Baby C Eats Fruits From A Food Feeder

Baby C loves apples.  On some days, I would reward her by letting her suck on an apple after she had taken her antibiotics.  The other day, I finally brought out the Munchkin food feeder which had been kept in a Tupperware container in the freezer for almost 3 years… untouched and not used and it still looked new!  It once belonged to Sherilyn.  I had to wash the feeder many times as it smelled of the freezer… yucks!

I then cut up some apples…

and placed them into the food feeder and locked the feeder….

and let Baby C hold the food feeder. Oh gawd, she was so ‘kan cheong’ when she saw the food feeder. But she got really frustrated and upset when she couldn’t eat the apples inside the net. She was screaming and yelling and fussing away, till I removed the food feeder from her. She must have felt really ‘mung chung’ (frustrated) that she couldn’t eat anything….can feel but cannot eat anything!  Next time, I am going to put juicier fruits inside the food feeder like grapes, pears and oranges so that she can actually drink the juice of the fruits.  I may try putting some baby Rusks inside for her to chew one of these days.

I find the food feeder really useful and I used to feed Alycia and Sherilyn by placing the fruits and biscuits inside the net. I stopped using the food feeder when they had enough teeth to bite their food.  The food feeder prevents choking in a baby and I find it a must-have, especially when we eat out.  Whilst we had our meals, Aly and Sher also had their snacks, placed inside the food feeder. 

This is not a paid post k!

On a side note, the urine culture test today revealed that there is scanty E Coli bacteria in Baby C’s urine. I spoke to our pediatric surgeon and he was really blasé about it and said that I should not worry.  Do check out my new health blog to read on.

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Alycia Fell Off The Bed

Several days ago, Alycia was playing on the bed with daddy and Sherilyn when suddenly, she fell off the bed and landed head down (back of the head) on the floor. I knew it was quite a painful fall from the sound and tone of her cry, the one with the “waaaaah…..” followed by a long pause kind of cry. When I touched her head, I was shocked to feel a huge ‘bungalow’ immediately after the fall. Daddy and I frantically shuffled her hair to check her scalp and we saw a huge red hump or ‘bungalow’ like this :

I rushed to get some ice cubes from the kitchen, wrapped them on a hanky and began rubbing them on her scalp. Thank God, she didn’t throw up after the fall, even slept through the night and when she woke up the next morning, the hump had almost subsided.

All smiles again after daddy put cold compress on her head.

The next morning, daddy went to Safe n Sound at 1U to buy another bed railing to attach it to our king-sized bed. However, the size was not right and daddy had to bring it back to Safe n Sound the following day to get it changed but daddy didn’t complain. He would never complain of anything done for his 2 princesses.

The new Safety 1st bed railing on our king-sized bed.

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My 2 Little Absolute Terrors

My 2 gals can be very destructive or should I reword it to say that they are rather curious and love exploring and discovering how things function?

Almost all the drawers in my house especially in my room and the gals’ room as well as in the kitchen and in the hall are fixed with child-safety locks to prevent the gals from messing up and breaking our things and to prevent their fingers from being pinched by the drawers. But most of the locks don’t get to stay fixed in their places for more than 2 days. Same goes for those safety corner protectors that we stick to sharp edges on tables and corners. They rarely stay in their places for more than 2 days before being ripped out.

This is the work of Sherilyn, the main culprit and ring leader. She yanked the drawer knob out and ripped the child-safety lock apart.

Another of Sherilyn’s crime from another drawer in her room.

Yet another crime by Miss Itchy Fingers. She yanked off the child-safety lock from the oven door on the same day that daddy fixed the lock.

Clever daddy had to fix screws into the plastic corner protectors so that they can withstand Miss Itchy Fingers’ ripping spree.

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