Earning Passive Income

When I was inevitably forced to quit the job that I love to be a SAHM 10 years ago, I felt really insecure financially. I had a good-paying job with good perks and a great boss, what more could I ask for? But Alycia and Sherilyn’s babysitter wanted to retire for good and I didn’t trust any other babysitter. So I bit the bullet and threw in my resignation letter.

Three years after I left the corporate world and with tens of thousands of bucks exhausted from my bank account to pay part of Cassandra’s surgery bills (which accumulated to over RM50,000 after our 3-week stay at GMC Penang. This amount excludes all her monthly outpatient specialist consultations and drugs), I was itching to make some money to recoup my loss. I set up a blogshop to sell my pre-loved stuff. I later expanded to sell ladies clothing and kids clothing. Five and a half years on, my online store is still running and surviving. Business was good initially as there were not many blogshops around back then. A few years down the road, blogshops started to sprout out like virus in the world wide web. Every other day, I see new blogshops and online stores springing out in Facebook. Competition started to be stiff right until now. Business has now slowed down. Most of my customers now are my loyal customers who have been buying from me for years.

With the recent price hike, GST, savings for my 3 girls’ tertiary education and to feed my love for shopping, I wanted to earn more. Then an opportunity came knocking on my door by my blogger friend of 10 years. I turned her down several times as I just wasn’t interested in doing MLM business. Plus the products were so expensive! I had dabbled in MLM business several times in the past but with my reclusive and shy persona, no way I could soar in MLM business. One day, she gave me a box of hydrogenated water from this MLM company and told me that she was pretty confident that it would help Cass in her incontinence issue. I was doubtful that the products would work, yet very hopeful. On day 2 of starting on the hydrogenated water, Cass reacted positively to it and within a week, I could see significant improvement in her incontinence issue. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s true!

This month would be the 5th month that I am in this hydrogen water and lutein supplement business to help me generate passive income. The first 1-2 months, I was a tad laid-back but seeing how my friends could earn thousands of bucks every week (some of them every day!), I wanted to be like them too!  Like who doesn’t like money right? 😀

This is a summary of the business and roughly how it works…..

Step 1: Buy a package and become a member. Your initial capital is RM5330.00 which will give you 15 products of your choice (hydrogen water / lutein supplement). With this package, you will also automatically become a member of the company and can start earning points. You can consume it if you want (I would highly recommend this) but at the same time, you can also sell it to friends or family for them to try 1 or 2 bottles to get them started. Price per product should you get this package will be roughly RM355. (retail price is RM435).

Step: 2: Start consuming the products. Consuming the products consistently at the right dosage, you will notice and see the difference in your health. If you are healthy (with no health conditions to heal, you will still feel good and will see positive results).  It took only 2 days for me to see a remarkable reaction in Cass’ involuntary urine dribbling issue. For my other girls and myself, I can say that the products have strengthened our immune system and we no longer easily get throat infections. Even if we are down with a cold or fever, the recovery period is amazingly fast!

Step 3: Start sharing. It can be with family & friends. It can be through blog, through any social media or if you don’t like to share, that’s OK too. Just don’t do anything. Just update me with your progress and my upline and I will help you grow your business. You will be on your way to get that passive income. It will be small at first but it’s still free money.  Where else can you get free money? The income that you generate from this business is credited directly into your bank account, how amazing is that! The money can be earned daily, weekly or monthly. How fast and how much you want to earn is entirely up to your effort.

Basically that’s it! That’s all you need to do. There is no timeframe or target on when you should share or how many people you need to introduce this products to. You don’t even have to share if you don’t want to if you are too shy to share. Updating a photo of the product in your Instagram or Facebook is already  considered as sharing. You share about what food you eat, where you go and what you do, so why not share this?  Sharing is caring and you can save someone’s life, trust me. Most of my customers who took a few products to try eventually signed up for the package.

 Once you become a member, you will automatically start your own map. You will be the top of your map, which makes you the leader or the boss of your “organisation” or your business. The map looks like this.



You will have a right and left leg. If you are interested to grow and gain an income from consuming this product, you will want to grow your right leg and left leg as much as possible. If you are just a happy consumer, meaning you DONT WANT to share your knowledge, DONT want to tell people you are consuming this products, or DONT WANT to do anything, like it or not, your map will still grow by itself.





Because everyone in the system only has 2 legs. Left leg and right leg. Each time someone above you (your upline) introduces someone to this business or purchase a package, that person needs to place that new customer somewhere on their left or right leg.

For example, if today you sign up a package and become a member, you will NOT be directly under me because I already have people directly under my right and left leg. I will place you somewhere under the people under me. Get it?

Your “tree” or your “organisation” will keep growing as long as people above you keeps adding and signing people up. Even if I don’t sign up more people, my leader will still put people she signs up under me. This is because she needs to balance her chart too. In a way, it is a win-win situation.

This business is also about teamwork and I am SO glad and thankful that I have very good leaders who guide me very well. Just tell them your goals and they will help you achieve them.

My leader will help me close the deals if I have problems doing so because she still gets points from my deals. That way, she will always push me to do better because by doing so, she herself is doing better too. And in my case, I will want my leader to do well herself, because if she does well, she will keep adding people under me. It just works both ways. Teamwork is important because in this business, you will want your team to do well because when your team does well, you do well too. Even if someone is not from your team, you will still want them to do well. Here is why:

The bonus structures in the business will also depend a lot of team performances. For example, one of the bonus structure is called the Excellent Bonus. The reward from this is you will get 1% of points derived from total global product sales for the target period divided by the number of qualifiers.

Do you know that this product is sold around the world AND it has been Japan’s No.1 product from 2010-2013. Imagine the product sales for this period? Surely a lot right? 1% of GLOBAL product sales is quite a lot already!



The faster you join, the better because that means you will be higher in the chart. So don’t wait. Just sign up quickly and join us. You won’t regret it. Trust me!  And this company is not a fly by night company or scam. This company, registered in 2008 has strict rules and regulations.  The company has offices worldwide, including USA, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, among other countries.

If earning passive income is something that you wish to do now, I can be reached at shireenyong@gmail.com for more information.

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