Daddy Dearest

DH normally works late and is only home after the gals are fast asleep, so when he does come home early, the gals will get all excited and scream “daddy is back, daddy is back….” the moment they hear his car engine running outside the house. They will then act up over every single thing just to get their daddy’s attention and love. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a cheer or a jeer for me that DH is home to be with the gals coz I just can’t get the gals to do anything when their daddy is around. All they want is to play with daddy and do all the ‘mummy forbids’ with daddy coz they know they can bully daddy and get away with daddy however they fancy and daddy just won’t get mad.

Last nite, just as the gals were about to have their night milk fixes, daddy came home. Both Alycia & Sherilyn rushed to daddy and demanded to lie on his lap like a baby to drink their milk and they took almost half an hour of their sweet time ‘manjaing’ with daddy before finishing off their milk.

Don’t you think I look like a proud mother pig feeding its litter of piglets?

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