Cassandra Finally Pooed But…

it wasn’t ‘explosive’, considering she hadn’t pooed for 3 days and she pooed at around 8pm yesterday.  When I saw her poop in her diaper, it was the most pleasing sight for me in the longest time.  I cheered and clapped and my 2 older gals followed suit.  Everyone was so happy that our little darling had finally pooed and the poop wasn’t hard and she didn’t strain the slightest bit.  She still hasn’t poo pooed today.  I’ve been feeding her with 2-3 teaspoons of plain water throughout the day, massaging her tummy and exercising her legs in a cycling motion.  Hopefully, she’ll finally poo today.

I always find my 3 angels most angelic when they are soundly asleep…. and both hubby and I always can’t resist kissing and stroking them when they are asleep.

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Still No Sign Of Pooping

Today is the third day Baby C has not pooed and I brought her to see the pediatrician.  Our dr. told us that it’s normal for breastfed babies to go through long episodes of not emptying their bowels.  He asked if we wanted enema to be pumped into Baby C’s rectum but hubby said no. BTW, our dr. also advised against administering the enema and told us to wait for 2 more days and to bring her back for the enema to be administered should she not empty her bowels by then. 

Baby C also took her jab (DTP, HiB, Hep B, Polio) and the Rotavirus immunization (taken orally) today.  My brave baby must have been immuned to jabs (for she’s taken many over the past 1 month) and did not even cry when the needle was poked into her bum.  Hopefully the Rotavirus will stimulate her to empty her bowels today.

When we were inside the dr’s office, the nephrologist from HUKM called me on my handphone.  Baby C’s urine culture done last week revealed that there are some bacteria (the bacteria responsible for causing UTI) in her urine.  The bacteria must have been resistant to the new antibiotics (Trimethroprim) given to her and the dr. asked us to switch to another antibiotics.  Luckily we were in the hospital and my pediatrician prescribed the new antibiotics (Cephalexin) to her.  We may bring Baby C to a pediatric nephrologist at a private hospital for a second opinion as it’s almost impossible to see the chief nephrologist at HUKM.  The dr who saw Baby C at HUKM 3 weeks ago is only a young doctor and does not seem knowledgable.  Sigh…. I just hope our nightmare will end very soon.

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