Sick puppy

My little sick puppy is the most resilient pupper ever, just like she has always been. She survived 3 surgeries, did not shed a drop of tear when the doctor inserted an IV catheter into her hand 3 months ago for a MAG3 scan and now, she bounced back after ‘being away’ for 2 days. The 2 days were pretty worrisome for me. Her body felt like a bed of hot charcoal at 39+ degrees Celsius. She was hallucinating, had nilch appetite and did not eat much solids nor fluids for 2 days. I am very very happy that I got my nottie and chatter-box samseng back today, thank God, PTL!

My sick kitty at the height of her high fever can still muster a smile for mummy but had no strength to say “don’t put in your Facebook mummy!”

Today, there was a breakout of dots on her entire body. First time mummies would freak out and fear measles, chicken pox and Dengue fever. But an experienced mummy would just heave a sigh of relief and say good-bye to the high fever. That was what happened to Alycia, my eldest, exactly 5 years ago when she was Baby’s age. We brought her to a paed at Pantai Hospital who did a string of blood tests on her. He was an old doctor but nothing was conclusive. He just did not know what was wrong with Alycia. But my clever mum told me that I was just like that when I was little and assured me that there was nothing wrong with Alycia. My body would have a breakout of rashes/spots too after a bout of high fever. Now, whenever my girls have rashes / spots all over their face and body after a bout of high fever, I don’t freak out anymore but just monitor closely.  But high fever is no play-play matter ok.  Must make sure that your kids’ high fever is under control.

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Alycia And Sherilyn Down With Cold And Fever

Yesterday just before going for ballet, Sherilyn told me that she felt cold.  I thought that it was just the weather as there was just a downpour and it was really breezy and cold.  She said she wanted to wear a cardigan to the dance school as the air-cond at the ballet studio is really cold.  When she came back from her ballet class, she was wearing her cardigan, all zipped up to her neck and she told me that she felt cold.  However, she appeared ever lively, jovial, active and singing away.  That’s my typical Sherilyn when she’s in a good mood…. always singing and yakking away, really adorable and can make you laugh.  Her body felt a tad hot, so I took her temperature.  It read 37.5 degrees celcius.  She was also sniffing away and coughing slightly, having the exact same symptoms as Alycia.   But Alycia is   really coughing badly and her nose is dribbling non-stop with watery goo.  I coaxed her to drink the fresh olives soup double boiled with lean pork (home remedy for cough) and thank goodness she drank it as I had some organic animal biscuits and a Manuka honey lemon candy for her as treats to go with the soup. 

I’m also feeling under the weather – having nose block, lots of phlegm and a slight strep throat.  Have been popping on Echinacea tabs and high doses of Vitamin C.  

Tomorrow I have to be at Mid Valley to attend a roadshow that an advertiser has requested me to attend.  The advertiser wants to meet the few bloggers selected to write about the event and product.  I hope all of us get better by tomorrow so that we could all attend the event.  And I hope that Alycia and Sherilyn get well in time to go to Hong Kong next week.

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Sherilyn Has Never Been This Sick

…..and this time, it is quite bad. Today is the 3rd day of her high fever and the temperature shot up to 40 degrees Celsius last night and today, despite being on Augmentin, a nose allergy syrup, PCM syrup and a syrup for her swollen throat. Daddy has been really worried and has been calling back to check on her a few times in a day. He has also been sleeping in with Sherilyn for the past 3 nights. Last night, he woke me up to ask me to insert a suppository into her rectum when her temperature shot up to 40 degrees Celsius. He also sponged her the whole night and left a pail with water in the room. Each time the temp shot up, Sherilyn would shiver in cold but thank God she didn’t throw up, unlike Alycia who would puke each time she has high fever.

This pic was taken yesterday during dinner. Sherilyn who was eating dozed off at the dining table. Her temp was really high but she wanted to eat the fried noodles that I cooked, so I gave her some.  All she managed to eat was a few spoonfuls and then she kept telling me that she felt cold…. and she only wanted my shawl, so I wrapped it round her shoulders.  Her body was burning with heat, though she felt as if she was placed in a freezer and her teeth were clattering away.  I kept sponging her body and put a wet hanky on her head.  The bowl of noodles went to the bin after a few spoonfuls and she also took a few small bites of a butter bun and a few mouthfuls of loh hon koa herbal drink that I boiled.

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Alycia Is Really Sick

Alycia is really sick and has been throwing up for the last 2 days.  Each time her temperature goes beyond 38.5 degrees Celcius, she will puke.  This afternoon just before lunch, she was playing with the maid and laughing away.  She laughed so hard that she puked…. and all that came out was phlegm, lots of them.  There wasn’t any food for her to puke as she had puked them all out after breakfast.  I held the plastic bag and sat waiting for her to puke for almost 15 minutes.  Poor Alycia was puking with so much might, pushing out the phlegm that after puking, her eyes were all red and there were tiny red blood spots all over her neck like this :

Last year, the same thing happened to her.  It was the first time I had seen such spots.  Even the paed at Pantai Medical Center, Bangsar was not sure what caused those spots. He suspected that the spots were due to an allergy to certain medication that he had prescribed her.  I was really worried that it was a symptom of Dengue fever as the spots remained on her body for more than 1 week.  A blood test was done to rule out Dengue fever and of course it wasn’t.  After that particular incident, each time she puked too hard, the spots would appear on her face and body.  Now, I know that the spots would habitually appear each time she pukes. 

Hopefully Alycia would be feeling much better by tomorrow as she will be attending her first ballet class tomorrow evening. 

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Both The Girls Are Down

My worst nightmare came true last night.  Not only is Sherilyn having fever, Alycia who does not have a strong immune system also caught the bug and is having high fever (40 degrees Celcius), swollen throat and a runny nose.  She could not stomach any food this morning and threw up twice.  Sherilyn also has a very swollen throat with 2 white dots on her throat.  To add to my problem, my surge protector was struck by lightning yesterday evening.  I could not have access to internet and had to call the Streamyx technician to come and fix the problem.  Luckily I have the contact number of this technician whom, at just one call can come to fix my problem immediately.

I feel so exhausted and sleepy now.  I was up almost the whole night sponging the gals and giving them water.  I woke up at 6:30am this morning to check on my new maid and to instruct her to do things.  Don’t really have the mood to blog now.  It’s 5pm now and in just a moment, I have to teach my maid how to cook porridge and cook some simple dishes.   I will have another battle to confront later if the gals are still having high fever and need suppository .  It’s always a power struggle whenever it comes to inserting suppository for the gals.  Hubby will be super busy this week and will not be able to come home early to help me out.   When it rains, it really pours.  Sigh….. why do problems and challenges always come and greet us all at once and leave us with very little space to breath? 

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Sherilyn’s Turn To Fall Sick Now

I am feeling much better today – no more blocked nose, runny nose or sore throat, only a slight cough every now and then.  I think the barley water, crysanthemum tea, Manuka honey, lots of fruits and gargling of salt water throughout the day really helped.  Getting enough sleep also helps.  Now it’s Sherilyn’s turn to have runny nose and she has a body temperature of 38 degrees Celcius now.  I know her body is trying to fight off the virus now, thus the fever.   I hope she gets better tomorrow and I’m praying that Alycia won’t be the next to be down.   It would be really tough for me to handle 2 sick toddlers, having to train a new maid and feeling so heavy, sick and uncomfortable myself. 

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What Fever Can Do

When Sherilyn was having high fever several days ago, she was super cranky and whiny.  One night at around 4am, when her body temperature was so high till her brain got a tad ‘out of sync’,  she woke up and got real chatty.  She wasn’t gibberish but was talking about things that made sense and talked non-stop for almost 15 minutes. Suddenly she remembered the new Barney stickers that daddy had bought for her from the pasar malam and asked for them.   So I gave the stickers  to her and she clutched on to them without wanting to let go.  When she finally dozed off an hour later, I removed the stickers from her hands and placed them next to her on the bed.

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A Very Sick Kitten

When Sherilyn had high fever and a big ulcer in her throat a couple of days back, she didn’t have the appetite to eat anything except for cool Japanese cucumbers, cool water and soup.  Her temp shot up to almost 40 degrees Celsius and I had to sponge her body all the time with a damp hanky and gave her suppositories too.  She was super cranky and whiny.  Today is the first day her fever has gone done and she’s one very happy and energenic toddler again!

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Updates – Alycia and Sherilyn’s Fever

The gals are finally back on their feet today with no fever.  Alycia had completed her course of antibiotics yesterday and today I’ll have to give her probiotics powder supplement to replenish the good bacteria in her guts.  Sherilyn still has 3 more days to go on her antibiotics.  Daddy bought them a tub of Macademia nut Haegan Daz ice cream as treat to go with their medicine.  A few of my blog readers had commented that ice cream is good for those suffering from mouth ulcers and tonsils, so I told daddy to get some too.  The gals were beaming when daddy came back with the tub of ice cream yesterday.   They had NO problem gulping down their medicine as the ice cream tasted too good and could easily mask the taste of the medicine.  No more puking when there’s yummy treat!

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Update – Alycia’s Fever

Alycia still has a slight temperature this morning. Will see how she feels later after she takes her medicine. If she feels good, we will attend the bloggers’ gathering, else I will have to skip it again. The Augmentin antibiotics that she’s taking is causing her tummy discomfort and she’s been having watery stools since yesterday. I really don’t like giving my kids antibiotics as it weakens their immune system but for throat ulcer that’s so painful, our paed says antibiotics will rid the ulcer faster. Well, I’ll just have to supplement her diet with probiotics after Alycia completes her course of antibiotics.

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Update on Alycia

Daddy brought Alycia to the clinic this morning and the paed said that she has ulcer in her throat. Oh dear, how did this happen? She’s been drinking plain water and barley like a camel but how can she still be getting ulcers? I guess she just cannot tolerate crackers and biscuits as she’s been eating quite a bit of them lately.

She has no appetite today and is only eating very little plain porridge, Watercress soup, watermelon, cool organic juice and barley. Daddy also bought her a plain chiffon cake and banana muffins in the evening, which she loves. 

She’s still having fever now and I’m praying that she’ll get better tomorrow.

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Updates For Today

Internet connection has been super duper bad today. I’ve wasted so much time trying to sign into Blogger, then have to wait like forever for the page to download and I can’t even upload pictures to my posts.  To make matters worse, my gmail is down and I can only view my mails in HTML mode. The stupid guy from Streamyx Help Desk yesterday directed me to delete some files and cookies from my computer and since then, my computer has been acting so wierd.  Tomorrow, I’ll have to send my computer to the shop for repair. Double whammy!!

This afternoon, Alycia told me that her head was painful and when I touched it, it was HOT.  When I checked her temperature, it was 38.6 degree celsius. I gave her some syrup paracetamol but she puked. I then immediately gave her a Voltaren suppository. When she woke up from her nap, her fever subsided and she was active again.  We cooked porridge for her for dinner but she only ate a few spoonfulls.  I then gave her some cold pears and cold organic juice.  Minutes later, when I checked her temperature, I was shocked to see that it has shot up to 39.6 degrees celsius. I immediately sponged her body. I’m going to give her a bath now and give her another Voltaren suppository.  I’m praying that her fever will subside coz I really want to attend the bloggers’ gathering this Sunday. I’ve missed the last one and this time, I really don’t want to miss it again. 

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Self Healed From Cold

On Saturday, Sherilyn was still having fever and her face was smutty – from the overflowing goo that turned into glue. Her cheeks were hard like a bun glazed with sugar as a result of the gluey goo and she cried when I wiped it off with a wet hanky. She was sneezing and her voice had changed – she sounded like a sick cat. I had called the paed’s office to book an appointment in the morning. After I had put the phone done, it just struck me that perhaps I am just being too kan cheong and over reactive. Should I be bringing my gals to the specialist each time they have a cold or fever? Should I just give her body a chance to self heal and see how it goes tomorrow? Each visit to the paed’s office would leave my hubby at least RM100 poorer. So I told my hubby that we should just wait and see – maybe Sherilyn’s immune system is strong enough to weather this cold? I then fed her with Manuka honey (double dosage) and fed her barley water and lots of plain water throughout the day. Thank God, the next day (Sunday), her goo stopped flowing and the fever subsided too. Today, she looks perfectly well. I guess it’s good that sometimes we parents don’t over react. Of course we have to exercise caution and discretion for each case is different.

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Yuuuuum Sssseng

This picture was taken yesterday evening. Sherilyn had high fever and I had to put on a Cool Fever patch on her forehead. She hates this cold patch and cried when I stuck it to her forehead but after some coaxing from daddy and me, she accepted the patch and refused to take it off. She also refused to drink water so daddy had to coax her again. Tried all sorts of methods and in the end, the ‘cheers’ and ‘yuuuuum ssssseng’ did the trick – she happily finished her mug of water.

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