Orange Apple Avocado Smoothie With Chia Seeds

Yesterday, I made a glass of orange + apple + avocado + chia seed smoothie for Cass to combat her constipation problem.  I also added half a cup of color-free strawberry flavored yoghurt drink to the Shimono cup for a double power laxative effect and whirled everything together for a few seconds.  This concoction is SO refreshing and according to Cass, it tasted just like those smoothies from MBG Fruit Shop and Boost Juice 😀

And the result?  She poo-ed after her lunch 😀

 photo 3b74f647-744b-42e5-99fb-bd131d73486f_zpsdd5d0da6.jpg


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The Magic Bullet

Ever since I found out about psyllium husk and have been consuming it, I hardly suffer from constipation (knock on wood!). Before psyllium husks came into my life, I had tried several products to stimulate my bowel movements, including using laxatives which caused terrible tummy aches. I now gulp down a tablespoon of psyllium husk together with a glass of water and apple cider vinegar the first thing in the morning and it’s really effective in keeping the constipation at bay. However, on rare occasions, I still suffer from constipation, especially when under stress or when there’s a disruption in my usual daily routine. That’s when my body system is ‘confused’ when there’s a change in the regime. In times like these, even psyllium husks would not work. Today I discovered the magic bullet suppository which helps to stimulate bowel movements gently. If ever I suffer from constipation again, I think I would not mind giving this magic bullet a try.

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