Home-cooked Korean Dinner ~ Thursday, 26 November 2020

It’s Korean for dinner again, by Chef Sherilyn!

This time she cooked Bulgogi pork and pork ribs, kimchi soup, black fungus salad, home-made kimchi and home-made pickled radish.  The last two dishes were prepped a couple of weeks ago.

The pork and pork ribs were marinated with fresh pear and kiwi juice, red onions, scallions, garlic, ginger, soy suace, pepper and sugar. The marinate is basically a smoothie of fruits and roots.  Everyone was super happy and satisfied with the  dinner which is comparable to those from authentic expensive Korean restaurants!

Pan-grilled Bulgogi. It’s super delish ~ tender smokey meat that’s very well marinated and flavorful. This dish just pushes all the right buttons!
Black fungus salad ~ seasoned with Lee Kum Kee rice vinegar, sugar, chopped garlic, chilis, scallions, sesame seed oil and soy sauce.

Life just got a little sweeter and easier when there’s a very earnest junior chef who loves eating and trying out new recipes 🥰.  We have about 6 more weeks to be her happy guinea pigs before school resumes in mid 2021.

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CMCO Day 166 ~ Sunday, 22 November 2020

Hubs has bento box prepping at his shop in the morning, followed by a private kitchen event attended by celebrities in the evening. Since I have some free time on a Sunday, I went to his shop to help him with the photography to post on Catermate’s Facebook page as I’m helping him to manage the page.

Today’s lunch is chicken ham spaghetti from hubby’s kitchen and Yomie’s purple rice x yoghurt.  Funnily, I didn’t really like this beverage the first time I tasted it. However, during the first MCO when hubby’s friend treated us to this yoghurt with chewy purple rice, I got hooked to it.  Sherilyn and Cass find this combo bizarre and don’t like it.  Well that’s good news to me as I don’t have to buy 4 cups for the 4 of us. It’s pretty expensive at RM13.90 a cup.  And to be fair, I alternate between Yomie’s and Tealive / Gong Cha for the girls.  Last week Sherilyn and Cass had Gong Cha, so this week we’re having Tealive. Next week we’re having Tealive again.

Do you know the reason why I’m ordering milk tea and Yomie’s every week? I can feel my stress and anxiety melt away as I sip the drink down my throat🤭 .

Ever since Cass did a Cycstoscopy procedure under GA two weeks ago, I’ve been having anxiety. And I’ve been swamped with work the past two weeks. The stress is causing me heart palpitations and I just needed to do something to de-stress.  My daily morning run under the blazing 10 a.m. sun works wonders.  Since my fortnightly retail therapy is no longer feasible and safe now, I get the high whenever I order milk tea and Yomie’s 😁.  And I order food from random Facebook home chefs too to support them, just like how so many people are supporting my hubby’s food delivery business now.

Dinner is Yin Yang Kimchi fried rice by Sherilyn, using the kimchi that she made.

Dessert ~ cutesy coconut jelly from hubby’s shop.

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CMCO Day 158 ~ Saturday, 14 November 2020 (Homemade Chicken and Pork Roulade with Ajvar)

We’re happy guinea pigs again today 😁. Our teenage chef tried  two new recipes for lunch – chicken and pork roulade and Ajvar (Serbian Roasted Red Bell Pepper Sauce) to go with the roulade.

The stuffing for the chicken and pork roulade is sauteed minced King Trumpet mushrooms with garlic and champagne. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed our specially curated meal for lunch. Sherilyn planned to cook Tonkatsu with Japanese curry again but we got home late after she dropped off a gift to her friend and we ended up having KFC for dinner.  Our KFC meal was bought using vouchers that Sherilyn won in an online English quiz organized by Yayasan Johor Corporation recently.

Ajvar (Serbian Roasted Red Bell Pepper Sauce) with a nice smokey flavor to go with the roulade.  Our chef roasted the bell peppers on a non-stick pan over the stove before blitzing them.

Sauteed minced King Trumpet mushrooms with garlic and champagne as filling for the roulade.

Chef Sherilyn plucking some organic Chinese parsley from the balcony pot to decorate the dish:

It’s not easy to capture picture perfect photos of food.  The most important thing is natural lighting (not too bright or dim) and the only place I can get clear photos is at our balcony, at certain angles and at certain timing of the day. And for this, I need the girls to help me.

Today I discovered another talent of mine — I can do a pretty good job as a hair dresser! I managed to cut my super persnickety Cass’ hair. She has been bugging me to allow her to cut her hair herself (she doesn’t like to go to the hair dresser) and I told her that I will do it for her instead.  It’s my second time cutting Cass’ thick, frizzy and curly hair. I think it’s pretty easy and it took me less than 20 minutes to chop off about 20cm of her precious locks.  This time, Cass is super pleased with the outcome  😁.  While I was cutting Cass’ hair outside our unit, our Japanese neighbor came out, saw what I was doing and told me that today his wife cut their two sons’ hair too.  We mothers are multi-taskers and multi-talented 😊

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CMCO Day 152 ~ Sunday, 8 November 2020

Hubs and I went to Mid Valley Megamall today. It’s my first outing to the mall during CMCO/lockdown#2; my first in over 2 months.  Our primary purpose of going to the mall is to get my mobile number changed and for me to restock some cleaning items at Daiso. I also made a quick trip to Jaya Grocer to get some snacks.

I’ve been having a strange craving for snacks and junk food throughout the lockdown. Maybe it’s my body’s response to stress and boredom and snacks always make me feel good (and guilty).  Snacking is probably just my body’s way to beat the cabin fever blues.   During MCO #1 earlier this year, I had unhealthy cravings too.  When the MCO was lifted and we could go out to dine freely again, my cravings for snacks faded in tandem!  Damn it, my kitchen is now stocked up with muruku, tapioca chips, popcorns (non-GMO ones), Twisties, nuts and ice-creams! Someone at home also has similar strange unhealthy cravings for snacks during our time locked at home.  She followed me to our neighborhood supermarket yesterday and stocked up on Japanese jelly, ice-creams, instant noodles,  crackers, biscuits and nuts  😆.

Our girls are having a whale of a time skipping school and feasting on junk food. Everyday is a holiday for them – almost the entire year this year. Cass has a craving for ice-creams now.  Before she went into the OT on Thursday, she told me that she craved for Haagen Daz’s salted caramel ice-cream. I promised her that I would get her a tub if she’s well after the procedure.  And I kept my promise.

Our lunch at Ăn Viet, The Gardens Mall:

While waiting for our food to arrive, I watched a live speech by our Education Minister from my phone. I was in disbelief when he announced that all schools in our country will be closed for the rest of this year!  SPM is also postponed to 22 February 2021 – Alycia is happy to have more time to revise!  Form 2 and Form 3 students will only be going back to school in March 2021! I still can’t wrap my mind around this.  Thankfully my girls don’t fall into that category. I cannot imagine our girls stuck at home from now until March 2021!!  This is the only year in the history of our country that students only attended school for fewer than 4 months in a year with all major exams cancelled and postponed.

Before we left the mall, we got an exciting spread of takeaway food for everyone at home. Ever since CMCO #2 was imposed, we have never ventured out of our neighborhood to get food or groceries, except for hubs. We’ve gotten bored with the food from most of our regular restaurants and coffee shops in our neighborhood. The girls also got their fix of Yomei’s purple rice x yoghurt and Tealive. I think I will probably only hit the mall again in a month or two or when the CMCO is lifted.

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CMCO Day 144 ~ Saturday, 31 October 2020

Today is the last day of October 2020, which means that we only have two more months before we bid adieu to 2020!  With Covid-19 around for the long haul and the Government imposing intermittent lockdowns, I wonder how 2021 will fare for us.

I’ve been wondering lately whether we will get to celebrate Christmas with loved ones this year. What about Chinese New Year in February next year? When will we be allowed to travel back to Ipoh again?  Will Alycia be able to sit for SPM in early January 2021 as planned? Her school hasn’t even decided on the new trial SPM dates.  As it is now, schools are still closed in the Klang Valley.  There’re so much unknowns in the near future.

This year has been such a challenging year for our family and many other people. It’s a year that not only the whole world is fighting an immortal invisible enemy that’s constantly mutating and evolving to become even more indestructible, it’s a year that many people lost their livelihood and lives 😭.  The latest economic casualty to be hit by this pandemic is Robinson’s.  All their outlets in Malaysia and Singapore will be shuttered for good 😔.  Also announced in the recent news is the indefinite closure of all cinemas in Malaysia.

Last month, our family friend lost his battle to Shingles. Just a few days ago, another close friend was diagnosed with colorectal cancer.  Today when I was reading updates on my Facebook page, I was shocked to read the sudden demise of a friend who was in her early 40s.  😢  This year has been nothing short of tragic for many of us.

Yesterday I again asked Alycia what’s her choice of degree course to pursue in university and her reply was “I’m not sure now. Let’s survive this pandemic first”.  True that.  We can only take one day at a time now. Planning ahead does not seem viable anymore now.  We’re currently still in the midst of a terrible war – WWIII.  Let’s just enjoy today because we’re not even sure what’s going to happen tomorrow, like my friend who passed away unexpectedly yesterday.

We haven’t gone out to have our meals for over 2 weeks now. Even though 5 people are now allowed to be seated at a table in an eatery, the ironic SOP states that only 2 people are allowed in a car. It doesn’t make sense that both hubs and I have to drive our cars just so our family can dine together outside… and one of us has to be seated at another table (or 3 at a table) as there are 6 of us in the family.

Hubs and I haven’t had our alone couple time for breakfast or lunch together these days, as he’s back to doing bento box delivery and must be in his shop to supervise his staff.  On several occasions recently, his staff messed up some orders.  When orders are screwed up in a food delivery business, it’s often costly and may leave a negative impression on the customer. Thus, hubs has to be at his shop to check every single order before it leaves the shop, which is very time consuming.

My breakfast today of half boiled Japanese pearl eggs / Sakura eggs:

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CMCO Day 142 ~ Thursday, 29 October 2020

Since it’s a public holiday today and there’s no online class to attend, the youngest brat helped at her daddy’s shop with bento box packing. What to do, times are really bad and we have to cut down on staff wages and resort to child labor.

Just kidding, she went there to collect our lunch & dinner of Mee Siam, Nasi Hujan Panas, otak-otak, vegan spaghetti and beef rendang. It’s Cass’ first time out of prison ever since the CMCO was re-imposed 2 weeks ago.  This girl would probably drive her OCD and super persnickety dad bonkers and get fired if she were a part-time staff at his shop 😐

Mee Siam with chicken rendang and sambal set @ RM15/box from Catermate.

Nasi Hujan Panas (Rainbow Ghee Rice) with chicken curry, cili sambal fish and assorted fried vegetables @ RM20/box.

Vegetarian spagehtti


Slow-cooked Australia beef rendang @ RM50/box.

If you’d like to try Catermate’s bento boxes or pick something from their menu,  here’s how you can order:

📲Pls click this Whatsapp link to place your orders:


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OR message us at https://www.facebook.com/Catermate-Catering-Delivery-103417264813673/

🚶‍♂‍Self pick up Address:

Catermate Sdn Bhd
No.15, Jalan 1/109E, Desa Business Park, Taman Desa, Off Old Klang Road,
58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(opposite Bomba, same row as 99 Speedmart)

🚛 Delivery via Grab (paid by customer)


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CMCO Day 137 ~ Saturday, 24 October 2020

One of hubby’s business associates is the latest casualty of the severe economic fallout. The successful event organizing business that she built over the decade crumbled under the weight of economic hardship brought on by the pandemic.  My heart bleeds for her and her staff who have to lose their source of income.   After clearing her office to move out, she gave hubby a big box of brand new fine Japanese tableware and mugs, still wrapped up in newspapers and encased in boxes without asking for a cent. Bless her generous heart and I hope that she will be able to find new opportunities very soon.

Such pretty and carefully crafted tableware. This would have cost a lot had we bought them.

Cass and I love these patterned pastel blue and pink bowls. They’re so exquisite and intricately carved.

1228 is an auspicious number for the Chinese but we definitely don’t like seeing such a number in the daily Covid-19 status update.  Today our country reported 1228 new cases.  I am certain that the CMCO will be extended beyond 27 October 😭

With his wings clipped even longer, we are really not sure how long more hubby’s catering business can sustain in this economic fallout where no social gatherings are allowed 😓.   Competition in the food delivery sector is extremely stiff.  A few days ago in a  food delivery group on Facebook, someone requested for food to be delivered to the KLCC area for 30 pax and over 200 food delivery companies and homebased cooks fought real hard to win the small slice of cake.

The latest economic casualty at our neighborhood – another two shops shuttered for good.

My wish now is for hubby’s business to be able to sail through this stormy weather and emerge unscathed. This year will be extremely tough on us but I am confident that we will win the war.

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CMCO Day 133 ~ Tuesday, 20 October 2020

CMCO means more baking and cooking at home, especially when there’s someone at home who’s always raring to try out new recipes!

Today Sherilyn made Naan bread from scratch to make Naan pizza and cheese Naan for lunch. She made a batch of pan-fried Naan last Saturday (without any oil) and the Naan turned out really well – like those from Indian restaurants! We all loved it, including low-carb moi and the persnickety matriarch who can be very critical on food cooked by other people!  🤫

Our in-house teenage chef also marinated some boneless organic Pineapple chicken thighs to make chicken satay for dinner tomorrow. And she did all these while listening to her Math teacher on loud speaker mode on the phone in the wet kitchen during online class 🤓

After bringing Sherilyn to the gadgets and accessories shop to get new earphones (for online classes), we collected Nasi Hujan Panas and chicken rendang from hubby’s shop. Dinner is now settled as well.

Nasi Hujan Panas (Rainbow Ghee Rice cooked with spices), chicken drumstick rendang, cili fish, stir-fried assorted vegetables and mushrooms and chicken curry for dinner tonight.

For those of you who’d like to try Catermate‘s daily bento boxes, here’s how you can place your order:

🚶‍♂️Self pick up Address:
Catermate Sdn Bhd
No.15, Jalan 1/109E, Desa Business Park, Taman Desa, Off Old Klang Road,
58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(opposite Bomba, same row as 99 Speedmart)
🚛 Delivery via Grab (paid by customer)
📲Pls click this Whatsapp link to place your orders:
Thank you for your support!  🙏😚

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CMCO Day 132 ~ Monday, 19 Oct 2020

Hubs called me for an unplanned breakfast today. These days we engage in quite a bit of business talks and brainstorming together as I’m assisting him in the bento box delivery department.  Today he wanted to sample Western breakfast sets at a couple of cafes as he’s in the midst of introducing Western breakfast sets into his menu and at his best pal’s newly opened cafe. He also has some other business ideas in the offing, which needs some fine-tuning.

We shared a French breakfast set at the first cafe.  Everything about this sublimely set suits me to a T and I loved it – from the specially executed French omelette to the ground Porcini mushrooms, the toasts and coffee.  The lavish set comes with a befitting price tag too, which, in our opinion, would not auger well in the current depressing economic climate. Yes the food is sublime and supreme but the price does not go down well with most people’s pockets.

Then we sauntered to the next cafe, which is just next to the first. We shared a no-frills basic Western breakfast set, a plate of basic Mee Siam and a slice of butter cake. We were already pretty stuffed but hubs wanted to try other cafe’s items to compare with his shop’s.

From our observation, the cafe that sells no-frills basic breakfast sets at a budget price entices more customers than their higher end competitor neighbor.  We drew a conclusion that between quality and price, regular wage earners still prefer cheap and affordable no-frills meals vs luxe meals!

Which do you prioritize – better taste and quality food at a higher price or basic no-frills mediocre food?


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CMCO Day 130 ~ Saturday, 17 Oct 2020

With the shitty pandemic not getting any better, wearing of face masks is set to become compulsory for at least another half a year. Even if it’s no longer mandatory by law to wear face mask in public, I will still be wearing one.  Our girls and hubby too. Would you dare to take chances of baring your nose and mouth? Just put on a face mask for peace of mind. And since face masks have taken over my blusher and lipstick, I might as well wear one in my favorite color to decorate my face 😷 .  Bright pretty colors often put me in a good mood.  I really need something to brighten up my life in depressing times like now.

The Covid situation in our country is getting worse by the day. Everyday we read of new positive cases detected in a new shopping mall or office building.  Today our country reported over 800 new positive cases.  More businesses are now affected by this unexpected black swan event.  Last week when the government announced that another CMCO would be imposed followed by cancellation of hubby’s catering events, my heart felt so heavy. I feel like our lives have been dealt with another big blow after we’ve just picked up the pieces and thinking that our lives are slowly returning to the norm.

“You’re not the only ones affected. The whole world is affected. Every business is affected” – this is what people always say to console us but the pain and frustration are overwhelming and it sucks, especially on the financial impact it has on us.

Besides reusable fabric masks, I’m also buying colorful disposable face masks to add to my collection.  Apart from Medicos, I discovered two other made in Malaysia brands,  namely Durio and Simply K and have bought these brands to add to my collection. I love them bright pretty colors!

My parcel of joy received today – face masks in bright purple ☺️

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RMCO Day 125 ~ Monday, 12 October 2020

Today marks another dramatic day in our lives.  The Government announced that besides Sabah, KL, Selangor and Putrajaya will be placed under a Conditional MCO again, effective Wednesday, 14 October for 2 weeks.  The 2 weeks here means that the situation will be reviewed and if daily new cases are still high, the CMCO will be extended, just like how it was in the past. We all know the drill after being in it for the most part of 2020.

Today’s announcement comes as a big blow to the hubby’s business.  His income has been roiled during the initial few months of the first MCO and now comes the next CMCO.  After the news was announced today, all his confirmed events and functions were postponed and cancelled.  He was to go to Fraser’s Hill to provide catering event this Saturday and this too will be cancelled.   We thought that the worst is over but it’s starting again and we’re back to square one. Back to ground zero again. It feels like we have been struggling to stay afloat in the deep ocean and just when we have finally reached the shore and can finally breathe with ease, we are now swept back into the rough choppy sea, struggling to stay afloat and gasping for air 😭

The days of MCO from March to May will be a repeat again. Maria our part-time maid will not be able to get into our condo once again. Our girls will be stuck at home and online classes will resume again.  I shudder to think of cooking 2-3 meals a day 7 days a week and cleaning up the grease and mess after each cooking session. My right hand has just healed completely and here we go again!

I think I’m going to go homecooked just thrice a week and for the rest of the days, I’m going to order takeout.  What the heck!

I am speechless and can only hope for the best. I know that God hears my prayers and if one door is closed, another door will be open. We’re going to get through this shitty MCO and pandemic.

As I had to bring Sherilyn to the dentist for her second tooth extraction for braces in the evening, I popped into the nearby supermarket to stock up on some groceries. When I was there, the crowd had just started and by the time we left, there was a long queue with panicked shoppers doing eleventh hour lockdown groceries shopping. Here we go again with long queues at supermarkets and hoarding of toilet papers, canned food and shelves sweeping 😱

My first virtual church wedding via Zoom on Saturday, to witness my cousin’s wedding.

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RMCO Day 116 ~ Saturday, 3 October 2020

Today is Cass’ entrance exam at the high school of her choice.  This high school (which is Alycia’s high school) is not my choice but some how, I was the one feeling anxious for her while Miss Chillax was as usual unflappable and cool as a cucumber 🤦‍♀️.  I was worried of how she will find her way in the huge school as parents are not allowed to enter the school compound due to the Covid19 SOP.  We could only drop her outside the school and she was quickly whisked away by a female security guard. Thankfully there were many teachers on duty at the school compound guiding the freshmen into the respective classes.

I was worried of Cass’ health the most as she’s just recovered from a UTI attack. If she’s not careful and does not practise frequent peeing and hygiene, it’s very easy for her to get another UTI attack as the bacteria that’s hiding behind her bladder walls are just waiting for the right condition to attack and multiply.  Honestly, I am not worried at all if Cass passes the exam or not.  I’ve been praying everyday to God for Him to choose the high school of His choice for Cass. So we’ll wait and see. The results will be out in a week or two and parents will be notified via SMS.

After an hour of being stuck in the massive traffic jam caused by the mass admission of freshmen into the school compound, we finally reached home. I took Alycia and Sherilyn to Family Mart for a sofuto treat!  Belgium dark chocolate sofuto is finally back at Family Mart. How I miss this flavor!

At 6pm, I drove back to the school to pick Cass up.  I told Alycia to follow me so that she could get down to look for Cass inside the school. We waited for over half an hour.  Cass had to camp half a day in school for the exam, comprising of 4 papers.

While Alycia and I were stuck in school, our very capable in-house chef Sherilyn dished out Tonkatsu ramen with ramen egg and homemade Japanese Chashu. The pork bone soup was boiled for over 5 hours, thus was really flavorful and creamy.

This time, after warning from me, she did not overcook the ramen eggs. Last week, she put the eggs into a pot to prep Onsen eggs but she was too absorbed in playing with her phone and forgot all about the eggs 😆

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RMCO Day 109 ~ Saturday, 26 Sept 2020

The entire evening today was rife with residents in our Taman Facebook group and our Whatsapp groups talking about a Covid-19 positive patient confirmed in our neighborhood. He lives in one of the condos in our Taman.  Our Taman has been a Green Zone with only 1 confirmed case so far, in March this year.

The latest patient had just returned from a diving trip in Sabah on Monday and on Thursday, he went to several places in our Taman – to a clinic, a supermarket and a road-side Chee Cheong Fun stall to get takeaway food.  Whatever for when you’re unwell?! And now he’s caused so much unnecessary distress and worry to the entire community.  But till today, our Taman is still not listed in the Covid-19 alert list in KL and nothing of it mentioned in the newspapers. And I wonder why! The supermarket hasn’t been disinfected by the local authorities in Hazmat suits except by their own staff. Our condo management has taken proactive steps by putting up a notice on the lift wall to inform residents to report to the management office should anyone of us went to the said supermarket on Thursday.  Other than that, none of the residents who went to the supermarket has been contacted by the authorities for contact tracing.

In recent days, multiple prominent malls in the Klang Valley have put up announcements for Covid-19 alerts, for shoppers or staff who have tested positive and visited the malls.  The silent and invisible enemy within us is now back and lurking around very near us again, ready to cause another wave.  And new cases are climbing up to triple digits again.  I can’t take another MCO anymore!  😭

In the past two weeks, another two restaurants in our Taman became economic casualty of the Covid-19 pandemic. One is my friend’s home-cooked food eatery (I’m devastated as I love the food she cooks, especially her Black Vinegar Pork Trotters) and another is a Thai, one of our favorite Thai restaurants. My friend’s eatery opened at a wrong time. About 2 months into opening her eatery, our country was plunged into a partial lockdown and business has been slow and she could not make enough profit to pay rental and staff salaries.

Back in the early days of the pandemic in April this year, economists have warn the business world’s greatest casualty will be small and medium-sized enterprises. That’s a big problem in Asia, where they account for 90 per cent of firms and employ half of all workers. I cannot imagine our country’s economy turning off again in the event of another country-wide MCO.  So many financially vulnerable people will be in danger of the most severe hardship if another lockdown were to be imposed on our country. Perhaps they won’t die of Covid-19 but of severe financial stress and anxiety.


There’s no point worrying over something that I have no control of, right? This is a world war and everyone is affected.

So let’s talk food now 😋

Our in-house chef dished out Japanese Chashu  (sometimes called “Nibuta”, which literally means simmered/braised pork).

I accidentally bought the wrong part of pork (pork shoulder instead of pork belly) and as a result the Charshu was a tad dry as there’s very little fat. Nonetheless it was delish and the entire chunk of Charshu was polished off.

Charshu rice bowl with overcooked onsen tamago.  Our chef forgot that she was boiling the eggs in the pot and played with her phone.  When she realized it, the egg yolk was already overcooked 😂

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RMCO Day 108 ~ Friday, 25 Sept 2020

After getting our cars washed, hubs, mil and I went for brunch at a nearly cafe.  Today is the first time in half a year that I brought my car for a wash at the car wash center run by Bangladesh workers.  As the number of Covid-19 cases recently involved many foreign workers, we have been very wary of being in close contact with them.

Our car wash during the pandemic is a whole new experience with us seated inside our cars respectively while the workers washed our cars.  We told the staff that we didn’t need vacuuming, washing of mats or interior cleaning. After a snow wash and rinse with drying, hubs paid the workers and left. It was a contactless transaction.  When I got back to our condo, I cleaned the interior of my car myself, which ain’t that difficult.

Our brunch at  Doiffee, an old new cafe.  It’s a 6-year old cafe but recently bought over by new owners with a brand new menu and better tasting food this time.

Sherilyn dished out Mille Feuille Nabe aka Beautiful Japanese Hot Pot or A Thousand Leaves Hot Pot for dinner today. It’s an easy one-pot dish with lots of fiber and protein. Mess and oil-free too. We used dashi from sachet (Melaleuca brand) which makes it even quicker to prep. Even if you use fresh ingredients to prep the broth, it’s not difficult. Sherilyn loves making dashi from scratch.  This dish is perfect for a cold rainy evening. It’s been raining almost everyday here and pretty chilly on most nights.

Dashi broth ingredients:
Dried anchovies – 10
Dashima  or Kombu – iPhone-sized piece
Radish – 50 grams
Shiitake mushroom stems – 3
Water – 6 cups
Soy sauce – 1/2 teaspoon

We used whatever ingredients that were available in the fridge:
Chinese cabbage – quarter head
Round cabbage – half head
Shimeji mushroom – 1 punnet
1 carrot cut into flower shape
Organic soft tofu – 1 packet
Seafood tofu 3 pieces, sliced
Sliced pork belly – palm size

Dipping Sauce
Soy sauce – 2 Tablespoon
Vinegar – 1 Tablespoon (we used bottled organic lemon juice)
Cooking wine – 1 Tablespoon
Honey – 1 Tablespoon


Assemble Pot
Arrange the cabbage leaves in a circular path with the sliced pork belly in between leaves of cabbage.
Finish the pot by placing the mushrooms in the middle.
Scatter sliced tofu, carrots and seafood tofu on top

Dashi / Broth Preparation
Boil the Dashi sachet OR fresh ingredients for Dashi if made from scratch for 30 minutes.
Gently pour the broth into the pot of assembled vegetables and ingredients and simmer until pork belly is cooked.
Serve immediately.

The mil also cooked a braised fish head dish with brinjal and fermented bean paste.

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RMCO Day 89 ~ Sunday, 6 September 2020

Today is the eve of Cass’ exam but this brat is as usual super chillax and not at all nervy or hung up 🙄  She’s always been one who’s able to hold her nerve in most situations and that’s the reason why I can leave her alone at the hospital overnight for 3 nights.

Last night she stayed up late to finish up the thank you card for Ms L, her erstwhile class teacher and asked me to bring her to the post box to drop the card.

Then she dragged me to the stationery shop so that she could have her homemade bookmarks laminated. She’s been drawing these bookmarks whenever she had the time. She walked to the stationery shop and told the shop assistant that she wanted her stack of bookmarks laminated without first checking on the cost. When I went into the stationery shop and asked whether she checked the price with the assistant, she said NO 🙄.   The laminating, cutting and smoothening of the edges cost RM7, duh!  I could have bought a stack of bookmarks with RM7! Feeling guilty, she said that she would pay for the laminating herself 😁

Drawn by a true-blue Potterhead:

Hubs has been working at full steam the entire day today with events at a corporate client’s place.  I went to his shop twice to collect extra food for us.

Blimey, what a lot of food!  The girls could have the yummy seafood + mushroom pasta for a few lunches.

In the evening, my good friend B, Whatsapped me whilst she was on the ETS train from Ipoh – KL telling me that she’s got a surprise for me and would be meeting me at my condo at 6:30 p.m.  But a little drama happened at Rawang and the train got stalled and another train had to be summoned to ferry the stranded passengers back to KL. Despite the 2 hours delay, B still dropped by my condo  at night to pass me my favorite mooncakes from the famous Ming Yue Confectionary in Ipoh. I am really touched beyond words and blessed for having such a wonderful friend.  Thank you B 😘

Ming Yue Confectionary in Ipoh sells the cheapest mooncakes without any compromise on the quality and taste.  The assorted nuts mooncake at only RM10 a piece (only RM10!!) is loaded with fresh and crunchy nuts and seeds and not coyly sweet. Every bite is loaded with fresh crunchy nuts!  Perfect for those on keto diet.  If you’re thinking of trying their mooncakes, be prepared to spend at least half an hour to an hour queuing up.

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RMCO Day 76 – 79 (24 – 27 August 2020) ~ Random Updates

I love the colors of sunrise – the cheery scattering colors of apricot, pink, blue, grey and white splashed across the crack of dawn.  I know I’ve posted many similar pictures of sunrise in my blogs and I am still going to post more as I can never get enough of it.   If I could capture the most beautiful sunrise, only then, will I stop capturing them. Every sunrise gives me a brand new hope of a new beginning and a new ending to bad events and memories.

Sunrise on Wednesday, 26 August 2020 @ 6:55 a.m.

Sunrise on Thursday, 27 August 2020 @ 6:45 a.m.

If you look hard enough, you will see that KL Tower is illuminated in the colours of the Jalur Gemilang (Malaysia flag) in commemoration of our country’s upcoming Independence Day.

Cass is down with a mild UTI attack since Sunday and I’m self-treating her at home. I’m praying very hard that the pesky bacteria will not get a chance to travel up to her kidneys.  Thus, Cass has to follow my strict anti-UTI regimen. If she gets high fever with pain on her kidneys, then she has to be hospitalized.

A very meaty lunch on Monday with hubs.  Totally not my kind of lunch with an overload of protein, though I’m on a low-carb diet. My perfect kind of meal would be 70% vegetables, 10% carbs and 20% meat. As I get older, I find that my body cannot stomach too much meat or food for that matter. I find that I can still stay healthy with the bare minimum of food and lots of clear fluids.

Our edible garden on a squeezy balcony:

If you’re an avid edible garden planter, you’ll see that we have spring onions, sand ginger, Thai purple basil, stink grass (good for body detox and actually smells great), Malabar purple spinach and Chinese celery.  The spring onions are planted from purple onions, Malabar purple spinach from stems and Chinese celery from the root end  of the bunch after we ate the top part. So do not discard your vegetable stems and kitchen scraps.  They can be regrown into beautiful organic vegetables.  Everyday kitchen scraps from vegetables can be turned into new ones very quickly that even apartment-dwellers can do, and it’s a good way to teach kids about where food comes from.  We use organic soil and use kitchen scraps (egg shells, fruit peels, unwanted fruits, etc) as organic fertilizer.

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