Do You Allow Your Maid To Discipline Your Children?


Alycia and Sherilyn can be quite difficult to discipline at times, especially Sherilyn who is really mischievous, hyper-active and willful.  Even I find it hard to discipline Sherilyn and sometimes I spank her to discipline her.  Sadly, it is only through spanking and threats that Sherilyn obeys.  Distraction, sweet-talking and talking in a nice cultured tone do not seem to make her listen to us most of the time. 

Ever since my maid worked for us a month ago, I have not told her that she is not to hit my kids to discipline them.  However, after today’s incident where she pinched Sherilyn’s cheek to discipline her, I have told her that she is not to hit my kids to discipline them.  If she has a hard time making my kids listen to her, she is to tell me and I will be the one to discipline them.

Do you allow your maid to discipline your kids?

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At What Age Do You Let Your Kids Bathe Themselves?

Today, one of my readers commented in one of my posts and raised a very interesting point, which got me thinking hard.  She said that my kids should be able to take their baths themselves by now.  Personally, I feel that Alycia (4 years old) and Sherilyn (1 week shy of her 3rd birthday) are still too young to know how to bathe themselves properly.  Even if I  let Alycia off the leash and let her learn to bathe herself, I will still stand inside the bathroom to supervise her, guiding her what to do but definitely not Sherilyn.  If I let Sherilyn off the leash and give her a tad freedom, she will definitely get herself in trouble. Since young, she’s really very inquisitive, curious, mischievous, daring, not afraid of strangers and thus, prone to accidents. She has given me far too many heart attacks and heart stopping moments that I am paranoid whenever I leave her alone anywhere.  Once, I went out of my bedroom for less than 1 minute and Sherilyn went into my bathroom and played with the water from a huge pail and got herself all wet. That really freaked me out and I really learnt a lesson there.  She could have been drowned.  I’ve since fixed a latch to lock my bathroom door from outside whenever no one is using the bathroom.  Another time, she got her left thumb squashed and broken by a steel door in the kitchen when my maid and I were busy with something else.

Maybe I pamper and spoil my kids too much and still treat them like babies but my kids are really too precious to me coz I went through an extremely difficult time to have them.   On the flip side, maybe it’s time for me to teach them to be more independent since I will be having a 3rd baby very soon and can’t afford to find the time to spoonfeed them in every single task. 

I’d love to hear from parents out there – at what age do you allow your kids to bathe themselves, to go to the toilet (pee and poo) and do other chores themselves without any adult supervision?

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Don’t You Think She’s Too Spoilt?

When daddy picked Alycia up from school one day last week, he asked her what she’d like to have for lunch. Of course, Alycia gladly said chicken rice, which was her favorite food and off daddy went to the nearby coffee shop to buy her chicken rice, knowing that there’s lunch prepared at home. Just then, I called daddy and reminded him that I had cooked fried glass noodles for the gals. Daddy then had to tell Alycia that she can’t have chicken rice as mummy had cooked fried noodles. When daddy brought Alycia home, she refused to alight from the car and started bawling. My maid had to drag her out from the car. When Alycia came into the house, she was scolding me, as if blaming me for thwarting daddy’s plan with her. She was crying and screaming for a good 15 minutes until daddy brought her out to the chicken rice shop and bought her a packet of chicken rice!

When daddy’s back, I told him that he is spoiling Alycia rotten this way. Whilst daddy is always the good guy who always accedes to the gals’ wimps and fancies, I am always seen as the bad guy and the disciplinarian. I reckon that this is one of the reasons why Alycia has been behaving so negatively towards me lately. Well, I think the incident yesterday had sort of ‘woken’ up daddy and made him realize that he just can’t continue spoiling Alycia, else she can really turn into a wayward child in no time. I can’t imagine what Alycia will turn into if I were still working and she’s left in the care of a babysitter or a childcare centre.

Alycia enjoying every spoonfull of her chicken rice.

The glass noodles that were not touched…. what a waste!

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