Delicious Hot Chocolate Drink Made From Chunks Of Chocolate

Chocolate fans will surely go gaga over this hot chocolate drink made from chunks of chocolate – black, brown and white chocolate.  I loved the drink so much that I drank 2 small cups (1/2 cup filled each time) when I was at the Sudu Coffee House @ Hilton Sentral Hotel, KL. 

Here’s the chef preparing the hot chocolate drink. First he melted the chocolate chunks in a small stainless steel pot. You can pick the chocolate of your choice. I chosed a combo of black, brown and white chocolate. Then he added some water to the pot. This creamy hot chocolate drink is really addictive and really yummy… and really fei sei! But oh well, my motto is eat and enjoy first, exercise and diet later!

The drink was so syiok that I gulped it down immediately and had forgotten to snap a pic of it!

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We Love Sundays

We spent our Sunday lepaking at PJ Hilton again yesterday. In case some of you are wondering why my DH always brings us to hotels for buffet meals, well that’s because he has already pre-paid for them. He has paid RM400+ on membership fee (for each hotel) at the Hilton Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel and Sheraton group of hotels. That’s more than RM1,200+ for a 1-year subscription to 3 groups of hotels. So when the two of us dine at these hotels, we get 50% off the total bill. If there are more than 2 diners, we enjoy a 30% discount on the total bill (F&B only). On top of that, for each hotel, we are entitled to 2 nights free hotel stay. Last year, we stayed at the Hilton Sentral Hotel together with my parents and my brothers/SIL where we celebrated my mum’s 60th birthday there. Later, we stayed at the Westin Hotel (member of the Hilton Group) during X’mas. This year, we have yet to utilize the free hotel stays. Gotta start planning now for a short holiday. I love!

These pix were taken yesterday at PJ Hilton.

The gals enjoying their meals. Sherilyn just wouldn’t let go of her heart-shape violet color helium-filled balloon.

The gals having fun at the play area.

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