Jig Saw Puzzle Buff

Knowing that she’s a jig saw puzzle aficionado, Baby received jig saw puzzles as birthday pressie for her 3rd birthday recently.

The jig saw puzzles were all educational ones, which came in all sizes and fashion:

Huge alphabet jig saw to help her learn her ABCs …

Spelling jig saw, which is more suitable for pre-schoolers. This has to be kept for another year or 2 before she can play with it…

Animals and baby animals jig saw. This is interesting…

This is Baby’s favorite as the pieces are big and suitable for her age…

And she is one very ambitious little girl.  She can solve up to 5-6 jig saw puzzles (and fix her favorite ones twice or thrice) in an afternoon and forgo her afternoon nap.

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Super Cool Magnetic Toys

This morning has been really hectic for me. I didn’t have the time to eat a proper breakfast as I was pacing up and down. I spent almost an hour collecting Baby C’s pee, then had to supervise the contractors who were at my condo to fix the toilet floor and then later had to go down to the lobby of our condo to wait for Alycia and Sherilyn. Hubby was busy today, so we had to trouble a relative to pick the girls up from school. I really have to get a good gift for this relative’s daughter who will turn 6 years old next month. We have been troubling her for transport each time hubby is unable to pick up the girls from school or send Alycia to the ballet school.

I would like to get my relative’s daughter a birthday gift that’s both educational and can stimulate her imagination, such as the Icoaster from MagNext. The MagNext range of toys can be purchased at MegaBrands.com. Icoaster is a multiple-award winning toy made of magnet in usa. The Icoaster is an impressive, buildable, state-of-the-art 64-piece magnetic roller coaster that combines sight, sound and speed with extreme magnetism and ultra-cool physics. An MP3 can also be plugged into the Icoaster for music. It is an ideal toy for kids age 6 years and up. I am pretty sure this little girl who is quite a talented child will love this magnetic toy.    If you have a child who is 6 years old or older, you really have to check out the Icoaster range of toys at MegaBrands.com.

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Alycia Loves Coloring

Pre-school has somewhat disciplined Alycia. She used to laze around in the house, playing or demanding to watch TV all the time but ever since she resumed pre-school 3 weeks ago, her interest in writing and drawing has surfaced again. Last Saturday morning, after Alycia got up from bed, had her milk and washed up, she took out her Doodle Pro and began drawing with a stencil without being told to. After carefully tracing the stencil, she began coloring the pictures on the Doodle. She was so wrapped up with her coloring that she didn’t even bother to eat her breakfast. So I fed her breakfast as she did her coloring and she had spent close to an hour carefully coloring on the Doodle. Her coloring skill has improved tremendously and she can now color within the lines of the pictures.

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Educational Toys and Books

These are the ELC educational toys and goodies that koo mah bought Alycia and Sherilyn from Hong Kong recently. I have not let the gals play with them yet as they still have a few batches of new toys to play with and new books to read. I now have a closet full of the gals’ new toys, books and stickers given to them by their aunties and grandparents and I will only release them in small spurts or when I’ve run out of ideas to prevent a meltdown.

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Activities To Keep Toddlers Occupied

When I need to get some work done on the computer, I’ll assign some activities for Alycia and Sherilyn. What they love most now are puzzles, colouring, scribbling and playing with stickers.

I have to separate Alycia and Sherilyn so that Sherilyn will not mess up her sister’s work. When she does, a war will break out.

I let them stick stickers in a note book and they have so much fun with it. I had just created this new activity as I do not want them to stick those stickers everywhere in the house.

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Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzle

This is the magnetic Thomas and Friends jigsaw puzzle that I bought Alycia from Safe n Sound, 1U. It looks easy to fix but if all the puzzles are dismantled and jumbled up, you will have a real hard time putting the puzzles together again. Yesterday, after the gals had jumbled up all the puzzles, I had to get my maid’s help to put the puzzles together before keeping them as I was busy with some assignments. Alycia still needs some guidance from me to fix this puzzle as the puzzle pieces are quite small and difficult to assemble. I’ve also learnt a lesson. I can only give her 1 set of the puzzle (1 set consists of 4 Thomas characters) at a time and not all the 3 sets at once, so that she won’t jumble up all the sets.

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Jigsaw Puzzle

Alycia and Sherilyn love jigsaw puzzles. Alycia is quite good with them and can easily fix a 30-piece jigsaw puzzle in under 10 minutes. I had always thought that Alycia lacks attention span but when it comes to jigsaw puzzles, she can spend close to 1 hour quietly and intently fixing the puzzle. So whenever I need to get some work done, I’ll just let her play with her puzzles and get her to teach Sherilyn the tricks to fixing a jigsaw puzzle. I intend to get her some new jigsaw puzzles with more pieces, probably a 100-piece one so that she will spend longer time fixing them and I get longer time to do my work!

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Educational Toy

Sherilyn is good with this toy. During breakfast yesterday, she fixed the shapes puzzle in under 5 minutes without referring to the map. It looks easy to fix but can be quite tricky. Now, I’ve got a new toy to keep Sherilyn occupied whilst I work on my computer as she can spend close to an hour fixing the puzzle over and over again without any signs of getting bored with it.

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Toys That Sharpen The Mind

SIL#3 bought this educational toy from New Zealand for the gals months back but it’s only recently that I have brought out this toy for them to play. I have a cupboard full of new toys, books, colour pencils and stickers that my sils had bought the gals and I release them bit by bit.

For this toy, someone must sit with the child to guide her with it. It’s both educational and fun. Alycia can sit with me for almost an hour to play with this toy but Sherilyn will be messing up the blocks. Anyway, Sherilyn has learnt some of the shapes through playing with this toy. Now, both Alycia and Sherilyn know the basic shapes like circle, square, heart, oval, star, diamond, semi-circle, crescent, pentagon and rectangle. They can pronounce octagon and hexagon but can’t tell which is which.

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