Defense Spray For Ladies – Pepper Spray

For almost 2 months, I dared not go jogging far from where I stay as I had left my pepper spray in Ipoh when I went back during the August school term break.  I had asked the hubs to get me a new one but he could not remember where he got me the previous one which was bought about 4-5 years ago.

After our dim sum lunch at Oriental Pavilion at Jaya 33 recently, I hopped over to Ace Hardware shop which was located just opposite Oriental Pavilion.   Just as we had stepped in, Alycia called out to me excitedly and told me that she saw pepper sprays!  I was so excited when I saw such a wide range of pepper sprays on display.  I of course got attracted to a pink color one, which is my favorite color, priced at RM23.50 each.

A pepper spray gives me a peace of mind and security.  When I was without a pepper spray, I carried a whistle in my pocket whenever I went jogging in the morning.  Never underestimate these tiny but mighty defense gadget.  Stay cool and aim directly on the mugger’s eyes. It can blind him momentarily.  And as for the whistle, the sound of it will just scare the mugger and attract the attention of passers-by.

Do you carry any defense gadget in your handbag or pocket? Please do ladies. It may safe your life!

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