Poor Baby C Has The Sniffles And A Stuffy Nose

My poor Baby C has a really stuffy nose, which makes nursing extremely difficult for me and uncomfortable for her. Try pinching both your nose and drinking at the same time… it feels terribly uncomfortable right? That’s just how she feels and she has to unlatch to catch her breath whenever I nurse her.

The Tonimer Baby spray (isotonic sterile seawater spray) which our paed prescribed cannot really bring her total relief. 

So at 10pm last night, hubby went to Jaya Jusco after his session at the gym to buy a nasal aspirator.  Luckily Jaya Jusco was not closed yet.  The nasal aspirator was quite helpful, though I had to pump many times to successfully aspirate the mucous out from her nostrils.

Poor Baby C is really cranky and wants to be carried the whole day.  I am going bonkers!

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