Deep Freezing Spaghetti

A few days before the helper was to leave us for good, I got her to cook a big pot of beef bolognaise sauce and to blanch extra spaghetti noodles so that I could deep freeze them into smaller portions for future lunches when she’s gone. There are still 2 containers of spaghetti sauce in the freezer and I’m going to heat it up for lunch next week 🙂

My beef bolognaise sauce and spaghetti noodles stored in glass Lock & Lock containers for deep freezing.The smaller container on the right is reserved for Sherilyn’s dinner before her ballet class next week as she has to eat earlier than us.

Deep freezing meals is a must for busy working mothers who have no time to cook fresh meals everyday. Just spend one or two days in a week to cook bulk meals and your kids will have homecooked food to eat everyday.

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