My New Cloth Diapers Have Arrived!

Before Baby C was born, I told myself that I would try cloth diapers (CD) on her. Many mummy bloggers have extolled the benefits of using CD in their blogs as it is cheaper using CDs than disposable diapers.  Other reasons include the higher absorbency rate of CDs vs disposable diapers (DD) and the pretty prints and colors of the CDs that make baby look so cute wearing them.  Though the initial investment is costly, in the long run, you save loads!

I bought my first piece of CD from The Baby Loft Shop 1 month back and after using it, I find that the absorbency of CD is much better than DDs. As Baby C poo poos quite frequently (3-5 times a day, sometimes more than that. At times, even a fart produces poop), I use between 8-10 diapers a day, at times even more. Breastfed babies tend to poo poo more frequently as breast milk gets digested easily. Each diaper costs between 50 sen to 80 sen each.  Hubby has to spend more than RM150 per month just on DDs.

On average, a CD costs RM85 per piece, depending on the brand. Some with prettier prints are even costlier. There are many brands of CDs sold at online stores now.   I bought these CDs from, recommended by

There are CDs that come in very pretty cartoon prints but they are multi-sized (S, M, L), meaning I have to keep buying them as my baby grows. I am a very practical person and I prefer one-size diapers, which means that my baby can wear the CDs from birth through potty-trained or around 16kg. However, there are not many pretty prints for one-sized CDs. It’s ok anyway as Baby C only wears the CDs at home.

The inserts for the CDs cost RM17.90 each.

This one is from Mommy’s Touch. There are rows of snap buttons on the waist to cater for the growing baby.

Happy Heiny’s one size diapers comes with 2 inserts – one long and one short. The waist area is expandable by adjusting the two tabs on the velcro. 

I am considering buying more CDs so that Baby C can even wear them at night. This time, I will get other brands from

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