I Am Shedding Skin!

Something really funny is going on with my skin.  I am shedding my old skin to get new skin!  Remember I had posted earlier about my dry and peeling skin?  First, the dryness and peeling were on my hands and tummy.  After about 2 months of skin peeling, I noticed several days ago that the ‘new’ skin on my hands and tummy is soooooo smooth, soft and supple just like baby skin!  Now, the skin on my legs is starting to peel.  When Alycia saw the awful skin on my legs yesterday, she said “mummy, your skin looks like santan!”  I burst out laughing when she said that coz I guess what she meant was the peeling skin looked like grated coconut!  Yes, she’s so right, the peeling skin really looked like grated coconut sprinkled on my legs ROFL!  Nevermind, I can expect to have smooth and soft skin on my legs very soon.   Boy, what’s happening to me?  Why am I shedding skin like a snake?  Can pregnancy hormones cause wierd things to happen like this?

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Relief For Dry and Peeling Skin

This is the picture of my belly with skin peeling taken a week ago.

Picture of my skin peeling from my arm taken a week ago. 

I have finally found a relief for my dry, peeling and itchy skin.  Here’s what I am doing now :

1) Apply either Jojo oil or Cocoa oil as first layer immediately after my bath, when my skin is still damp (twice a day)
2) Then, apply either Rosken Dry skin relief or Vaseline on the skin (twice a day).
3) Just before bedtime, I will apply another layer of Rosken Dry skin relief or Vaseline.
4) I’ve stopped using a bath loofah to scrub my skin.
5) Bathe with very little body shampoo  – almost half the amount of shampoo used.
6)  Use a very gentle body shampoo with moisturizer.  I’ve recently even switched to a soap-free and PH neutral body shampoo.
7) Apply very little amount of powder on my skin as powder can also dry up the skin.

Now, my skin does not itch ANYMORE and the peeling has stopped considerably. Downside is I smell of cocoa and petrol all the time and my body is perpetually sticky, yucky! What a big turnoff to hubby eh? LOL!

Even after my clothes are washed, they still smell of petrol from the Vaseline. But who cares as long as my body doesn’t itch anymore and I can have a good night’s sleep.

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Dry Skin Relief

My gynae recommended JoJo E oil from Garden Of Eve and this tiny bottle costs RM5o. Have been applying Jojo oil on my body twice a day for the past 5 days after my shower but sadly, it does not seem to bring much relief to my extremely dry skin.  My skin still looks very dry, is peeling and looks withered.  I wonder if it’s caused by my baby absorbing all my nutrients, thus the reason for my dry and dull skin.

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Relief For Dry and Itchy Skin

Many of my readers suggested Palmer’s Cocoa Butter oil to relief dry and itchy skin.  I got a bottle from the pharmacy on Monday and have been applying copious amounts to my skin twice a day after my bath but I don’t see much results.  Though my skin is not that itchy and dry as it was before but it is still considered very dry and I how I hate the ‘pulling’ sensation, the kind you get in extremely dry skin. 

I will try another dry and itchy skin relief today, i.e. Jojo oil, bought from my gynae’s clinic and will see if it brings better relief.

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