HFM’s Angels

This picture is just a run-of-the-mill picture. There is nothing different or special about it.  I did not intend to upload this picture into my blog initially. But when I goggled at it for a little while more, I suddenly remembered that this was what I wanted so badly and had fantasized about 10 years ago.  I told Him during our dark period that I could give up anything if He could grant me just one child. I was not greedy. All I wanted was only one child of my own. You know, when you keep getting negative scans, miscarriage and everything that was unfavorable, you will lose hope and faith above all. The Lord has been kind to me. He gave me not just one but three beautiful angels, albeit I can’t deny the fact that they are a real handful who can torture me mentally and physically everyday. But I have no complaints. I had wanted them so badly so no matter how challenging they are to me, they are gifts and bonuses to me from Him.

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Daddy’s Angels

Who says girls are less superior compared to boys? Girls will manja their daddy and help their daddy in dire straits like when he sprains his back…

When hubs hurt his back last weekend during a basketball game, he had to use the OTO Hans Bodycare equipment to ease the pain. When he brought the equipment out, his 3 angels rushed to him, offering him help to stick the wires onto his back.

Daddy using a back-scratcher to direct Angel #1 where to stick the wires haha!  Later, Angel #1 took out her hand-held fan and fanned her daddy while he laid comfortably on the couch 😀  After the treatment, daddy whipped up a lovely dinner for his 3 angels 4 angels.

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Daddy’s Princess Always

We were about to leave the house for Mid Valley Megamall. My princess wannabe insisted that she had to wear her Princess clogs to match her dress. She even dressed herself to the nines by wearing her favorite necklace that Joshua’s Mummy (the girls’ former Sunday School teacher) bought. She dressed herself up like she were going for a ball LOL! We warned her that she will surely complain of pain when blisters sprout out from her toes but this hard-headed girl turned a deaf ear. Sure enough, when we were all walking from Mid Valley Megamall to the Gardens, she complained that her feet hurt. I told her ‘serves you right for not listening to mummy’ but she always has a white knight to run to for saviour. Her white knight gave her a piggy ride all the way to TGIF where we had lunch, despite him having a bad back.

We were at Bata to get Alycia a pair of jogging shoes and my princess wannabe took the opportunity to try on all the ‘klick klock’ sandals. I told her that she has over 10 pairs of unworn shoes at home and that she cannot buy a pair of new shoes…. but as usual, she persuaded her white knight to get the the klick klock sandas for her. Her prince on white knight agreed without even looking at the price, citing reason that her feet hurt!!! I could only fold my arms and shake my head and roll my eyes that this prince on white knight is spoiling the princess rotten…. again!

Baby was also choosing her favorite shoes and shortlisted a few pairs but we had to say no to her as she has too many hand-me-downs at home.

And Alycia cannot stand her sister for being so vain…. she will never ever wear that pair of klick klock sandals, this pretty girl of mine who has quite a conservative taste in fashion and dislikes everything girlish and pink , sigh…..

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Spoilt Rotten By Daddy

My kids are spoilt rotten by daddy. He is a yes-man to his 3 angels while I am always the baddie at home. Rascal #2 cries, fusses, dilly dallies and throws temper tantrums every single morning. Each time she dilly dallies, kakak and I will threaten her that she will not get her hair tied by either one of us. Sometimes she listens to us and sometimes she could not give a damn coz she will always run to daddy, who is always her savior. I will always end up chiding off the hubs for spoiling his girls rotten.

One morning 2 weeks ago, rascal #2 did not get her hair tied up as she misbehaved. She dilly dallied and took almost an hour to gulp down her milk. When she was about to leave the house for school, with her hair untied and uncombed, she whined and complained to daddy that no one tied her hair. Guess what, daddy tied rascal’s hair, though his coiffuring skill sucks big time. I was both burning mad yet wanted to burst out in a guffaw when I saw him struggling with rascal’s bunch of hair LOL!!!

Though steaming mad, I just had to snap this pic. My girls will grow up to love daddy more than me, I just know it.

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Guess What They Are Doing?

When daddy came to pick us up from Ipoh last week, he brought along the gals’ belated X’mas pressies. Here, daddy is having fun with the gals with their new toy and guess what they’re doing? Any idea?

My 3 gals were fighting to get hold of the gadget so that they could have the first view of a ‘creature’ inside the gadget.  Baby the cili padi got to view it first.  Whenever she screams “peeeeeeeash, I wan, I wan”, she gets it her way….


This is a toy magnifying glass and there’s a real worm inside. Daddy brought the gals to the garden to catch a worm to put it inside the gadget for the gals to have a magnified view of it.  Cool toy indeed!

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Daddy’s Promise

Eversince we moved into our new condo about 3 months ago, daddy has brought Alycia and Sherilyn down to the pool for swimming only once. Both daddy and I have been really busy and the gals always complain why they can hardly ever go swimming.  On Tuesday, daddy promised his 2 angels that on Wednesday, he will bring them swimming. For the entire afternoon yesterday, Alycia kept calling daddy on the phone, reminding and bugging him to come home early. She even cried when the sky turned dark as she thought daddy would not bring her swimming if night sets in.

Daddy finally came home at around 6ish pm. The gals were screaming away in excitement when they saw daddy getting into the house. Daddy helped them changed into their swimming suits BUT…… when they were about to go down to the pool, O_o, it started to pour! The gals were really disappointed and Alycia cried again. But daddy kept his promise. He quickly put on 2 bath overalls on the gals, brought a brolly and 3 thick towels along with him and brought the gals down to the pool.  I asked him if he was crazy as it was raining but he told me a white lie.  He said that he’s only bringing the gals down for a stroll by the swimming pool to placate them.  I believed him, yah I did!  Minutes later, when I walked into the wet kitchen to cook, I was shocked to see daddy and my 2 gals in the baby pool when I looked down … with daddy holding on to an opened brolly!  Good grief, daddy must be out of his mind!  I think no one in their right frame of mind would bring their kids to swim in the rain, holding on to a huge brolly! Anyway, 15 minutes later, they came home. I was enraged and was nagging away. I told him that both Alycia and Sherilyn had just recovered from a flu and Sherilyn was starting to show signs of getting another flu yesterday. He must be crazy to bring them swimming in the rain. The gals will surely fall ill! True enough, today Sherilyn is sneezing and coughing away. Haiz… see how true my prediction is. He better take care of Sherilyn if she runs a fever. I’ll definitely be unable to cope handling 2 sick babies and lose sleep. I’ll be the one to lose my mind then!

Daddy’s angels raring to go swimming… in the rain!

Alycia and Sherilyn, if you read this in future, you will know how much daddy loves you… and he even went all out to the point of losing his mind and do crazy things just to keep his promise for you 2!

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I Will Tell Daddy….

My hubby has a tendency to spoil the girls rotten. His daughters’ wishes are always his command and he hardly ever says ‘no’ to them. He is a yes-man when it comes to his 3 princesses.   Oh, how I wish he too is a yes-man to me…. but dream on! Anyway, Alycia and Sher have now taken advantage of their daddy’s leniency and yes-man attitude towards them that they will ask him for everything under the sky whenever I am not around!  They are like rats when the cat is away! I am always the bad guy when it comes to disciplining the girls and the one tightening the pockets.  Daddy hardly scolds them. In fact, I will be the one being chastised when his princesses are being reprimanded by me.   Fair or not you say? Angry or not you say?

And I just hate it when Alycia and Sherilyn tell me this whenever I discipline or forbid them in doing something…. “Hmmmph, I’ll tell daddy you don’t want to give me (this and that)” or “Hmmmph, I’ll tell daddy not to bring you out” or “Nevermind, I’ll tell daddy to give me” or “Hmmmph, I’ll tell daddy to scold you” …. in a tone that’s meant to threaten me!  This happens all the time whenever they (especially Sherilyn) are being reprimanded by me. With 2 toddlers constantly challenging me physically and mentally and a baby who is practically breaking my back everyday, I don’t even need the best diet pills to help me loose weight.

Who’s the bad guy when it comes to disciplining your kids at home? Is it you or your hubby?   Do your kids ever say “I’ll tell daddy….. (this and that)” to you, in a tone that’s meant to threaten you?

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Another Electronic Toothbrush For Alycia And Sherilyn

After lunch 2 Sundays ago, daddy brought Aly and Sher to Guardian Pharmacy after dropping me and Baby C back home as Baby C was fussing and wanted her nap. I had asked him to get the gals Pureen Colostrum tabs and probiotics for Baby C.  Daddy also took the opportunity to buy Aly and Sher each an Oral B electronic toothbrush, something which he had longed wanted to buy them but I had been stopping him coz it’s freaking expensive at RM99.90 each! Last year he got Aly and Sher each a Colgate electronic toothbrush which cost around RM30 but  they were spoilt after just a couple of months coz  they and also the maid didn’t know how to take care of the toothbrush.  One time, my former maid immersed the electronic toothbrush into a cup of water!   Daddy said the Oral B electronic toothbrush is good as the toothbrush head is replaceable…. and so Oral B electronic toothbrush it was that he bought the gals.  When he came back, my mil and I were nagging him coz those 2 gadgets were freaking expensive and I personally feel that kids don’t need to use such expensive toothbrush.  At RM99.90 each, the same amount of money can be used to buy more than 20 regular toothbrushes… which could last them for years!  Next time I better follow daddy whenever he brings Aly and Sher shopping!

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Daddy And Baby C

Check out daddy with Cassandra here. Though daddy is seldom at home, when he’s home, thank God Baby C still recognizes him and loves being with him.

Baby C has been really clingy the past several days.  She only wants to be carried whenever she’s awake and does not want to be left alone on her crib or on the mattress on the floor.   She also hates to be placed on her back.  The problem is she’s awake most of the time during the day and could hardly nap for long!  I hardly have the time to blog now and have to type with only 1 finger most of the time… coz I’ll be carrying her with another hand.  The good thing is that by carrying this 6kg+ living dumb bell, I am also toning my hands, which helps keep those flabby aunty’s underarms at bay, LOL!

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Baby C Loves Daddy

It’s funny how babies can identify their daddies…. maybe through the smell or the familiar voice that they have been hearing for 9 months while in mummy’s tummy.  Though hubby is seldom at home as he works late, Baby C somehow knows that the only man who carries her at home is daddy. The moment she sees daddy, she would give him the sweetest smile, the smile that seems to tell daddy that she knows he is her daddy.

Whenever daddy comes home late at night, he would kacau her – by kissing her, talk to her and stroke her head…till she wakes up! And then he will put her back to sleep by cradling her, as if deliberately waking her up, just so he can talk to her and cradle her.

Daddy talking and playing with Baby C last night and she was so happy, she was squealing and cooing away.

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Our Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings are always a rush for me. No matter how early I wake up, we still end up arriving at the church late…. shame on me!  Something always crops up on Sunday mornings…. either Alycia or Sherilyn will puke during breakfast, either one of the gals will have a temper tantrum and refuse to cooperate with me or daddy will wake up late!  Must be the work of the devil!! 

However, on some Sunday mornings, daddy will wake up early and help me with the gals.  After I had showered Alycia and Sherilyn, he will dress them up and blow dry their hair…. saloon style and the gals just love it…. as seen in the pix here.

If only daddy would help me with the gals more often, life would be more peaceful for me. It’s really no joke having to manage 2 hyperactive toddlers and a 2-month old baby all by yourself.  It’s back-breaking, heart-breaking (when the 2 older gals refuse to listen to what I say), blood boiling and now I even have dizzy spells when Sherilyn (my super tough nut) rebels against me!

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Our Very Own Charlie’s Angels

My hubby and his very own Charlie’s Angels…. and he really does adore his 3 precious angels, most times to the extent of spoiling them rotten.  That’s because he is seldom at home to spend time with them and whenever he has a respite from work, he will spoil them rotten with food (including junkies), toys, stickers, books, etc. and bring them out to Mega Kidz or other outings.

Now that I am co-sleeping with Baby C at night for ease of breastfeeding, hubby who is paranoid of sleeping with us in the king-size bed for fear of squashing Baby C in his deep sleep has moved to the gals’ room, which is adjoining to the master bedroom.  Sleeping in with the gals have even made them more attached to him.  So whenever daddy is around, the gals will stick to him like glue, which gives me a short breather.

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Lovely Headbands

When we were at Pavillion on Wednesday, daddy brought the gals shopping for clothes and stuff. When the gals saw this store that sells pretty headbands and accessories, they tried on almost all the headbands on display there.

My little vainpot Sherilyn kept putting on the headbands and running into the fitting room to look at herself on the mirror, and pose a little. After trying on almost all the hair accessories in the store, they finally chosed a headband each – Alycia chosed a white headband with pretty flowers on it and Sherilyn chosed this headband with 2 furry butterflies on spring.

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It’s Not The Toothbrush, She Wants Attention!

One morning last week, as usual Alycia refused to brush her teeth before going to school. Daddy didn’t like the idea of Alycia going to school with a stinky mouth and insisted that she brushed her teeth. So he brushed Alycia’s teeth and Alycia was grinning from cheek to cheek and didn’t puke. It was indeed a rare occasion that daddy brushed her teeth and she was obviously very happy. Now I know that maybe it wasn’t the toothbrush after all that made her puke every morning. Maybe all she wanted was just some attention!

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Sherilyn’s Too Spoilt

We were at Bangsar Village for lunch 2 Thursdays ago. After lunch, daddy brought the gals to New Zealand Ice Cream and bought them each an ice cream on a cone. Alycia chosed vanilla and Sherilyn chosed raspberry. Thereafter we went to shop for groceries at the supermarket and the gals were still licking their ice creams. When we were at the check out counter, Sherilyn dropped her ice cream cone on the floor. Goodness, her reflex action was at the speed of lightning. The moment the cone and ice cream landed on the floor, she burst out waaaaailing out loud as she covered her cheek with her right palm – exactly like a drama queen crying, complete with pathetic actions. She was truly very upset that her favorite ice cream was no longer in her hand. For once, I felt so sorry for her and I just knew that the only way to subdue her is to get her another ice cream. After I had cleaned up the mess on the floor, daddy brought her upstairs to get her another ice cream on the cone – a strawberry flavored ice cream this time. I told daddy that he has really spoilt the girls rotten. If it was a McD ice cream, I wouldn’t have felt the pinch but a scoop of that ice cream cost more than RM5 …. and Daddy and the girls had a total of 4 scoops in a day!

Sherilyn all smiles again with a brand new ice cream on a cone.

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Yuuuuum Sssseng

This picture was taken yesterday evening. Sherilyn had high fever and I had to put on a Cool Fever patch on her forehead. She hates this cold patch and cried when I stuck it to her forehead but after some coaxing from daddy and me, she accepted the patch and refused to take it off. She also refused to drink water so daddy had to coax her again. Tried all sorts of methods and in the end, the ‘cheers’ and ‘yuuuuum ssssseng’ did the trick – she happily finished her mug of water.

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