Children’s Vapor Balm

This is the baby vicks, brand name Children’s Vapor Balm by 21st Century that I applied on Alycia and Sherilyn when they had cough. It’s made from real strawberries and is light pink in colour. Only costs RM6.95 and can be easily purchased from pharmacies. Even i love the smell, even feel like eating it when I smell it coz it smells so appetizing, haha…

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Rubbing Vicks On Soles Of Feet – Part 3

Yesterday was the 5th straight day I applied Vicks on the soles of Alycia’s feet and again, she slept soundly and peacefully through the night. Well, I am QUITE convinced now that Vicks did help to prevent the cough. Today, Alycia is feeling much better, her cough has lessened and the phelgm has also reduced. I must also give credit to Manuka Honey. Other factors which contributed to her speedy recovery include :

1) Sleeping in an air-condLESS room
2) Eating plain rice porridge with dishes that are mostly steamed
3) Avoiding heaty food like crackers, pan-fried food, sweet stuff and cold food.
4) Drinking lots of water and barley water
5) Getting enough sleep
6) Lots of praying

However, what works on a child may not work on another child as every child is different.

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Rubbing Vicks On The Soles Of Feet (Part 2)

Well, i did it again last night. This time, I applied the Vicks just before Alycia went to bed, even before she started to cough and I rubbed small blobs on her back, chest, under her nostrils and of course big blobs of Vicks on the soles of her feet . It was miraculous!!! Alycia fell sound asleep within minutes and soundlessly too all through the night without a sound of cough. I had to wake her up at 9am this morning for her milk and after finishing off her milk, went back to sleep and only woke up at 10.

Well, I’m still still not 100% convinced that Vicks really did the trick. I think it was more of a combined effect of the extra strength Manuka Honey UMF20+ (twice a day) and also sleeping without the air-cond.

This picture was taken this morning with Alycia still in her Vicks covered socks.

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Rubbing Vicks On The Soles Of Feet

I’m sure most of you would have already read and heard that applying Vicks on the soles of a toddler’s feet would help stop a toddler from coughing. I didn’t believe it because it didn’t sound convincing and logical to me and it’s not scientifically proven that it works.

Alycia was coughing, huffing and puffing away directly on my face for a good 1.5 hours last night when finally I told myself that if this continues, neither of us would get to sleep at all. I then remembered reading from a parenting forum and also Big Pumpkin’s recent post in her blog that applying Vicks to the soles of the feet can stop a toddler from coughing. So I jumped out from my bed at around 12ish am, turned off the air-cond as the cold air was making Alycia’s throat dry and itchy, got my bottle of Vicks and rubbed them on the soles of Alycia’s feet, put on socks for her and rubbed a small amount of Vicks on her chest and back as well. Believe it or not, within 15 minutes, she dozed off to lalaland and slept soundly till 8:30 this morning. Well, i’m still not 100% convinced that the Vicks did the trick, i think it was more of a fluke and psychological effect on Alycia’s mind. I shall try it again tonight if Alycia continues to cough and if the Vicks still works in stopping her cough, then I shall be convinced.

Please come back for more updates…..

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