matcha is a thick, creamy, frothy iced latte. It is photogenic and Insta-worthy as the thick caffeinated mixture is separated from the chilled milk.

After Dalgona, Alycia proceeded to prep something else for me, which is a steamed mashed sweet potato + potato mixture that she pan-fried but that didn’t turn out too well and she just binned everything 😟

The kitchen was a hive of activities the entire day. After Alycia exited from it, it was Sherilyn’s turn to whip up something for me – egg custard, another favorite dessert of mine! When I saw what she was doing, I honestly doubted that it would turn out successful but I totally under-estimated this girl with magic hands. The egg custard turned out beautifully, almost like the ones from Ipoh Kwong Hing coffee shop! 👏  👍

In the afternoon, my SILs from Hong Kong, Hawaii and Auckland hosted a Zoom birthday party for me! My SIL from Hawaii sent me a virtual birthday cake 😁

Hubs went out in the evening to collect our takeout dinner from Red Kettle, my favorite fusion restaurant and came back with a surprise Pandan Gula Melaka birthday cake for me ❤️

Our delectable spread of Western and fusion food from Red Kettle:

The Portugese egg tarts from Red Kettle are to die for, absolutely the best in the world!

Since he was out, hubs stocked up on breads, buns and cookies, enough to last us for half a month. Hopefully by then the MCO would have ended.

Everyone looking sweaty and sloppy here as it’s been a very hot day here in KL. It didn’t help that everyone of us, especially me, have been busy mopping the floor, cleaning the kitchen and washing bathrooms. It was our shower time and no one bothered to dress up for the cake-cutting ceremony.

Just before I retired to bed, the cheeky rascal gave me my last surprise of the day – a birthday card that I am going to laminate after the MCO when the stationery shop re-opens. The birthday card has a pop-up birthday card in it and words that are worth a million dollars.

My Potterhead solemnly swore that she will never dump me into an old folks home in future.  I’m going to hang the laminated card somewhere to remind Cass of her solemn promise so that she can never renege on it  😁

Wait, that’s not it. My claw machine fan gave me another surprise! She blind folded me and asked me to use a claw hair clip to claw out bank notes from her money pouch! I was given 3 tries – first try I fished out a one Ringgit note, second try another two one Ringgit notes and the final try I fished out a wad of notes!  Total prize is RM108 and with this, I almost emptied all of Cass’ savings, which she saved since 3 years ago.  For my birthday 3 years ago, Cass exhausted all her savings to buy me a handbag from Lazada. I am indeed blessed to have these 3 gems in my life 💕

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Favorite Chinese New Year Gifts

Of all the gifts that the hubs received from his friends and suppliers during Chinese New Year, we love these two the most:

Inside the beautifully woven basket in bright red are Mandarin oranges, a bottle of homemade pineapple tarts, homemade butter cookies and a little treasure basket.  Inside the little basket is a treasure of ‘kat jai’ (mini tangerines) and Patchi mini superior chocolate waiting to be savoured by all the chocolate lovers at home.

Below: Exquisite individually-wrapped Isabelle biscuits packaged elegantly in a vanity box with pearl handle is my top favorite. ISABELLE (Taiwan) once won the gold medal for biscuit gift boxes in Taiwan and obtained a certificate in ISO9001-2000 in 2001.

Isabelle cookies not only look pretty and exquisite, they are yummy and not overly sweet – endorsed by Health Freak Mommy!

I’m going to keep the box to store knick-knacks or simply use it as decor.

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Chinese New Year 2020 – 8th and 9th Day

Last Saturday, 1 February 2020 was the 8th day of CNY. It was Sherilyn’s Lunar birthday. She was born on the 8th day of CNY 15 years ago. I remember so vividly the thunderous fireworks let out for about half an hour that midnight when I was struggling to breastfeed this fiery infant who suckled my boob so aggressively that a small piece of the tit was bitten off by this toothless infant who wasn’t even a day old. My boobs were terribly sore, painful and bloody but I persevered with nursing this precious baby girl of mine. What a grand presence she’d made into the world with her loud and long first cries (loudest and longest of our 3 babies) in the OT and then later bit off part of mummy’s tits just several hours later  😂  Her character was already so prominently displayed the moment she announced her arrival into this world. My dare devil and drama queen!

On Chor 8, we had dinner with our old buddies at Oversea Restaurant @ Jalan Imbi. Dinner time allocated to us was at 8:30 p.m. and by the time we finished dinner, it was already close to 11 p.m. We were the last group of patrons to leave the restaurant.

The damage came up to over RM2k for 2 tables. The kids could wallop as much as us adults!

A big bulk of the bill came from the tiger prawns and Soon Hock fish.

My favorite dessert from this restaurant is their signature double boiled almond paste with egg white. It’s so addictive it’s illegal! Every mouthful is chokfull of silky smooth and creamy aromatic Chinese almonds, thickened with egg white. Though it was already 10 p.m. and way past my last eating time, I just couldn’t resist chomping down a bowl of this ‘hung ngan tun tarn tong sui’, all my myself.

Fireworks seen from our unit on the midnight of Chor 8 / Pai Ti Kong night.

The next day Cass had a gathering at her ertswhile class teacher, Ms L’s house in Ampang.  Ms L was Cass and her classmate’s class teacher from Primary 2 through Primary 4. When Ms L announced that she would no longer be teaching them in Primary 5, Cass and her classmates were terribly disappointed. Her classmates then created a Whatsapp chat group with Ms L in the group. As Ms L is no longer their class teacher, she’s now like a good friend to them.  Cass dots on Ms L.

Cass gets a hug from her favorite teacher, Ms L.

Cass and her classmates at Ms L’s CNY open house.

The boy in blue jacket in glasses is a Malay boy and is one of the top scorers in the entire standard (Chinese school). I am always very amazed by him.

After dropping off Cass at Ms L’s house, we went to one of the famous Ampang Yong Tau Foo stalls to have lunch.  In all honesty, I think the Yong Tau Foo at that stall is nothing to shout about.  There are stalls in my neighborhood that sells  similar Yong Tau Foo and stuff that taste just as good.

Hardly with her hair let down, Cass had to let it down as her hair tie snapped while she was in the car. Alycia commented that Cass looks gorgeous with her curly brown hair let down  😄

From behind, my baby girl looks so grown up. She’s going to be 12 soon!

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Wedding On 1.1.2020

On the first day of the new decade, everyone was up very early in the morning. We had to be at the bride’s mom’s house by 9 a.m. for the Tea Ceremony. None of us did the New Year’s countdown on the eve as we were all in bed by midnight. I could hear the thunderous fireworks let out from KLCC and Dataran Merdeka from my bedroom but I didn’t bother to get up and watch it from our living room.

Breakfast of nasi lemak, satay and Nyonya kuih were served at hubby’s aunt’s condo’s poolside at Mont Kiara (bride’s mom). Relatives from the UK and Hong Kong specifically requested for satay. Food was fantastic and had plenty of commendation from relatives from both the groom and bride’s side.  And it was catered by no other than the foodie hubby 👨🏼‍🍳👍 He’s got a fantastic Indonesian chef who can dish out yummers spicy dishes.

Hubby’s chef’s specialty – chicken rendang, beef rendang, sambal, super crunchy anchovies and peanuts, fluffy rice cooked with coconut milk, lemon grass, herbs and pandan and chicken and beef satay.

Sherilyn with her favorite grandaunt Wendy who lives 2 floors below ours.

In a traditional Chinese wedding, the tea ceremony is one of the most significant events. In China, serving tea when guests arrive is a very traditional propriety. It is a significant way to show respect. In a wedding, such an act is to show respect and gratitude to parents for all the years of love and care.

Tea served to hubs and me by the beautiful bride, Melissa and hubby Azriel: 

The girls and cousin E writing congratulatory messages to Melissa che che at the hotel ballroom:

Cass hated to be in her blue gown, which she called ‘Alice In Wonderland gown’ felt like a fish out of water the entire night 😂

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Winter Solstice & Eve of Christmas Eve 2019 (21 & 22 December 2019)

My big brother Raymond from Singapore always tries to make a trip back to either Ipoh or KL to celebrate his birthday with our family. His birthday falls on 22 December, which is Winter Solstice festival. This year the celebration was held in KL. Despite an unfortunate car accident that happened on his way to KL from Singapore on the eve of his birthday, we managed to have a happy celebration on 22 December. Praise God for keeping my brother’s family safe. His car has to be towed back to Singapore for repair and they flew back to Singapore today.

Dinner on 22 December was held at Greenview Restaurant @ PJ. It’s a joint birthday celebration.  My niece Raelyne’s birthday is a day before my brother’s on 21 December but due to the unfortunate accident, they had to spend the entire night at the hospital. The celebration dinner was supposed to be held on 21 December but had to be postponed to the next day.

The cousins:

Everyone simply adores baby Rayzen, who’s really chatty, sociable and super duper adorable. His cuteness can melt even the coldest of hearts.

Sang Har Mein, signature dish at Greenview with jumbo size fresh prawns and fried noodles drenched in egg sauce.

We requested the staff to help us crack the shells of the crabs for ease of eating. Disposable gloves are provided too, thus it’s quite a breeze to indulge in these jumbo size crabs.  We also requested for an extra bowl of sweet and sour sauce for dipping with the crispy fried mantou buns.

The twinnies are such a joy to be with. They’re now 2 years old and at the stage of learning to talk and it’s hilarious to hear them baby talk.

Raelyne had a sleepover at our house.  Cass took really good care of her, to the point of mothering her: coaxing her to eat, drink water, dried her hair after shower and even cut fruits for her. I’m amazed at how matured Cass can be and how she’s replicating everything that I do for her for her cousin. Their age gap is 3.4 years apart.

We spent half our day at Sunway Pyramid the next day. After lunch at Din Tai Fung, the four cousins went ice-skating while I went shopping!

Our table at Din Tai Fun overlooks the Sunway Lagoon Water Park:

Damage for our lunch at Din Tai Fung for 14 pax (including the twin toddlers) came up to RM600++!

After ice-skating, hubs treated everyone to Häagen-Dazs ice-cream. As you can see from the pix below, the kids were famished and couldn’t wait to dig into the ice-cream. I had to stop the kids from attacking the ice-cream platter before quickly snapping a few photos.😂

While we were seated at the bench waiting for our table to be ready at Din Tai Fung, I found an abandoned shopping bag. When no one seemed to claim the bag after it was there for half an hour, I opened the bag and found an iPhone 11 box. Inside the box were an iPhone, ear phones and phone charger. Check out the price! The owner must be a rich, slap happy young girl who could carelessly afford to leave her RM3k+ phone behind and left without coming back to look for it!  I even left our mobile phone numbers to the restaurant captain so that the new iPhone owner could call us but no one called.  Had I been greedy and heartless, I could have taken the phone (since I’m planning to get a new mobile phone), but I believe that karma is a bitch and she’ll come back to get me one day.

I asked the captain of the restaurant to check with the customers if anyone had left a new phone behind but no one claimed it. After lunch, hubs brought the phone back to the phone shop and hopefully the sales person who sold the person the phone would be kind enough to give her a call.

I’d like to wish all my readers a very merry Christmas and happy new year! 🎅

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Parents’ 49th Wedding Anniversary Celebration (28 October 2019)

Exactly 49 years ago on 28 October 1970, my parents got hitched to each other. It was Deepavali on that day. This year’s Deepavali is held on 27 October 2019 and 28 October is a school holiday for the girls. My parents came to KL to celebrate their big day. While a 49th wedding anniversary does not technically mark a milestone anniversary, it is still a huge marital achievement that warrants celebration. Two days after their anniversary celebration, my parents and youngest brother flew to Vietnam for a vacation.

The anniversary dinner this year was held at Ming Room @ Bangsar Shopping Centre.  Enjoy the photos of our sumptuous droolicious dinner 😍

Clockwise: Steamed Soon Hock fish, glutinous rice with roast duck, sharks fins soup, drunken prawns.

Deep fried soft shell crab with mantou.

Braised abalone and clams with lai park veggie.

Deep fried pigeon.

Longevity pau.

And the star menu of the night…

Sherilyn’s homemade Chocolate fudge cake with Lindt 70% dark chocolate ganache, mirror glaze and decor using tempered Whittaker’s Chocolate.  It’s made with at least 70% organic ingredients (organic flour, organic maple syrup, organic eggs, organic vanilla extract, organic coconut sugar, organic baking soda)

I pray that we can repeat this anniversary celebration for many more years to come.

Papa is 76 and mum is 73 this year.

Work in progress by our talented baking queen:

Spun sugar, tempered chocolate decor with Whittaker’s chocolate, organic cocoa powder and matcha powder. The number 49 is made with caramelized brown sugar.

Sherilyn spent 2 days decorating the cake. It took this long as we were out most of the time during the long Deepavali break with Sarah, my SIL from Hawaii.  The cake was baked by Sarah and decor all executed by Sherilyn.  The decor pieces involved such a long and tedious process; and one needs tons of patience and passion to be able to undertake such a gargantuan task.

Back from the movies at 9+ pm and she immediately rolled up her sleeves while still in her thick jumper (OMG!) and did the decoration until way past midnight while I zzzzzz in bed.  She was worried that she couldn’t complete the decor on time as her koong koong and granny would arrive the next day!

Credit goes to You Tube as well as my talented baker referred to this video site for most of the tutorials.

After the cake was glazed, we had a tricky situation. The cake was too tall and we could not find any container or box this high to put in the cake!  So I told Sherilyn to put all the tempered chocolate and decor pieces into a container and only decorate the cake when we reach the restaurant.

And so here she is decorating the cake at the restaurant, just like a pro baker.  My parents and the Captain who attended to us were really impressed with her.

This is how the cake looks inside – super moist and lightly sweetened with organic maple syrup and organic coconut sugar.

Cass made the cake topper herself but we forgot to bring it to the restaurant that evening, bummer! So mum insisted in taking a photo of the topper on the cake the next day 🤣

After a dinner filled with merriment, laughter, toasting and camwhoring, we had another round of dessert comprising Laduree macarons and Godiva soft serve ice-cream.  We looked at Halloween decor and props and hubs bought some props for his catering function.

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Papa’s 76th Birthday Celebration

Last Friday, my parents took the morning ETS from Ipoh to KL Sentral.  We picked them up from the train station and then adjourned to Brickfields to have lunch of South Indian cuisine at Vishal Food & Catering Restaurant.   Exactly a year ago, we went to this Indian restaurant to have lunch with my parents too when they came to have papa’s birthday celebrated in KL. Happy memories when we walked into the restaurant again exactly after a year!  Why does time fly by so fast?!!

The next day (Saturday),  papa’s birthday celebration was held at Oriental Treasure @ Bangsar South.

Papa’s Hazelnut Chocolate Cake is baked by Front Room & The Kneady Baker again.

The menu that we chose

All the dishes were perfectly executed and right up our alley. Portion was just right and at the end of the dinner, we were not stuffed to the gills. We could still womp up the lemongrass jelly dessert, the ‘sau to’ pau and birthday cake without feeling cloy.

I feel so blessed that papa is able to celebrate his birthday with us again this year.  It really doesn’t seem too long ago that he was here with mum to celebrate his birthday with us. I pray that we can celebrate his birthday every year for many more  years to come. Happiest blessed 76th birthday in advance dearest papa!  ❤️ His actual birthday falls on 19th August.

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Mother’s Day 2019

Mother’s Day 2019 was a super busy day for me with 0% rest and 100% stress! It’s the eve of Cass’ mid-year exam! And I’ve got to stretch my patience to snapping point revising BM with a cool-as-cucumber laid-back kid who almost made my blood vessels rupture. My mil can vouch on that now.  In the past, she used to tell me to be more patient with the brat but lately whenever she sits down to attempt to teach the kid Chinese, she’s sure to bounce off her seat huffing and puffing away within 5 minutes, every single time 😂

On Saturday, hubs brought us to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. Being the eve of Mother’s Day, the wait for insane. We waited for over 1.5 hours before the food came! And because he did not make any reservation, we had to be seated outside the restaurant, in billy boiling heat wave temperatures, with lizards all over the ceiling and one lizard even pooped on our table 🤮

By the time the food came at 9:30 p.m., our dinner turned into supper!  Nonetheless the food was good.

From top clockwise: Pomfret fish steamed Teochew style (this fish alone cost RM200 but was super fresh),  stir-fried assorted vegetables with caramelized walnut and macadamia (my favorite among all the dishes), fried pork ribs with red dragon fruit, sauteed ostrich meat, braised beef tendon (didn’t try this as it’s not my kind of food!), fried sotong rings and fried rice.

After a 1.5-hour wait for the food while feeding the mozzies, it took us only 30 minutes to polish off all the dishes. After dinner, the hubs suggested going to a cafe for some cakes and coffee for a pre Mother’s Day celebration but the girls and I said NO! We were all tired and sleepy after a long and tiring busy Saturday. Luckily the smart mommy stashed a revision book into her handbag and managed to steal some time to go through the book with the couldn’t care less kid while waiting for the food to arrive, else what a waste of our time.

Mother’s Day lunch was at Fei Fei Crab. Fortunately, the food came in a jiffy this time with top notch service.  Hubs ordered Super Crab, stir fried vermicelli with lala, sauteed shell fish, BBQ pork ribs and fried mantou to go with the salted egg yolk sauce from the Super Crab.

Although the hubs bought a Mother’s Day cake for the 2 mothers in his life, I had zilch mood to cut the cake by the time he came home from basketball at 9 p.m. to cut the cake with us.  I was completely zonked out with house work and mostly by the little brat who has super powers in zapping away all my energy! Weekends are no helper days and yesterday the mil cooked a big pot of sambal.  I dread cleaning up messy greasy kitchen 😞

Eve of exams on Sundays are cheat days – the girls get to feast on fast food!  This time, I left it to Alycia to order McDelivery.

Let’s dig in! Forbidden food always taste so good, huh?

And guess what? As of typing this post, the Mother’s Day cake is still sitting nicely inside the box in the fridge and I don’t even have the mood to remove it from the box to snap a photo of it.  But I managed to copy a picture of the cake from the RT Pastry Facebook page 😁  Hubs bought the lilac color yam cake with the word MOM on it. Guess it’ll be the girls’ dessert after dinner tonight 😄

How was your Mother’s Day? Did you receive any gifts from your little ones and hubby?  Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the mothers reading this 😘

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Chinese New Year 2019

Happy Oink Oink Year to all my dear readers! 🐷🐷

We just got back from Ipoh today after spending 4 glorious days celebrating the Lunar New Year with family members.  Traffic was rather smooth when we returned to Ipoh on Sunday (eve of CNY eve) and unbelievably smooth when we returned to KL today. We left Ipoh at 9 a.m. and reached KL in under 2 hours, inclusive of one toilet stop. Praise Lord for no reverse exodus gridlock on the highway!

We took hundreds of photos while we were in Ipoh. I’ll let the photos do the talking!

Kids and I tried the egg-balancing act on Li Chun day (eve of CNY) but only Cass got one egg standing. No luck for me this time. The year old twinsies were pretty cooperative with instructions to them not to touch the eggs; they sat patiently and curiously to watch us girls balance the eggs.

Papa whomped up a storm for us on the eve of CNY with a nine course dinner.  I felt so much love and warmth having all my family members seated on the dining table savouring papa’s yummy home-cooked dishes.

Steamed cod fish, stir-fried ‘siew yoke’ with soy sauce and Chinese cooking wine, the Yong family’s special Hakka stuffed dried oysters with fish paste and minced meat with ‘fatt choy’ and braised fish maw with abalone.

Blanched lettuce with fried garlic, steamed chicken, braised arrowroot with ‘siew yoke’ and dad’s yummy dipping sauce for the steamed chicken.

Steamed  homemade Chinese case-less sausage (made by  my aunt) and waxed meat, blue pea Basmati rice, braised pork belly with yam and David Beckham’s Haig Club whisky. Dessert was cherries.

Mum received a set of plates as housewarming gift from one of her friends when she moved in to our very first family house in Moonlight Park, Ipoh but she only unboxed the set of plates and used it for the first time almost 48 years later! And the plates are still in pristine condition!

On the first day of CNY, we had to wake up early to prepare ourselves to reach the Yap’s family house to receive the Lion Dance troupe at 9 a.m.

Lunch was vegetarian.

The girls with their aunt W (hubby’s cousin) who is the same age as Alycia.

When we got home to my parents, we had another round of camwhoring and ang pow giving ceremony with my parents and brothers.

My super duper adorable twin nephew and niece.

For the first time in their lives, the girls and their cousin had the chance to play with firecrackers at their grandparents’ home. They cavorted on the road and squawked each time a firecracker was lighted.   Living in a condo, the 4 city girls hardly ever have the chance to play with firecrackers.  I grew up playing with firecrackers every CNY and even dared to light up those long red blasting Chinese firecrackers.

After warming up, Cass finally had the courage to light up the rocket firecrackers.

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Goodbye 2018, Welcome 2019!

It’s the last day of 2018 already? I can’t believe how fast the year zoomed past us like a bullet train.  Time is really like a thief!  How I wish I could freeze all those good times.  This year has been pretty good to me and my family. Health-wise, all started well until the very end. I am now down with flu, a bad throat, a throbbing head and lost my voice. Throw in an eye flu (Conjunctivitis caused by the flu) today and I am quite down and out. We were supposed to meet up with our besties again in Klang for seafood dinner but we’re going to have to be stuck in our neighborhood, having a simple dinner (with no fried, spicy and oily stuff) at our usual tai-chow Chinese restaurant.  The birthday boy bought Musang King durian last night to treat himself and all I could do was to watch everyone in the house savoring and licking the fruit 😷

All I want to do now is to climb into my bed, do nothing but have an uninterrupted sleep until 8 tomorrow morning. Forget about counting down and all the merriment welcoming the new year. Sleep is all I need now to heal. Tomorrow will be the last day  I get to sleep in.

I am glad that school is starting again. My exercise regimen resumes and I get back my sanity and my me-time at home when the girls are in school. The only thing I miss about school holidays is my 2-3 hours extra sleep each day.

Today I took the big girl for an eleventh-hour hair cut, then the both of us had Korean again for lunch. We had dinner at the same restaurant 3 nights ago, with my parents. This girl can never get bored of K-food, K-pop and everything K.   While she digs into her Kimchi, I had steamed egg in claypot and downed a bottle of green smoothie.

I saw this cute little New Year note on Facebook  today and thought I’d share it with you (edited):

To all my lovely blog readers,

The Boarding on Flight 2019 has been announced!  Hope you have checked in only the best souvenirs from 2018 in your luggage?

The BAD and SAD moments if carried, must be thrown away in the garbage on arrival!

The flight will be for 12 months long.  So, loosen your seat belts, jingle and mingle.

The stop-overs will be :


Refueling will be at

The Captain (God) offers you the following menu which will be served during the flight…….

 Cocktail of Friendship,
 Supreme of Health,
 Grating of Prosperity,
 Bowl of Excellent News
 Salad of Success,
 Cake of Happiness,

All accompanied by bursts of laughter…
But remember, you will enjoy these meals and the journey better if you talk, share, smile and laugh together. Sitting silent and sullen will make the flight seem longer.

Wishing you and your family 👪 an enjoyable trip on board of flight 2019…..


Before the Flight 2018 ends,
Allow me to thank each and every one of you reader who takes the time to drop by my blogs, whether it’s just for a minute or a few seconds just to catch up on the happenings in my life, whether it’s just once a week or month. The fact that you checked on my blogs makes me feel loved. It makes the maintenance of my 11-year old triplet blogs all worthwhile.

I hope that you all will be blessed with an awesome and healthy year ahead.

Love and joy,
Health Freak Mommy




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Saturday, 1 December 2018

We spent the first day of the last month in 2018 away from home almost the entire day. It was a daycation of sorts as we were at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel from morning through midnight to attend the  wedding of our very close and dear family friend, Jess’ daughter.

The theme of the wedding was a traditional Chinese wedding.  Jess’ daughter, Kheng married her sweetheart of 11 years.

Jess is on the extreme right. I’ve known Jess since I was 17 years old. She’s my mil’s godsister’s daugther.  Kheng was only a toddler when I first met her, cute as a button and is still cute. So happy for her that she found her soul mate who gave her a magical proposal that any girl would have dreamed of.

After the morning tea ceremony at Mandarin Oriental, we had lunch at KLCC before we headed back to the hotel for some camwhoring fun.  But only Drama Queen agreed to pose with me 🙄

So I syiok sendiri alone first 🤩

Check out the samseng girl’s legs. It’s her first time wearing heels and she hijacked my new Alain Delon slip-on heels.

The wedding dinner was held at the same hotel. It was a grandiose affair with Tan Sris, Datuks and celebrities in attendance.

Old-time Hong Kong superstar, Seong Tin Ngor was engaged to perform at the dinner. This is the best photo of her that I could capture with  my dying phone. When she came to our table, my phone died on me. Again!  It’s time I ditch my 2-year old Huawei and get a new phone!

Recognize this celebrity with Cass?

Alan Yun is one of our closest and dearest friend whom the hubs and I have known since he was only a teenager and worked part-time for the hubs before he launched his stardom career and is now a successful entrepreneur.  We will be attending his wedding next month!

Recognize this couple? 😉

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Papa & Mum’s 48th Wedding Anniversary

My parents were in KL over the weekend. My 75-year old papa drove from Ipoh.  Praise Lord again for bringing them safely to KL and back to Ipoh.  They were here for a double celebration: my cousin’s baby girl’s full moon party on Saturday and their 48th wedding anniversary celebration on Sunday.

Mum received several surprises on her anniversary:

The hubs’ surprised mum with a beautiful bouquet of roses and Drama Queen surprised us with baked reverse crumbled apple rose pies for breakfast on Saturday!

Alycia wrote a poem for her grandparents, which I didn’t even know.  She only came home past midnight on Friday after an outing with her friends at Sunway Lagoon Nights of Fright to celebrate Halloween on the last day of her UEC exam. Her friend’s dad brought them for supper before dropping her home. The next day she slept in till 10 a.m..  This will be the last time she gets to go out at night for a long long time. Hubs and I were not pleased at all that she came home so late. Her reason was horrendous traffic jam at Sunway Lagoon! 🙄

On Sunday, we celebrated papa and mum’s wedding anniversary with a brunch at Copper Mansion PJ.  The designer Choc-a-li-cious cake is from Front Room & The Kneady Baker. We ordered dad’s birthday cake from the same baker in August this year.


I am really thankful that we are able to celebrate this joyous occasion with papa and mum again this year. We’ve been celebrating their wedding anniversary since 2010 and I pray that we can do this for many more years to come.💝 👫


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