Blue Black Cheek

Sherilyn is always bursting with energy, ideas and mischievous. She climbs up and down the sofa, climbs up the tv cabinet, puts her potty inside the drawer and then sits on the potty, jumps on the sofa as if she’s jumping on a trampoline, hops up and down the stairs of the split-level at our hall and pretends to be a frog, yanks off drawer knobs and safety gadgets, touches forbidden items and the list goes. Several days ago, she knocked her cheek on the wall whilst she was jumping on the sofa and got a blue-black mark on her face, just below her left eye but that still did not stop her from jumping again less than half an hour later. Sometimes I just don’t know how to discipline and tame this little monkey for she doesn’t really fear anything, not even the whip.

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Fridge All Locked Up

My 2 brats love to open the doors of the fridge and freezer to get their frozen teething rings or to rummage for food. In a day, they open and shut (with loud bangs) at least 20 over times. Not wanting them to wreck the fridge again, I fixed these gadgets to the doors :

Now, I have piece of mind!

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Never Leave Your Toddler Unattended!

This is a back-dated post and the incident happened a few weeks back.

I had just taken my bath and didn’t shut the bathroom door tightly when I went down to the kitchen to get some salt water to gargle for my strep throat. My maid was having her bath downstairs and DH wasn’t home yet. I had told myself I’d only be in the kitchen for less than a minute and the gals seemed happily playing in my room, they wouldn’t even notice that mummy had sneaked downstairs.

Boy was I wrong, so wrong to think of that. When I got back to my room, Alycia was screaming away… “mummy, Kay Yi went inside the bathroom, she play with water”. I looked at Sherilyn and I was horrified to see my baby girl all drenced with water and water was dripping down her body and the floor in my room was wet. I tell you, I felt numb as I was guilt stricken yet felt terribly thankful to God that He had prevented a fatal accident from happening. I felt as if I was almost hit by a fast moving truck along the highway. My baby could have fallen into the big pail of water and drown instantly. I then yelled at Sherilyn and told her never ever to go into the bathroom again to play with water. I know it was all my fault, lack of foresight, naiveness, everything, you name it, all my fault but I had to channel my shock and guilt to somewhere, so I just shouted and berated at poor Sherilyn. That night, I couldn’t sleep, I kept thinking of all the ‘what ifs’. I had imagined if luck wasn’t on Sherilyn’s side, I would have instead found my poor baby, head down in the pail, motionless with her legs sticking up as I discovered her, and then my DH and all my relatives would be blaming me for causing the death of my baby and then I had gone cuckoo from depression. Aiyoh… i tell you till today, i have a phobia of big pails of water.

So the moral of my story is NEVER EVER leave your toddler(s) unattended, not even for a few seconds coz all it takes is just a few seconds for an accident to happen and that could cost you your lil’ one’s precious life.

The uncovered pail of water in my bathroom that Sherilyn played with.

Always lock/close the lid of the pail tightly to prevent your toddler from opening it.

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Door Stopper

I notice that most people with kids do not place door stoppers on their doors at home. Those who place them only attach 1 door stopper to the front opening of the door. I’ve had my fair share of lesson learnt when both Alycia and Sherilyn’s finger and thumb got pinched and squashed by doors last year. It never occured to me that placing 2 door stoppers on a door is SO important, one on the front opening of the door and another one at the back, as shown in the above pic.

Alycia’s finger was pinched by the back opening of the door when the door closed by itself. I totally freaked out when I turned back and saw her little finger wedged by the door. I quickly applied cold/ice compress on the little finger and thank God, there wasn’t much swelling.

Sherilyn was not that lucky. She was playing with the steel door in the wet kitchen when she placed her left thumb at the back opening of the door and used her right hand to close the door. OMG, her poor little thumb was squashed by the door. That sight was totally gory. Blood was oozing out and dribbled everywhere on the kitchen floor, on my clothes, on her body. Oh God, I almost blacked out. An x-ray revealed that the little bone of the left thumb had chipped. Long story cut short, the nail eventually came off after 1 month. Now, I have a real phobia of doors.

So to all parents with toddlers, please please do place 2 door stoppers on both sides of your doors. It will help prevent an unwanted accident.

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