Chinese New Year 2020

It’s a ritual of the Yaps to go vegetarian on the first day of the Lunar New Year. And there will always be a Lion Dance ceremony in the earning morning on the first day of CNY at the Yaps’ family house.

Our girls are not fans of ‘jai’ but whether they like it or not, everyone has to eat this dish on the first day of CNY  😏  and we can feast on meat for dinner with my parents. 😬  For me, I’m more of a herbivore and have absolutely no issue eating ‘jai’ the entire day.

Lunch on Chor Yat at the Yaps’.

Dinner on Chor Yat at Kok Thai Restaurant with my family.

At almost 50, I still get ang pow from my parents ❤️

Ang pow from my darling.

On the 2nd day of CNY, we went to the Yaps’ ancestral house again for ‘hoi nien’ lunch. All the dishes were cooked by the great cooks of the Yap family, except for the waxed meat.

After lunch, we rushed back to my parents’ for another gathering, this time with the Yongs (my papa’s 8 siblings).

We stopped by the road side to get fresh coconut water as the weather in Ipoh was burning hot, so hot that we could literally feel our skin grilled.  Hubs waited under the hot sun for 15 minutes for the vendor to pack the coconut water as there was a long queue. Things that my darling would do for me 💓

Dinner on Chor 2 was at YMCA.  The dishes here tasted way better than Kok Thai. Though the restaurant at  YMCA is small and less fancy, the quality of each dish was top notch. This restaurant serves halal Chinese dishes.

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Mid Autumn Festival (Monday, 24 Sept 2018)

As in previous years, it is a school-declared holiday for Cass today as she’s from a Chinese school.  It’s a normal school day for Drama Queen and Alycia.

The mil whipped up a few simple dishes for dinner.  We had sauteed petai (stinky beans) with shrimps, Three Cups Chicken (a Taiwanese dish), Huai San and carrot soup, sauteed celery with fish slices and braised jicama / yam bean / turnip with cuttlefish.  Sorry no picture to share as I had totally forgotten about it!  Was too busy rushing off a few assignments for the advertisers and then rushed off to fetch Drama Queen back from school.  And my Drama Queen, in her dramatic fashion as usual, made my time stand still for 10 minutes when I picked her up from school today.  Shall write about it in my other blog.  All the dishes tonight were right up my alley, including the stinky beans but I loathe the aftermath, thus I abstained from it with steely willpower   💪

Unlike previous years where  it rained on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, this year’s Mid Autumn festival fell on a perfectly dry day, surprisingly, as the past few days had been wet and chilly.  The night was exceptionally clear with hardly any cloud and very, very breezy.  Cass had a hard time keeping the fire on the candle of her lantern alive.

This year’s mid autumn moon is also exceptionally HUGE, shiny and majestic.

Drama Queen lit up candles to post on her Instagram page.

This year, over 10 kids from our condo gathered at the pool area to play lantern.  Cass and Sarah are the oldest of the lot. The kids together with their parents and grandparents walked the jogging trek / jungle path at our condo with brightly lit lanterns in tow, some emitting deafening music.

Cass waited eagerly for exactly one year to play lantern with Sarah again, a girl her age who lives on the penthouse of our block. They met on Mid Autumn festival last year. Sarah is an only child, thus craves for friends to play with.  Each time they meet, they would remind each other of their Mid Autumn festival lantern play date. It’s really heartwarming to see these 2 little girls talk, play and walk rounds after rounds at the condo like the best of friends. I hope that Cass and Sarah will keep this tradition alive for many more years to come and grow up still being good friends from the same condo.

I wonder whether Cass still wants to play with a lantern next year.  Most kids outgrow the lantern by eleven or twelve. Some has an everlasting love for lanterns.  I asked Cass if she still wants to do the same thing next Mid Autumn and she gave me a shrug and said “maybe”.  I’ll see…

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Eve Of Hari Raya And First Day Of Hari Raya 2017

On the eve of Hari Raya, we had lemang sold by an Indon lady by the roadside.

Lemang is a traditional food made of glutinous rice, coconut milk and salt, cooked in a hollowed bamboo stick lined with banana leaves in order to prevent the rice from sticking to the bamboo. It is commonly found in maritime Southeast Asian countries, especially Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.  Some lemang recipes add corn and some use a mix of white and black glutinous rice. Lemang is usually eaten with chicken curry or beef rendang and sometimes with grilled fish, durian or tapai. Lemang can be found throughout Malaysia especially during the popular Muslim festival of Hari Raya Adilfitri. You can easily notice lemang stalls along the road during during Hari Raya.

I can’t remember when the last time was that we ate lemang.  I had a sudden crave to indulge in lemang when I passed by the stall and saw the familiar Indon makcik tending to her lemang at the fireplace. I made a U-turn and stopped at the stall to get some after the girls concurred with my whimp.  At RM13 for the short bamboo and RM15 for the long one, the lemang that I bought was scrumptious.  The glutinous rice was santany, creamy, slightly salty and the texture of the glutinous was soft and chewy. The rice has a hint of smoky taste coz at the time when we bought the lemang, the lemang-filled bamboos were still being cooked at the fireplace.  Such affordable street food could taste like a thousand dollars. For someone who doesn’t like rice, I kept popping the addictive lemang into my mouth, while being corroded with guilt!

This is how the lemang looks like inside the bamboo, which the seller chopped into half and got it wrapped in newspapers for us to bring back.

I also bought 2 portions of Indonesian style chicken rendang at RM5 a portion to go with the lemang. Alycia who doesn’t like spicy food ate the lemang with my papa’s homemade pandan kaya.

On the first day of Hari Raya, we left the house at 10 a.m. and only got home after 9 p.m.  We were out gallivanting the entire day  with our usual group of buddies and their kids.

We first had dim sum at Jaya Palace, PJ and then adjourned to Sunway Pyramid for a day of shopping, beer and sausages.

I spent hours shopping at H&M with the 2 older girls and here, you see two very happy campers.

Dinner was at a ‘tai chow’ restaurant at PJ State.

Best friends forever – our 3 girls and this group of 5 other kids have been friends with each other since birth. Same age group with similar background. They’ve traveled near and far together umpteen times. May their friendship last forever, just like their parents with the hubs and me, of which we have known each other since we were teenagers.

Grilled stingray fish with sambal and onion dip.

Clockwise: Claypot pork belly with salted fish, braised pork belly with ‘mui choy’, ‘choy po’ omelette and deep fried fish.

Clockwise: Grilled ‘kai yue’ (chicken fish), braised bitter gourd with canned black bean fish and fruit rojak (swoon!).

When we got home at 9-ish p.m., the girls helped to clean up the house whilst I did the laundry. We had to finish all the chores coz we were to meet this same group of friends again at Sunway Pyramid (again!) for ice-skating at 8.30 a.m. the next morning (what, SO early on a holiday!). We were set for another full day jaunting around the next day. The girls couldn’t be happier to spend yet another day with their besties.


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Our Chap Goh Meh aka Chinese Valentine’s Day

On the 15th day of Chinese New Year or Chap Goh Mei, the Yaps had their customary dinner at a Chinese restaurant. This year was at Super Tanker. By the time we got home, it was already 11ish pm. The moment we entered our house, we heard explosive bangsnaps of fireworks. We ran excitedly to the window to catch a better view of it.  It was a spectacular one and  was released from the Thean Hou temple.  We could watch it very clearly from the 5th floor of our unit.  Drama Queen and I rushed to our handbags to whip out our phone and start snapping the pix of the fireworks display…

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Image may contain: one or more people

Our 15 days Chinese New Year celebration ended on a high crow this rooster year. What is so special about Chinese New Year to me?  Apart from all the reunion dinners and special food, it is the time I reminisce about the birth of my no. 2 on ‘chor 8‘ (8th day of CNY) in 2005.  This year her Chinese birthday does not fall during CNY nor on Valentine’s Day. In two days, my very loud and brazen middle child will turn 12 and will officially get her own My Kad 🙂


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Mid Autumn Festival 2016

The weather for this year’s Mid Autumn Festival was just perfect, unlike previous years which were wet.  We saw the big round moon shining majestically against the backdrop of the the night sky, illuminating it.   We had dinner at our usual Chinese restaurant with the girls’ grand aunt and grand uncle.

Since I didn’t have to cook dinner, I allowed Drama Queen to bake a cake for her granny (my mum) who will be celebrating her 70th birthday  on 19 Sept 2016.  For weeks, Drama Queen has planned to bake a gluten-free cake complete with frosting for her beloved granny.  My parents and younger brother, Roy will be arriving KL from Taiwan  tomorrow, after a week-long cruise from Taiwan to Okinawa, Japan.   We will be celebrating her birthday in KL this year.  I shall put up a post on the awesome gluten-free strawberry cake that Drama Queen baked for her granny… with SO MUCH LOVE! 🙂

After dinner, I brought Cass down to the lobby for a walk with her lantern.  She got the lantern from her Sunday School teacher last Sunday. It’s a basic no-frills paper lantern that probably costs a Ringgit each but Cass liked it anyway.  The 2 big girls were such spoil-sport. They commented that it’s such a bore to walk downstairs in the darkness without any lantern.  And the hubs was just plain lazy to move his butt. DUH!!  So it was just Cass and I.

Cass enjoyed her short walk with me and commented that she really enjoyed the stroll and chit chatting with me… just the both of us 🙂

After our walk, Cass created quite a stir at home. My bad too, for forgetting to blow off the fire on the candle before we stepped into the house.  She brought the lantern into the house and twirled around with it inside the house, dancing gleefully, under the ceiling fan.  She lost balance twirling round and round and dropped the lantern on the floor– onto her sister’s school bag! Our part-time helper had just finished wiping the bag and left it on the floor to let it dry.  I quickly pushed the burning lantern away from the bag. Seconds later, there was a mini bonfire right in front of our eyes.  Ashes were blowing in the air. I quickly turned off the fan. Hubs quickly brought a cup filled with water and poured it on the burning lantern. Phew! I could feel my thumping heart in my mouth!

Earlier in the afternoon, I walked right into Cass as she made a sudden turn backwards towards me when she was walking in front of me, resulting in my big toe nail yanked off… and the side of the toe nail was still stuck to the skin.  Oh. my. gawd.  That was another nerve-racking few minutes for me as I tried to cut it off with a nail clipper.   It still hurts now.

Now that my toe nails are in such bad shape, I have no more reasons to procrastinate visiting the nail salon early next week!


This year’s Mid Autumn Festival is such an eventful one where Cass almost burnt her sister’s bag (and maybe the house down too!) with her burning lantern and I think she will probably remember it until she’s a hundred years old 😀

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Chinese New Year Day 2 and 4

On the 2nd day of CNY, we got up very early in the morning. We had a train to catch at 9am! Gawd, that was really early for me as it’s a holiday and I wanted to sleep in! I had to crawl out of bed at 5am, first to bring Cass to pee and then to do my slavery chores. At 8am, the hubby used his mobile app to get two cabs from GrabTaxi. We needed 2 cabs to bring the 6 of us plus our luggage to KL Sentral to take the ETS.

KL Sentral station was jam packed with people and there was a 10-minute delay.

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After a 2-day joyful reunion with my family and relatives, with lots of meat-heavy meals, we headed back to KL on the 4th day of CNY, by ETS.

Once back at our home sweet home and settled down, we went to our favorite friendly neighborhood restaurant for lunch and tucked into our favorite ‘char siew’, ‘siew yoke’, roast chicken and ‘choy keok’ (Chinese Mustard Vegetable Stew)…


Image may contain: food and indoor


Yup, another meat-heavy meal!!  But funnily, we did not get sick or cloy with the food here. This restaurant serves the best ‘char siew’ in the world… even better than those that I had tasted in Ipoh, Hong Kong and Chinatown in Auckland.

Image may contain: food and indoor

While everyone gobbled down the roast meat to their hearts’ content, I whacked a big bowl of ‘choy keok’ (Chinese Mustard Vegetable Stew).  Yummy, my absolute favorite!

Image may contain: food and indoor

The mil’s favorite roast duck thigh…

Image may contain: food

After 4 days of over loading ourselves with meat, cookies and fried food, thankfully everyone is still not sick.  We have our hydrogen water to help wash away all the nasties and heatiness as well as to alkalize our body.

Yesterday I had a pleasant surprise when I logged into my NP account. I saw RM765 credited into my account. That’s my bonus for this week. It’s only the second week of February and I already have a 4-figure income in my bank account.  Thank you NP and thank you God!  If you want to earn a passive income like I am now, do drop me an email at

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all! 🙂


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Eve And First Day of Year Of Monkey 2016

Eve of CNY dinner was at the girls’ grand uncle’s house as usual.  After a ‘big meat big fish’ dinner  (in Cantonese, it literally means a lavish dinner consisting of mainly meat and fish), which is customary of the Chinese, we had the usual ang pow giving and photography session.

Image may contain: 3 people

Below – Cass receiving an ang pow from her favorite grand uncle.

Image may contain: 1 person

On the first day of CNY, it is by custom meat-free for half a day.

My first assignment of the day was to tie knots on dried golden needle vegetables — a bowl full of ’em!

No automatic alt text available.

Golden needle vegetable is just one of the key ingredients in the ‘chai choy’ (Chinese vegetarian dish), traditionally eaten on the first day of Chinese New Year. It is not vegetable but is the edible species of a flower’s bud. It is called ‘gum jum choi’ (written as 金針菜 in Chinese), literally golden needle vegetable.

Below – the mil’s ‘chai choy’.  She woke up very early today to prep the ingredients. This dish is labour-intensive with lots of washing, chopping and of course frying it.  After prepping this, she went for her usual morning swim.  After her swim, she fried a big pot of ‘chai choy’, which would last us for 3 meals on the first day of CNY. We all had our brunch at 10:30am, which is a tradition of the family.

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I’d like to wish all my Chinese readers and those celebrating this festival “Koong Hei Fatt Choy”, good health, good wealth and an abundance continuous flow of happiness all year round!


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Boxing Day – 26 December 2015

We had visitors at our place on Boxing Day!

My parents, brother, SIL and niece from Singapore came for a short 3-day 2-night stay. Our girls were so happy to see them again.

My dad got loads of hugs from Cass and Raelyn. One calls him ‘koong koong’ and the other calls him ‘yeh yeh’.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling

The 2 cousins love to hug dad 🙂

We had dinner at our favorite neighborhood restaurant.

Hubby ordered my favorite roast chicken. This restaurant dishes out one of the best roast chicken, char siew and siew yoke in the world. I kid you not.  The roast chicken comes with super crispy skin with a moist and toothsome interior, in every bite.  I even doggy-bagged all the breast meat, which I will use to cook fried rice or pasta.

No automatic alt text available.

Below – sweet and sour pork (the girls’ favorite dish. I would say almost all kids love this tangy and appetizing dish) and steamed fish.

No automatic alt text available.

Below – pan-fried aromatic soy sauce prawns.  There were also 2 plates of veggies with no pictures taken of.

No automatic alt text available.

After dinner, we headed to Pavillion to see the vibrant X’mas decor.  The entire mall was swarmed with people of all ages, races and smell!  For a moment, it felt like we were at the busy shopping area of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong on a weekend night just 2 weeks earlier. The sea of people was intimidating and we just could not relax as we were all very wary of our handbags.

We quickly did some camwhoring with the Xmas decor…

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Cass and Raelyn – the 2 bffs. Though 4 years in age gap, they are nonetheless at the same wavelength and the two can really chatter and play till the cows come home. From morning till way past midnight, they are still yakking and playing and I would be drop dead conked out on the bed. We’ve been sleeping past 1 am the past few nights.

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Cass and Raelyn’s joy ride with koong koong / yeh yeh on the way to the restaurant…

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Below – Dad and mum enjoying their Kindori black sesame ice-cream @ Tokyo Street. Dad is 72 and mum 69 this year. May they be blessed with many more healthy and blissful years of spreading their love and company with us.



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Winter Solstice and Early X’mas Celebration In Ipoh – 21 & 22 December 2015

We went shopping for X’mas pressies on 21 December 2015 in Ipoh. Also got our girls their extra pairs of school shoes. Now, I’m going to have a problem lugging the bulky shoes back to KL tomorrow as we are taking the ETS (electric train service) without the hubs around to help me. I’m going to get the girls to carry their own shoes since they reassured me that they will lug them back to KL!

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Lunch with my parents and younger brother at Seoul Garden, Jusco Kinta City…

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Back home – mum, Sherilyn and Cass continued with round 2 of tang yuan making, which was to stuff the peanut, black sesame and mung bean filling into the dough before rolling them into balls.

Image may contain: 4 people

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

Dinner was ‘ngar choi kai’ (bean sprouts chicken) and ‘kai see hor fun’ (shredded chicken flat rice noodles)…

No automatic alt text available.

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22 December 2015…

My brother, SIL and niece from Singapore arrived in Ipoh by plane.  After picking them up from the airport, we went to a nearby coffee shop for Ipoh hawkers’ fare.

Back home, we had an early X’mas celebration and birthday cake cutting ceremony for my brother, Raymond.

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Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling

Image may contain: 4 people

Cempedak birthday cake from JJ Swissroll for my big bro, yummeh!

No automatic alt text available.

Next, we had tang yuan with red bean soup.

No automatic alt text available.

We’re off to a Chinese restaurant for a scrumptious family reunion dinner. For the Chinese, the Winter Solstice festival is more important than the Lunar New Year. Here’s a little history on why this is so…. During the Han Dynasty, the Chinese believed that after the solstice, days became longer and so did positive yang energy. Emperors and commoners alike would spend the day offering to the heaven and to deceased relatives. Today, many of the traditions continue.

I’d like to wish all my Chinese readers a very happy Dong Zhi festival 🙂


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Qing Ming 2014

It was Cass’ maiden participation in Qing Ming this year. Her sisters had partaken twice in the past. She was very curious to visit the graveyard and pestered me to bring her to the graveyard. Actually I did not intend to bring her along this year but with her persistence, I caved in.  So on Sunday, 30th March, a day after my birthday celebration in Ipoh, we woke up very early to visit the graveyards in Tambun.  And Cass was so excited that she woke up first and then jolted me and her sisters up from our beauty sleep, just so she could go to the graveyard, HA HA HA!

So here they are at the first graveyard, which was the tomb of hubster’s great grandparents and the girls’ great great grandparents.  The girls’ two little uncles from London were back to partake in this year’s Tombsweeping Day as well and they were equally excited!
 photo TOMBSWEEPING_zps129c42ed.jpg
Cass and her little uncle, who is the same age as her were happily counting ‘MONEY” and distributing them into several bundles before burning them.  The kids loved the burning part.  It was a chance of their lifetime to be able to burn papers and joss sticks without getting chided for.

 photo TOMBSWEEPING2_zpsbc55440d.jpg

After visiting 3 tombs in 3 hours under the scorching hot sun, we were all sweating profusely, flushed and dying to drink water.  At the graveyard, we kept water drinking to the minimum, to prevent the urge to pee.   When I asked Cass if she would like to do this again next year, her answer was “no”.  I knew it.  But their daddy being the filial son, grandson and great grandson will assuredly drag the girls along again next year, without any doubt.

What about you?  Did you fulfill your duty of sweeping the tombs this year to pay respect to your loved ones in the afterworld?






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Chinese New Year Shopping… Again

This morning, after sending my car for a wash, hubs and I went to do our CNY shopping at a nearby mini mart. I love shopping at this mini mart as it carries a wide variety of fresh produce, organic food stuff and Japanese food stuff. Prices  are reasonable and the fresh produce as well as dairy products are fresh.

Here’s part of our loot in the car – total of 9 boxes of ‘gold’ (Mandarin oranges)

Pre CNY1


Part of our loot at the check-out counter…

The oranges in the rectangular box are from Japan and they are so joyfully sweet and juicy! The best that I’ve ever tasted thus far.  But a bit pricey at RM64.88 a box for 12 oranges.  Whatcha expect, flown in from Japan what. But it’s OK la, we only eat this once a year.

Pre CNY2


Mandarin oranges and fresh fruits galore. So many to choose from, I so wanted to buy all the fruits there!!  I LOVE fruits and can survive on a fruits, veggies, nuts and eggs diet. One day, I’ll turn into an ovo-lacto vegetarian (vegan who eats eggs and dairy products), yes I will! Lately, I am cutting down on meat quite a bit.

Pre CNY3


These pretty big apples printed with auspicious Chinese meanings caught my eyes and I bought some to be given away to the girls’ teachers.   They are sold at RM10 for two.

Pre CNY4


CNY is the best time to reap some quick big profits for shopping malls and supermarkets while it is the worst time for us consumers. Many of us are still recovering and reeling from the year-end celebrations and back-to-school expenses and now, money is flying out again inevitably! Hopefully the God of Prosperity will pay us a visit this year and reward us with a big bonus! I promise I’ll do good, lots of good deeds 😀

Pre CNY5

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First Day Of Our Year Of Sssssssssnake

We had our  reunion dinner at the hubs’ uncle’s house yesterday. Everyone was hissing with laughter, tossing yee sang and feasting on lots of rich CNY dishes from chicken (organic chicken) to pomfret fish, loads of pork dishes, braised mushrooms with sea cucumber, duck, gigantic prawns, several veggie dishes, soup and an array of CNY desserts and snacks.

Today, as part of our CNY tradition, my mil cooked fried vegetarian  vermicelli and a vegetarian dish.  In the morning, we had a Skype call on the mil’s iPad with her 3rd daughter in New Zealand.  The girls tempted sam koo ma with the fried vegetarian vermicelli and mandarin oranges. It was great catching up with her and her pair of cutie twin boy and girl.

The girls ‘offering’ kam (mandarin oranges) to sam koo ma

After our vegetarian lunch, hubs and I gave ang pow to our brood of 3 and they were taught how to say sweet verbal offerings to the elders.

And after this ang pow ceremony, we went to Mid Vally Megamall. Whilst the hubs, the mil and the 3 girls watched ‘Journey To The West’, I had a great time shopping — bought clothes for the girls and myself and shoes for myself haha! Nothing gives me better satisfaction than retail therapy, sssssshehehehehessssssssssssss…….

Here’s wishing my family members, all my readers and all my friends a very happy, prosssssperoussss and sssssssssmooth sssssssailing year of the Ssssssssssssssssnake!  Ularla!!

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Winter Solstice Dinner At Nihon Kai Japanese Restaurant @ Old Klang Road

Last Winter Solstice festival, we had dinner at Han Room @ The Gardens.  That cost the hubs a bomb.   This year, I suggested Nihon Kai Japanese Restaurant as it would cost lesser to dine at a Japanese restaurant on a Chinese festival.   I’m glad we chose Nihon Kai, our favorite family Japanese restaurant as we had a sumptuous dinner and the price was pretty reasonable.  We had so much food that we had enough to take-away for lunch today, so happy coz 1 meal less to prepare today 😀

Nigiri Sushi, Ebi Tempura Maki and fresh salmon sashimi.

See how fresh the raw salmon is. Love this to bits.  Love the freshly chopped raw radish too.

Ramen – authentic Japanese noodles with egg, bacon and Japanese fish cake.

These 2 plates of protein were MINE!  Salmon Butteryaki and my favorite grilled Shishamo (pregnant fish). The 2 huge chunks of salmon only cost RM23, so ‘tai’ and value for money! That’s the reason why Nihon Kai is perpetually packed to the brim.

Edamame beans is one of our all-time favorite Japanese snacks.

Teppanyaki oyster for my seafood fanatic cum foodie hubby but he was dead tired to experience any surge in libido after consuming this plate of aphrodisiac haha!

Tanin Don for my ‘rice pot’ Alycia

This huge Saba Terriyaki only cost RM16.  The portion was so big that we had the fish cut into half — half to be eaten on the spot and half for our lunch today, so happy!

Damage done was RM227.15 for 2 adults and 3 big eaters kiddos.  I think the price was very reasonable as the portion for the dishes was big and we could even take-away for our lunch today!  Really ‘tai toe lan’ (worth it).

The fat daddy pig was so full that he almost dozed off at the dining table, with 3 little piglets resting on his chest muahahahahaha!!

Thanks to a good friend who so kindly gave us some yummy homemade tong yuen for dessert 🙂

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Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Holidays!

I look forward not only to Chinese New Year and Christmas every year, but also to Hari Raya because of the long holiday that we get to enjoy. Just love the festive and holiday atmosphere in the air everywhere. It is also during these occasions that I get to take a long rest and break in my online store and catch up on my sleep!

This Hari Raya holiday, we are heading back to Ipoh to celebrate my dad’s birthday. We will be starting our journey tomorrow morning and I am hoping that the traffic will not be a bumper to bumper crawl on the highway, else we will have to make a U-turn and head back into the quiet city. I can’t wait to be back in Ipoh to spend a few days with my parents.  As much as I miss my parents, the girls miss their goong goong and granny very much too. And not to mention the good ol’ Ipoh food, air and water. Yes, even the air smells fresher too in Ipoh with lush greenery and limestone hills surrounding this idyllic city that churns out pretty girls. Datuk Michelle Yeoh and your truly are born and bred in Ipoh, ahem!   Gosh, my tummy is rumbling away thinking of all the Ipoh food stalls that we will be charging at soon!! I’ll bet I’ll regain the 1kg that I’ve lost recently in just a few days with all the binging that’s underway.  But who cares.  Eat first exercise later and I’m certain I’ll lose it again once school reopens in 8 days.  I’ve already listed out some places that the girls have never been to in Ipoh, to bring them to visit this holiday. Hopefully we can tick off the places in my To Do and To Eat List In Ipoh.

Here’s wishing all my Muslim readers and friends Selamat Hari Raya and to everyone – enjoy your holidays and drive really safely if you are traveling on the road.

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Our 1st Day Of The Year Of The Rabbit

We greeted the year of the Rabbit by watching several spectacular fireworks displays let out from the KLCC area and Le Meridien Hotel area from the 5th floor of our condo unit at 12 midnight. Baby who was asleep was jolted up from her sleep by the continuous thunderous noise from the fireworks and crying.

This morning, my mil cooked a big pot of vegetarian fried vermicelli and ‘jai’ (vegetarian dish made up of Chinese cabbage, cloud ear fungus, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, glass noodles and red fermented tofu paste. It has been our custom to go vegetarian for half a day on the 1st day of the CNY. Alan Yun, our long-time friend (local movie star, commercial star and model) joined us for lunch.

Daddy giving out ang pows to the girls with everyone donning on red red clothes …

After lunch, we went across our condo to Alan Yun’s house to play firecrackers. When Baby heard daddy telling us that we were going to play firecrackers, she exclaimed with surprise and said “but it’s not dark yet?!!” LOL, smart girl. Yup, we know it’s not dark yet but we wanted Esther (Alan’s niece) to play with our girls as she had to leave soon. Though Esther had only just met our girls, they hit it off really well and she was in tears when we had to say good bye.  See how protective Esther (who’s 4yo+) was over Baby when the firecrackers was let off.

Alycia, Sherilyn, Esther and Cassandra with leng jai Alan Yun kor kor …

Alycia playing with sparklers.

How have your nin chor yat been? Don’t over stuff yourself with red meat, cookies, snacks, meat jerky and sweet fizzy drinks ya!  Get some exercise too to dissolve those calories 😀

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Our Eve Of The Year Of The Rabbit

I think no one would be able to guess where I went to today, on the Eve of the Chinese New Year. Hubs brought me for a foot reflexology! He had gone to this acu-pressure centre at Jalan Imbi a few days ago on recommendation of his close friend. Yesterday, he brought my mil there and today was my turn. The appointment was fixed at 10:30am and we spent over 2 hours there. This foot reflexologist claims that he can cure people of many ailments, even cancer. The man who was before my turn has cancer and he was trying his luck in getting the cancer treated through foot acu-pressure and reflexology. Anyway, I shall blog about this in my health blog later.

It’s 5:30pm now and our house is filled with the aroma of CNY dishes, the smell of which is making everybody’s tummy rumble…. braised mushrooms with sea cucumber and dried scallops and a pot of abalone chicken soup. My mil’s also going to steam a ‘yim kai’ aka castrated chicken (castrated chickens costs over RM50 a kilo and a bird normally costs between RM150 – RM200!), kon cheen har loke (fried prawns), some waxed meat which is a must for CNY, re-toast a big fat chunk of crispy siew yoke which she bought this morning, stir-fry a mixed veggie and steam pomfret fish.

I vowed that this CNY, I shall not gorge on CNY cookies, and especially on pork and chicken jerky and deep fried arrowroot chips.    The foot reflexologist told me that I’ve got a poor digestive system (revealed through pain from specific points on my foot) and should avoid deep fried food and food laden with oil.  Oh well, it’s better to trust him than to indulge in these sins, only to regret later right?

My mil brought these lovely plants back from Hong Kong last week.  When she brought them back, the flowers have not bloomed yet.  Now, they are blooming with pretty white-yellow flowers.

How are you celebrating your Eve of Chinese New Year?  I’d like to wish all my blog readers koong hei fatt tai choy and may the year of the rabbit bring everyone good health, good wealth, peace and happiness.

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