Preventing Eczema Naturally

Our 3 girls had eczema on their faces during the first 6 months of their lives.  Alycia’s eczema flare-ups were the worst of the 3 girls. Being a first time new mom, I trusted our pediatricians fully.  They prescribed her with hydrocortisone cream and sure enough, the eczema would be tamed quickly as it contains steroid. But the moment I stopped applying the cream, the eczema would flare up again. It hurt me just as much as it hurt my babies to see their faces (especially on the chin and around the mouth) covered with patches of raw and red itchy skin.

Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis is a very common skin disorder in young children and even in adults.  Atopic dermatitis is a chronic skin condition that commonly starts during infancy and continues through into childhood. Some people outgrow the condition while some people will continue to have it into adulthood.  Thankfully our girls outgrew eczema pretty quickly.

If your child or know of any child suffering from eczema, you may wish to introduce hydrogen infused water into his/her diet. The product is 100% safe even for babies and children.

Also do note that for eczema, if you have been on steroidal creams, it takes a longer time to heal as there is increased amounts of toxins within the body.  I have been told that if you truly do heal your gut, you CAN heal from eczema or at the very least keep it very controlled. Get rid of toxins from your body and your guts will heal.

Whilst hydrogen water can nourish and heal the body, if you keep abusing your body with junk, then of course you have to keep consuming more nutrients to fight off more free radicals, isn’t it? Common sense, right?  So eat clean, stave off stress (try ok!), get sufficient sleep and stop putting crap into your body. If you have been battling eczema all your life, maybe it’s time you re-look at your diet and lifestyle. Do a spring cleaning and revamp your diet and lifestyle and I am sure your eczema flare-ups will be gone or at the very least be reduced.

Here’s a little boy who had chronic eczema on his face. After consuming 1 packet of hydrogen infused water for 6 months and eliminating trigger foods from his diet, he now has tofu smooth baby skin. I am so happy for him and his mummy!

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With permission from Patsy.

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Aqueous Cream For Eczema

Baby C’s face is now cleared of eczema. Although it is not 100% flawless yet, it is nevertheless improving and her complexion is glowing now. I did not really alter my diet (Baby C is still breastfed exclusively)  and have been drinking milk 2-3 times a day, I still eat an egg a day, I still eat peanut butter and nuts almost everyday, beef and occasionally eat prawns. What I find helpful to keep the eczema at bay is to keep her face clean and moisturized. Heat is also the number one culprit, so keeping her cool all the time is important too.  

Baby C sleeps downstairs during the day, where there is no air cond.  Whenever she is sweaty, I will wipe her face and body.  I wipe her face at least 4-5 times a day with filtered water. Whilst her face is still slightly damp, I apply Aqueous cream (or Aqua cream) generously all over her face, paying attention to the eczema prone areas. 

This tub of Aqueous cream only costs RM15 (made in Malaysia!). I apply it generously all over my body too everyday!


Baby C’s face is now glowing, is not blotchy and does not feel rough anymore.

Baby C is half awake here.  She has double eyelids on both her eyes. However, the wierd thing is that when her eyes are fully opened, the double eyelids will vanish!  I hope the double eyelids will be a permanent feature soon, whether she’s half awake or fully awake! (like Vien’s Cassie whose double eyelids only appeared at 3 months old). 

I really can’t tahan how cute she looks when she sleeps and kept snapping her pix away yesterday!

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Purple Flower Plant

Since I’d received requests from many mommies to have the picture of the purple flower plant taken, I went to the playground near my house early this morning to have the pic of the purple flower plant snapped.

Sorry, I don’t know the scientific English name of this plant and I’m not sure if this plant grows in any other country besides tropical countries. You can do a google search to find out more about this plant.

I was advised that the leaves of the plant can also be boiled and I normally put in 2 blades of leaves to boil together with barley for Alycia and Sherilyn to drink. Another benefit of drinking water boiled from the flowers and leaves of this plant is that it alleviates constipation. It works for me and my 2 gals in relieving constipation. In fact you will have a real smooth ‘business’ after consuming this drink and it doesn’t cause any tummy discomfort.

*Disclaimer – this is not intended to be a medical advice*

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Eczema Again

Alycia’s eczema has been dormant for months but for the last 1 week, it flared up again. This is the worst eczema outbreak. Her face is covered with rough rashes and the skin under her eyes looks red and rough. The redness under her eyes made her look so sick. There are also patches of red rashes on her palm, under her nostrils, above her lips, on her neck and patches of what look like bruises as a result of excessive scratching on her arms, buttocks and behind her thighs. She has not been eating anything new so I can’t pinpoint what is causing the eczema. It could be due to the hot weather lately coz she tends to have rashes whenever it’s hot and when she sweats profusely.

Anyway, I have been boiling a concoction of purple flower water with brown sugar for her and it seems to help in reducing the rashes. I shall blog about the healing properties of this purple flower soon.

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