Our Talented Teenage Chef

Alycia and I realized that our dear in-house chef has a special preference when it comes to cooking. She seems to really enjoy making sushi/Gimbap and egg rolls. And everything Korean and Japanese!  With whatever she can find in the fridge, she has the Midas touch to transform all the ingredients into some very appetizing and aesthetically pleasing sushi, Gimbap and egg rolls in a jiffy, like a professional chef.  Her grandma and I can already hang up our aprons as we have such a talented and earnest chef at home to take over this chore.  And my very persnickety and critical MIL is starting to love what her talented grand daughter could dish out  😊

But we can only enjoy her cooking and bakes during the CMCO and holidays. Once school resumes when the CMCO is lifted, she’ll be back to her hectic life again.

Yesterday Sherilyn dished out these yummy egg rolls for lunch, as there was still quite a bit of leftover egg whites in the fridge after she used the yolks to make Frangipane tart and orange curd.

Fried spam and carrots in the middle, followed by seaweed, pan fried egg whites and lastly pan fried whole eggs. These keto egg rolls not only look alluring, they are really scrumptious.  I wonder where she learned to make all these from!

Lovely craftsmanship of artisanal food!

In the evening she prepped these Gimbap/Kimbap in a jiffy again because everyone else had Yomei’s purple rice yoghurt and this fussy girl finds it yucky to be chewing and gulping down rice with cold yoghurt 😬

Such a LOT of work goes into her Gimbap – the julienned carrots were sauteed, the sweet potato leaves were blanched, then seasoned the Korean style with sesame seed oil and soy sauce, egg strips and SPAM were pan fried before these were rolled with rice in a bamboo sushi mat.  But for someone who loves cooking, the entire preparation is a joy, though very tedious.

Alycia and I  thoroughly enjoyed our Yomie’s purple rice yoghurt for dinner and Cass had melon yoghurt. I think it’s quite a well balanced drink with protein from the yoghurt, and carbs and fiber from the chewy and addictive flavorful purple rice.  The fresh yoghurt and purple rice blend give the beverage a viscous and creamy consistency, while not being overly sweet.  These drinks are filled with beneficial probiotics and many people consume this drink as a meal replacement or diet drink.   Even the mil approved this drink as a meal for dinner! 😆

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RMCO Day 53 ~ Saturday, 1 August 2020

I love Saturdays simply because Maria comes in on Saturdays.  Maria has been our part-time helper for the last 8 years. She used to come in 5-6 times a week but because we’re on an austerity drive now, a consequence of the MCO and RMCO (and possibly another MCO/restriction order if Malaysians don’t behave and don’t adhere to Covid-19 SOPs), we have to prune off unnecessary expenses.  Part-time helper is one on the list. When the pandemic eases off and hubby’s business rebounds to how it used to be, our helper can come in 5-6 times a week once again. For now, I’ll have to soldier on.  Oh. My. Poor. Hands.😓

I first heard of the term “austerity drive” when I worked in the bank some 20 years ago, when the bank I worked in had to implement some austerity measures to cut costs due to recession. That was circa 1997 or 1998.  So I learned a few tips and tricks to cut costs from the bank and from my parents, who also had to invoke a host of harsh cost cutting measures during the recession in the mid 1980s when my dad lost his job.  I can splurge when times are good and I am also able to ride out a humble lifestyle with no luxuries.  I am resilient and so are our girls. I’ve always been drilling into their heads to be thrifty and to always always have as much savings as they can for rainy days like this darn pandemic. Because it sucks and rips your entire dignity off your soul to have to borrow money from friends and relatives. This is something I wish I never have to do but if this pandemic and MCO never ends, I’m not too sure about it. Well, maybe half the world population would be dead by then 😪

As Maria is around to help us clean up, we could cook up a storm! 🤭  I dug out the packet of rack of lamb that hubs bought about a month ago and told our baking queen the menu of the day. She’s always more than happy to cook, especially new recipes. She spent almost the entire afternoon in the kitchen — first with making Taiwanese sweet potato dessert and then seared the rack of lamb.

Pistachio crusted grilled rack of lamb:

My house rule is: if you want to eat, you have to help out. And I roped in the littlest brat to make mashed potato.

Alycia the ‘tai siew jie’ (big princess) with royal fingers who doesn’t like kitchen work was roped in to cut a big cantaloupe.  With an inflamed wrist, I have to delegate all the heavy duty chores to the girls whilst I stand, supervise and do spot cleaning 😁.  OCD me will freak out at any crumb, juice, sauce and food remnants on the floor. The ants in our house seem to have bionic sensors as they would come and feast on even the tiniest piece of food crumbs within 5 minutes of dropping it on the floor!

Midas touch – this girl seems to have magic in her hands. Everything that she dishes out is delish!

Pan seared + oven grilled pistachio crusted rack of lamb with sides of mash and grilled carrots, celery and garlic.

Hubby’s friend went to Seremban and gifted us a famous Lucky King chicken curry bun. Gawd, it’s humongous! One bun is enough for 3-4 eaters with ravenous appetite. The chicken curry is such a delight and very flavorful. We had this for dinner as well.  Yummsss!

A very pregnant bun with a huge packet of chicken curry within.

But mil and I were not too comfortable eating something that’s cooked with aluminum foil and plastic. The chicken curry is wrapped in a plastic bag and a layer of aluminum foil is then wrapped over before the bun is baked  🥶 😱. Imagine the chemicals leached out into the food!

Someone couldn’t wait to mop the curry sauce with the bun:

Photobombed by the hangry brat:

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RMCO Day 40 ~ Sunday, 19 July 2020

Lunch today was at Seoul Korea, a Korean restaurant run by a Korean couple.  Our family consisting a persnickety foodie and two older girls who are K-pop fans and K-food lovers and including moi think that Seoul Korea serve the BEST Korean food. We’d tried almost a dozen Korean restaurants but none compares to Seoul Korea.  Food is priced reasonably and the waiting staff keep replenishing your appetizer plates with really delicious Banchan (side dishes).  We’ve all been missing the food here ever since the owners went back to Korea for a couple of months late last year. Then we were hit by the pandemic and lockdown and finally after more than half a year we’re able to dine in here again.

Fortunately we were at the restaurant early as by the time we left at 1 p.m, the steps on the stairs leading to the first floor restaurant were lined up with fans waiting patiently for their turn for a table. This is one restaurant that I don’t mind going to every weekend.

The girls love the food so much that they even requested that all leftover food, including the Banchan, be tapau back so that they could bring the leftovers to school the next day.

Sherilyn had to ask for a pair of scissors to cut up her food as she’s still finding it hard to chew with braces on.  She’s currently in her second week on braces and has cuts and ulcers all over her inner mouth.  This is the sole reason why I didn’t want braces to fix my snaggletooth when I was a teen – I have really low pain threshold.

After lunch, we segued into Family Mart to have Sofuto, just because Family Mart released a new Sofuto flavor recently – French Crème Brûlée Sofuto!

I still prefer Belgium dark chocolate Sofuto but this flavor is not available at our neighborhood’s outlet, bummer! So we settled for Matcha, which is also a delight. I shared it with Cass.

We’re never too full for a Sofuto treat.  I was so stuffed after a heavy lunch with ice-cream that I gave dinner a miss.

Leftover Korean rice and kimchi for Cass’ lunch box the next day:

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RMCO Day 12 ~ Sunday, 21 June 2020 (Father’s Day)

Hubs has been swamped with work for the past two weeks on a project. He’s providing consultancy service to a client to set up a kitchen for a bistro. As the client needs the kitchen to be built in express speed so that it can be ready for the bistro to start business pronto, hubs has to camp at the client’s site,  literally.  Everyday, he leaves the house for  his office very early to settle his catering and arrangements for the food boxes for delivery before rushing to the client’s bistro.  He doesn’t come back until way past 10 p.m.   We try to have a short conversation everyday to update each other on what we’ve been up to.  I communicate via Whatsapp with him most of the time, mostly on customers’ orders as I’m now helping him in his bento box delivery orders while he concentrates on his client’s bistro.   So to those of you who’ve been getting super slow replies from him on your orders (or sometimes he may even overlook your messages), my apologies 🙏  You can Whatsapp me instead at 019-266 4297 if you need a quicker reply pertaining to order enquiries 😄

As part of the SOP of the bistro, all staff and workers must undergo a Covid-19 swab test, including hubs.  So he did his very first swab test early last week and thank God, the result came back as negative! 😁

The bistro opened its doors to customers on Friday and today hubs brought us to the bistro – Sky Pe Cafe to celebrate Father’s Day.

These are the dishes that we ordered. The photos are taken from the cafe’s website as the lighting inside the bistro is a little dim and not ideal for producing good quality photos taken with my cheap phone.

Grilled salmon fillet with lemon dressing:

Mushroom soup with crispy garlic toast:

Fried chicken wings:

Beef burger with curly fries

Mee Siam:

Seafood pasta:

Australia grass-fed ribeye steak:

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the food, comprising Western and local cuisines which are priced pretty reasonably.

Patrons’ temperatures are scanned by a facial recognition thermometer before they go through a Bacteriostatic Atomization Intelligent Door where disinfectant mist will be sprayed all over their bodies!  And  hands must be sanitized too, of course.

Sky Pe Cafe
🖲 No.15, Jalan PJS 8/10, Dataran Mentari, 46150 Subang Jaya
☎️ 012-236 6933
 RMCO operating hours :11.30am – 10pm

Facebook page and website are still a work-in-progress as this is a new bistro.

I’d like to wish all the fathers out there a very happy Father’s Day, especially to my beloved papa whom I can’t be with him together this year to celebrate this special occasion together. But we had a great time chatting via Whatsapp video call in the evening💖

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DuJour and Slow Coffee @ The Hub SS2, PJ

Last Sunday hubs took his entourage of girls to The Hub @ SS2.  It’s our first visit to this lifestyle residence hub at SS2, PJ.  Lush verdure lawn, soothing water features and ample parking spaces are some of the plus points of hanging out at this place on your Sunday afternoon.  This hub houses a great Italian restaurant, several spanking cafes and eateries, a bar, hot pot restaurant and PJ’s first mini golf arcade.

Our first stop was at DuJour for lunch.  DuJour may sound like a French restaurant, but its repertoire ranges from nasi kerabu with ayam percik and ulam, nasi lemak, doing tasty justice to Kelantan traditions (RM23 as a lunch set with iced lemon tea), to terrifically tender-textured salmon quiche (RM9) and decadent chocolate muffins (RM7.50), all baked here, served in an alluring space that brings a bit of the outdoors inside.

Our favorites were the nasi lemak and lasagna. The breakfast set, waffles with tomyam eggs and Four Seasons Omelette were pretty run-of-the-mill.  We find the waffles too doughy and not crispy enough to achieve the moreish factor. The nasi lemak was very well executed and has a tick on all the boxes.

Tangy and effervescent passion fruit kombucha for Alycia. Niko Neko matcha for me and black sesame charcoal latte with edible flowers for Sherilyn.

After lunch, we segued a few steps away to Slow Coffee for coffee and cakes. A Sunday lunch will never be complete for the hubs if he doesn’t get to enjoy a cup of coffee  ☕️with cakes  🍰

Below: Strawberry lemon cake, earl grey grapefruit cake, taro cake and avocado lime tart – the cream on the cakes is light and the cake texture is light and fluffy, thus the cakes are not cloy and overly sweet.  We enjoyed the cakes thoroughly but found the lime tart lacking in flavor.

When the Japanese-inspired ‘fuwa fuwa’ souffle pancakes came, hubs and I thought that they look very familiar. We later found out that Slow Coffee is spearheaded by the folks who run Happy Garden’s Neighbour’s Coffee Bar, which also specialises in these comfortingly warm pancakes. Hubs and I tried the soufflé pancakes at Neighbour’s Coffee Bar recently. The portion was so big that we only managed to eat half the portion.  This time we had our 3 piranhas with us and the soufflés were polished off in a jiffy.   We both agreed that the  soufflés at Slow Coffee taste better — fluffy-as-a-cloud, perfectly airy yet creamy and paired really well with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, strawberries, kiwi and blueberries.

Slow Coffee opened its doors in December 2019.  We really enjoyed the cakes and drinks and will be back to try the main course menu which includes Confit Chicken, Mushroom and Omelette, Slow Benedict with pulled BBQ Chicken, Jerked Barramundi, among others.

The surroundings at Hub SS2:

At DuJour, the portion of roast potatoes for three of the dishes that we ordered were so huge that we had to doggy-bag them home for dinner.  Sherilyn mashed the roast potatoes with some steamed carrots and pumpkin using a hand blender and seasoned the mash with ground black pepper, cumin and fresh milk. We had this for dinner. Waste not, want not – I never like to waste good food and am glad that we doggy bagged the roast potatoes home and transformed it into a yummy new dish 🙂

Du Jour
B-G-01 & B-M-01, The Hub SS2, Jalan Harapan, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Opens: Mon, Wed-Sun, 10am-7pm.
Tel: 03-7931-3717

Slow Coffee
B-G-03, The Hub SS2, 19 Sentral, Jalan Harapan, Seksyen 19, Petaling Jaya, 46400 Selangor.
Opens: Mon-Sun, 930am-6pm
Tel: 03-7931 9690

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The Yummiest of 2 Worlds ~ Crème De La Crème’s Artisanal Ice Cream & The Tokyo Restaurant’s Burnt Cheesecake

On my eldest daughter, Alycia’s sweet 16th birthday on 5 December 2019, I took her and her sisters to The Tokyo Restaurant (TTR) @ Lot 10 to sample the launch of something incredibly yummy – the marriage of Crème De La Crème’s artisanal, beautifully-crafted ice creams with TTR’s famed 6th Avenue Cheesecake (burnt cheesecake).  This marriage has created the ultimate dessert infused with the best of two worlds.

Tokyo La Crème (RM13/scoop): Cheesecake in ice cream form. Burnt cheese cake ice cream with actual chunks of The Tokyo Restaurant’s famed burnt cheesecake, swirled in.

Burnt Caramel Cheesecake (RM14/scoop): Inspired by the charred, caramelized crust of TTR burnt cheesecake, this burnt caramel ice cream is off the charts delightful, with a smoothness and richness that’ll have you craving for more scoops, like we did! It’s not overly sweet and really very addictive!

You can find these two new flavours at both Crème De La Crème’s Damansara Utama outlet and at The Tokyo Restaurant @ Lot 10 itself. At The Tokyo Restaurant, you’ll also be able to enjoy a special plated version of the Burnt Caramel ice cream, served alongside a slice of the burnt cheesecake itself and drizzled with hazelnuts and caramel.

The girls enjoying their free flow refreshing mocktail before dessert time:


The collaboration between Crème De La Crème and TTR is a decadent and enjoyable way to devour The Tokyo Restaurant’s signature dessert.  The super smooth and creamy richness of the cheesecake is a perfect match for the Burnt Caramel Cheesecake ice cream’s bitter-sweet flavor.  The union of both = a match made in heaven 🥰

Fans of ice-cream and cheese cake, the new CDLC x The Tokyo Restaurant ice creams and plated cheesecake are available at both restaurants now.  Do give them a try!


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Kak Jat Ikan Bakar @ Jalan Bellamy and Vintage 1988

I was itching to taste some Malay food today and hubs brought us to one Kak Jat Ikan Bakar on Jalan Bellamy. There are a few stalls on this road selling the same dishes and specializing in grilled fish.  As far as choice of fish goes, you get pari (stingray), kembung, terubok, tilapia, and more. There’re also fried cockles and stuffed squids.  The crowd is really huge during lunch time. We were there around 11-ish a.m. and the crowd had started to build up.

Hubs ordered grilled stingray, ikan kembung, another fish which I don’t know its name and stuffed squids.  I find the taste not really up to expectations and some of the squids were not fresh and tasted horrid.

I love Malay Kerabu and vegetables cooked with pumpkin in coconut milk curry.  What I had were a tad salty for my taste bud.

Eating the cockles is really time consuming as you’ll need to prise open the cockles with your fingers! We doggy bagged most of the cockles home.

Just the four of us at the stall. Sherilyn was ‘recuperating’ at home after a gruelling day the whole of yesterday (Sunday) at the Asia Junior Got Talent finals. She has floor burns and wounds all over her feet, which have now turned ‘watery’ and need antiseptic cream.  This is just one of the injuries that competitive dancers have to endure and she’s pretty nonchalant about it.

Food at this stall is just average and pretty pricey. The bill came up to over RM100.  Don’t think we’ll go there again. We can get better ones from our housing estate.

After lunch, we went to Vintage 1988, a fairly new coffee place in KL that doubles as a vintage fashion accessories store, also one of the most Instagrammable cafes around Petaling Street / China Town, KL.

Carrying the characteristic of chic retro-style coffee shop blended with modern touch, Vintage 1988 Cafe is thoughtfully decorated with antique knick-knacks, wooden furnishing, army green arm chairs, exposed brick walls, vintage pendant light, arched steel windows, etc.; further adorned with lots of green potted plants and catchy neon light sign to lift up the mood.  It’s our second visit to this cafe, the first was exactly a year ago.

34, Jalan Sultan, Chinatown,
50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening hours: 9AM-11PM daily
Website: https://www.vintage1988.com/

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Green View Restaurant and Durian Man @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

Youngest SIL treated everyone (immediate family members, aunts, uncles and cousins from the Yaps) to a lavish dinner of sang har (fresh huge prawns) and crabs at Green View Restaurant @ SS2 Petaling Jaya last Saturday (2 November 2019) before her return to Hawaii on Tuesday after a 2-week holiday here. The last time she came back to Malaysia was 6 years ago and most of the relatives haven’t seen her since.   And the last time the girls and I saw her was in Hong Kong 3 years ago. We’re not sure when we’ll see her again and in which country.

I’ll let the pix do the talking. To lovers of crabs and prawns, sorry if I made you drool and sent you on a seafood frenzy 😜

We ordered 6 huge prawns and specifically told the captain to divide the dish into two plates with more noodles on each plate. But when the bill came, it showed double entry of this dish.  The silai-ness in  me (I was the one who checked the bill),  prompted me to query the captain; he double checked and realized that they billed us double!  RM512 extra charged to us!

One of the best sang har meen in KL – big fresh prawns in crispy fried noodles drenched in insanely moreish egg sauce.

Suckling pig and deep fried pumpkin with curry leaves. The fried pumpkin is addictive. ‘Healthier’ than fries and tastes so good!

Yin Yang Soon Hock fish ~ half steamed and half fried. One is definitely not enough for the 13 of us.

Kam Heong Lala.

Another show-stopper ~ crabs.  We ordered crabs cooked in 2 different styles: Lai Yau (milk and butter) and sweet and sour.

The waiting staff at our table helped us to break the crab shells.  He wrapped each claw and leg with clean disposable plastic bag and patiently stood at the side table for over 20 minutes hammering the shells for us.

Deep fried buns to be dunked into the zangy tangy sweet and sour sauce.  One plate was definitely not enough and hubs eventually ordered another plate and another!

Salted fish fried rice.

This silai’s eyes popped out when she saw RM1,024.14 for the Sang Har Meen. I was certain there was a double entry but hubs said “it’s this price la. It’s that expensive as the prawns are so huge” but the silai insisted that the Captain double checks the bill. And the Captain came back apologizing profusely for double charging us RM500+!

Wrongly printed bill:

Correct bill:

Green View Restaurant
8, Jalan 19/3,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +60 3-7954 9263

After a hearty dinner with lots of photography (as usual), SIL said that she wanted to eat durians ~ one last round before she flies back to Hawaii. So off we went to the durian street on Jalan SS2, to Durian Man restaurant for her to get durian takeaway for her breakfast, lunch and dinner tomorrow ☺️

Durian Man is the biggest durian restaurant in Malaysia, opened in August 2019. Durian lovers get to savour almost all the durian species here, which includes Musang King, Black Thorn, Raja Kunyit, Red Prawn, D24 and more in a modern and comfortable setting. For those who intend to bring durian back to their country, Durian Man provides service to vacuum pack and seal the fruit neatly without emitting an iota of smell.

Durian Man
Lot 7680, Jalan SS2/24
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Call 012-234 5619

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Sinful Sweet Monday

After a sumptuous dinner at Ming Room @ Bangsar Shopping Complex to celebrate mom and dad’s 49th wedding anniversary last night, hubs went shopping for desserts, though we’d just scarfed down so much delish food with dessert of half the anniversary cake, longevity pau and white fungus longan dessert just a moment ago!

Our first stop was at Ladurée, a patisserie specializing in macarons. Ladurée has been in  existence in Paris for over 150 years.  The macarons from Ladurée @ BSC are fully imported from Paris, thus the jaw-dropping price tag.  Hubs paid RM48 for 4 macarons. The gold colored ones come with a RM20+ price tag!

None of us are fans of macarons as we find them too sweet and cloy for our liking.  Besides the sugar, the bright food coloring is OMG!  I was trying my best to stop the hubs from buying something that no one likes and has no nutritional value. But he was intent in getting the best French macarons for us to try and good thing he did as everyone liked them!

The outer shells of the airy meringue sandwiches were smooth and crisp, and the inner fillings were a variety of fluffy creams, jams, and ganaches with ground almond in every bite. The texture of the macarons was wonderful, and like nothing we have ever tasted before.

Slideshow Image

After a wonderful treat of French macarons, the next stop was at Godiva for some much raved premium soft serve ice-cream!

You can take your pick of Dark Chocolate, Vanilla White Chocolate or Twist Chocolate soft serve ice cream, served in crispy waffle cones with rims dipped in chocolate and crunchy praline almonds. Hubs bought two Twist Chocolate.

The ice cream is so luxurious. Its rich and creamy texture just melted in our mouths and we love that the ice cream isn’t too sweet or cloy.

Luxury ice cream comes with an equally posh price tag of RM23 for one cone of this soft-serve treat. This is something that chocolate and ice-cream fans should try at least once to experience the ultimate luxuriousness of the best of both worlds in one.

After such sinful indulgence, I woke up this morning with a bad nightmare. I dreamed that my blood test showed that my blood sugar level shot up to a reading of 10.8 and I was officially confirmed a diabetic patient and needed meds!!! And Cass’ blood sugar level was also high and before the doctor could tell me her blood sugar reading, I woke up from this terrible dream!  😱🥶😅

And so today, I tried with my might not to indulge in anything sweet, though we had another round of eating and merriment with my parents and SIL from Hawaii. I never take my dreams lightly. Maybe it’s a warning from my big Boss up there that I should watch what I eat! 😊

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Botanica + Co @ Vertical Podium, Bangsar South

I just realized that tomorrow is Sunday and I still haven’t posted food photos that we took last Sunday when we were at Bangsar South (AGAIN!) for lunch. I have a hunch that the hubs will be going there again for lunch tomorrow, or even for dinner tonight!  The bite-list at Bangsar South is replete with novelty cuisines, from The Sphere to the Vertical Podium. We’ve still not tried so many restaurants there yet.

Back to last Sunday’s lunch! This time we tried Botanica + Co, a restaurant inspired by the botanics.  The feeling of dining outdoor amidst lush greenery is captured inside the restaurant as you dine amidst a greenhouse-themed interior.

Photo credit – EatDrinkKL

Pizzas are a cornerstone here and my pizza devotee girls ordered a Maui pizza.

No prize for guessing who ordered this refreshing salad with lemongrass chook.

Big breakfast set.

Sherilyn ordered this Mexican wrap and she didn’t quite like it. She made something similar recently and it tasted way better than this, ahem! And her tortillas were made from scratch, as with her guacamole and salsa.  That girl certainly has good taste (thanks to the foodie hubs who brings us on a food hunt every weekend ), is aesthetic savvy and a perfectionist too when it comes to cooking, baking and dancing.

The Pasembur features crunchy deep fried prawn and vegetables fritters (with generous amounts of vegetables) against refreshing raw strips of yam bean, cucumber and bean sprouts as well as hard boiled eggs, potatoes and tofu strips. I love the peanut sauce that goes with this Indian rojak. All the ingredients work together harmoniously to deliver a gastronomic delight. This is definitely an item that I’ll order again when I dine at this restaurant again.

Grilled  chicken, which has a hint of cumin and middle East spices.  It tastes very much like the grilled chicken thighs that I usually cook for the girls 😉

Botanica + Co’s menu is a passport to cross-border cuisine-hopping, ranging from the Middle East mezze of textured hummus, spicy muhammara & creamy baba ganoush with house-baked flatbread to the American hot Reuben sandwich with pastrami, salami, melted Swiss cheese, BBQ sauce & an extra flourish of kimchi.  Portions are constructed for sharing if you’re not an  extremely big eater.  Our family of 6 shared everything you see here and portions were just right for us, though we had to doggy bag the Pasembur home for dinner.

Overall the food that we ordered was average.  I love the Pasembur though. The menu is quite extensive and the next time we visit again, we’ll try Sam’s Crab & Crayfish Laksa, which, from my online research,  has garnered positive reviews.   Botanica + Co is a great place for Insta-worthy photos to boast, good place to people watch and for photography as lighting is amazing. I love restaurants with natural lights.

Botanica & Co
G5 Podium, The Vertical,
Bangsar South City,
No. 8 Jalan Kerinchi,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 016-965 6422

Business hours:
Mon to Thurs: 11.30am – 10pm
Friday & Eve of Public Holiday: 11.30am – 12am
Sat: 9.30am – 12am
Sun & Public Holidays: 9.30am – 10pm

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Rasa Viet By Xin Chao Viet Nam @ The Sphere, Bangsar South

The Sphere is now the foodie hubby’s favorite place to hangout on weekends and public holidays. He likes this place as finding a place to park is a breeze and traffic is not crazy unlike at Mid Valley Megamall or in the heart of KL.  Each time we visit, a new restaurant pops out. When we visited on Sunday, 15 Sept 2019, we noticed a quaint and colorful Vietnamese restaurant and hubs was raring to try it.

Rasa Viet by Xin Chao Viet Nam was opened just two days earlier on 13 Sept 2019. Service was excellent and if you’re new to eating Viet food, the staff will explain to you how to savor the dishes.  Food was scrumptious and served the authentic Viet way.

First dish that arrived was chicken cabbage salad, which came complimentary on a time-limited basis ~ condition was we have to Like the restaurant’s page on Facebook and order a minimum of 2 dishes.  We received two plates of salad on the house as we ordered more than 4 dishes. The salad is to be put on top of the prawn cracker before you savor it.   This dish is extremely appetizing and will surely explode your taste buds to life before you devour on other exciting  dishes!

Chicken on skewers made from fragrant lemongrass stalks.

Chicken and prawn summer roll, served with a special peanut sauce dipping.

Sizzling pancake, eaten with rice paper.  The chef/owner came over to our table and personally rolled the pancake with the rice paper before serving it to us while another staff explained to us how to prepare the rice paper by dipping it briefly into water to soften it and the correct way of savoring this dish.

The basil and mint leaves rolled together with the crispy pancake, crisp juicy lettuce and rice paper and dipped with a house-made special spicy sauce give this roll a flavorful minty aroma in what proves to be an addictively good compilation of intense flavors.

Classic beef pho, Special beef pho, tendon beef pho and beef meatballs.  The beef was cooked to a tee in a very flavorful broth. Each mouthful offers so much euphoria that I had to stop the foodie hubs from saying ‘hhhhhmmmm, so yummy!” 😁

Chicken liver pate, tuna and fried egg Bánh mì on super crispy baguette.

Ice-blended Viet coffee

Viet caramel pudding ~ this pudding is to die for! If you’re a fan of santan-ish  desserts, the taste and texture of this pudding will surely stimulate the papillae in your mouth and make you crave for more.  It’s complimentary from the chef too.  The pudding has a hint of aromatic coconut cream (santan) and gula Melaka and super creamy. Alycia liked it so much that she asked her dad to takeaway four puddings for enjoyment at home later in the evening!

Fried cempedak with coconut ice-cream and fried sweet potato with coconut ice-cream are another to die-for desserts.  They are filled with all manner of yumminess and a stellar combination of strong flavors and texture (love the crunch of the batter on the fried stuff).  If you’ve not tried cempedak and sweet potato and coconut together before, you’re in for a real treat! Sinful but totally worth it. You can work out later 😉

This meal definitely put everyone in a good good mood!  I’m very sure the foodie hubs will visit this place again soon.  They have another branch at Solaris Dutamas.

Rasa Viet by Xin Chao Vietnam
Unit no. 3-GA, Level Ground
The Sphere, Bangsar South City
No. 8 Jalan Kerinchi, KL
Tel: 03-2242 1880

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Random Updates

The littlest one is back to her usual self finally and we’ve started to have our nightly before bedtime light-hearted chats on the bed once again. But as with most cuddly toddlers who turn into tweens and teenagers, she still greets any public display of warmth with revulsion and sullenness. Grown children do not want to be the object of all our affection or the main repository for all our dreams. I totally understand it and I’d gone through this phase once when I was a teenager. How I miss those days when my baby girl still loved her Telly Tubbies, High 5 and My Little Pony; those super UHU glue days when we would even hold hands when we were in the car 😥

Anyway, onwards and upwards!  On the bright side, my baby girl is growing up.  Today she told me that her teacher has chosen her and a few other classmates to take part in an inter-school drawing and painting competition. Cass is pretty good with her hands. She’s good in drawing, constructing things, putting together gadgets, self-assemble furniture, jigsaw puzzles and LEGO when I would freak out. She’s just like her dad.  She’s so happy that she gets to take part in this art competition and can’t wait to start on it.

Here are the photos of our late dinner or rather supper last Sunday on 8 September 2019.  The next day was a public holiday.

I can’t even think of the vaguest connection between these food pix and how Cass has morphed and remorphed, so I’m not even going to try.   So jumping right into it – after rounding the roads of KL and PJ and don’t have any idea on what to eat, hubs drove to Green View Restaurant, PJ to dig into crabs and jumbo prawns. As it was already 9 p.m., I told him to go easy on the dishes.  I don’t normally eat after 8 p.m.   So we only had 4 main dishes, juices and dessert.

Ice Plant served with sesame dressing.

Fresh prawn noodles

Sweet and sour crabs with fried mantou

Longan herbal jelly

There was also an individual bowl of crab meat sharks fins broth that hubs ordered for himself which I didn’t snap the photo.

Food was superb and by the time we finished our dinner, it was already close to 10:30 p.m.

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HFM’s Breakfast

The clock is ticking away to the day that Maria, my beloved part-time helper of 7 years goes on a 3-month maternity leave ~ only two more days with us  😭

Though Maria can’t do much strenuous work lately, we still love having her around in the evening to help us wash the dishes and do other light chores.  We treat her like she’s one of the family members and our 3 girls adore her… more than they adore me! But that’s OK and I don’t get jealous.  Maria gives me a sense of comfort whenever she’s around. I can just leave the house to her to clean up and go out and I will surely come home to a spic and span and clean house, every single time. I hope she’ll keep her promise and return to work for us in October 🙏

My breakfast for the last few days ☺️

Sherilyn’s homemade pie crust with papa’s homemade pandan kaya. So yummeh!!

Tucker’s gourmet caramelized onion crackers with papa’s homemade pandan kaya and a wedge of Mozarella cheese.  I always eat some protein with my carbs to slow down the release of insulin / spike in blood sugar.

Tucker’s gourmet crackers are  made from non-GMO ingredients and yeast-free. They’re pretty low in carbs too.  Goes well with Western soups, curries, jams and even good on its own.

And my mid-morning breakkie with the hubs yesterday:

One of the best pork noodles in KL can be found at Sun Sea kopitiam at OUG, where the morning market is. The coffee shop is kind of unkempt and run down. It’s very stuffy and hot to sit inside, so we sat outside and still had to sweat it out to enjoy our bowl of piping hot pork noodles.

What’s so special about the pork noodles is the broth – it’s infused with the umami sweetness of seafood. We heard that the seller adds seafood into the broth, to add depth and flavors into it.  Outside the coffee shop, you’ll see foreign workers peeling tons of prawns and squids.

Restoran Sun Sea OUG Pork Noodles
(Beside OUG morning wet market)
Jalan Hujan Rahmat,
Taman Overseas Union Garden (OUG),
58200 Kuala Lumpur.

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Parklife @ The Sphere, Bangsar South

We went to The Sphere again to have lunch last Sunday and did a joyful cafe-hopping eating marathon, hopping into three different eateries and ending at the Aeon food court to get takeaway for the girls for dinner. This is my ideal kind of Sunday as good food is the pulse of our life; and Sunday is the only day of the week that our family can have lunch together.

After lunch at Home Noodle Vermicelli Kong, we segued into Sunbather Coffee (again) for our second round of lunch and just as we were planning to leave The Sphere, Parklife caught my attention.  The very enticing colorful vegetable salads displayed next to the glass windows were like magnet to my eyes. I’m a sucker for colorful vegetable salads, especially if beets, pumpkin and egg plant are involved and what I saw was my kind of meal and I told the hubs that I wanted to get some of the salads for dinner.  To wait for the staff to pack my salad takeaway, hubs got everyone into the cafe and ordered cakes, coffee and tea. That’s our second round of dessert after our main course!

The hubs ordered a slice of decadent carrot cake and a slice of super delish gluten-free very chocolaty chocolate cake. I love both the cakes as they ain’t very sweet.  The homemade granola bar was a tad sweet for my liking though.

I chose Set A (RM23), comprising of a choice of 3 types of healthy salad. I chose steamed beetroot with apple, feta cheese and caramel walnut; roasted shiitake and oyster mushrooms and Palestinian cauliflower.

Parklife is a hive for healthy eating that emphasizes the pleasures of playful alluring vegetable recipes. Looking as much a farm as a park, this perky venue is a labour of passion by Penang-born chef Ling, returning to his homeland after decades of honing his craft everywhere from London to Moscow to Osaka.

Mediterranean vibrancy meets Middle Eastern vibes throughout much of the fare here. The bounty of Parklife’s harvest is spread out as a cornucopia of colourful salads for customers to view before ordering, while proteins are prepared to order in the kitchen. This place is definitely a place where I’d love to return for their healthy salads and decadent cakes.

Unit 5, Level Upper Ground, The Sphere, Bangsar South City, Jalan Kerinchi, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Daily, 10am-10pm. Fresh meals served 1230pm-230pm, 630pm-830pm.

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Sunbather Coffee @The Sphere, Bangsar South City

After our sumptuous lunch at The Farm Foodcraft @ The Sphere, we segued into Sunbather Coffee, located on the upper ground floor.

Sunbather Coffee’s menu highlights a worthy list of Instagrammable dishes, from impressive pocket sandwiches, Japanese-inspired rice bowls, delectable cake rolls, comforting pastas, irresistible house-made ice-creams, beautiful art-topped latte, specialty drinks and much more.

The ice cream served here is prepared in small batches to give you different flavours, some with a Japanese slant

Specializing in Western-influenced Japanese cuisine and third wave coffee, Sunbather Coffee opened its doors at The Sphere in December 2018. The cafe was packed to the brim with mostly youths when we were there on a Sunday.  We only ordered desserts, coffee and fancy beverages for the girls as we’d just had a heavy lunch but the pretty pocket sandwiches (which I initially thought were cakes) made me drool!  The pocket sandwiches in dark rye bread will be a must-order item the next time we patronize the cafe.

For a light lunch, opt for the 'ajitsuke tamago' sandwich made with dark rye bread
Photo credit: The Malay Mail

Photo credit: EatDrinkKL

My favorite Sunbather temptation is the Affogato with Madagascar vanilla ice-cream tinged with blue pea flower.

The iced matcha latte with Hojicha Kanten is not overly sweet and with just the  right ratio of milk to matcha which has a strong aroma of  premium green tea.  I loved it!  Hubs ordered Osmanthus latte which has a pleasant and mild sweetness of Osmanthus in each sip.

Sunbather’s Black Forest Roll Cake – very rich and chocolaty.

The Raindrop Anmitsu is of course for our Gen Z girls – fanciful, colorful and replete of their favorite chewies – jelly, mochi, red bean and watermelon balls. I find it a tad sweet for my palate  though.  Two of the mochi balls were not thoroughly cooked and the cafe supervisor gave us a RM1.80 discount off the bill.

There’s still so much more exciting items to try at Sunbather, sufficient for potentially half a dozen repeat visits and I am sure the girls will be more pleased than I am 😋

Sunbather is not only for the younger Generation. Even older people like myself get perky and happy at the sight of their colorful playful drinks, impressive Yoshoku (Western-influenced Japanese food) meals and desserts with unique combinations.

Sunbather Coffee
UG-12, Upper Ground, The Sphere, 8, Jalan Kerinchi, Bangsar South,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

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The Farm Foodcraft @ The Sphere, Bangsar South City

Today the hubs decided to bring us to try something new for lunch. So to Bangsar South we went!  We were impressed that within a short span of one year, so many eateries have opened up at The Sphere. We were there for the first time over a year ago and The Sphere was still pretty much empty with only a few eateries.  The lifestyle hub now features about 24 restaurants as of end May 2019 and does not only stop at local cuisine but a host of international options as well.  The Sphere is split into four levels with its anchor tenant, Aeon MaxValu Prime Super-market, covering a large section of the lower ground, acompanied by Miniso, Juice Lab and SOG Eyewear.

After a 15-20 minute walk around The Sphere, deciding on which restaurant to try, hubs finally settled on a new eatery ~ The Farm Foodcraft, which we later found out from the staff that it opened its doors just 4 days earlier. No wonder the menu was still pretty limited. Hubs ordered almost all the main courses in the menu and we left feeling totally satisfied with our meal! We were told by the staff that more exciting items to the menu is under way.

Inquisitive me also found out from the staff later that the herbs and some of the vegetables that we had in our salad were harvested in the restaurant’s own urban farming lab within the compound of the restaurant.  What they can’t grow, they source from the local farmers and vendors. There’s no middleman, no long drives to a remote farm for organic produce. Their ingredients get to the kitchen the same day they’re harvested.

Happy Harvest salad and Green Supreme juice for me. The salad serving is pretty huge and is enough for our family of  six.

Ox tail soup and truffle mushroom soup, both served with a crispy thinly sliced of buttered toast.

The main course items on the menu are fusion inspired and combines the best of both Asian and Western worlds.  The creamy mushroom pan mee with an assortment of different mushrooms (with sambal as condiment) was superb and curry beef lasagna comes with a bowl of mildly spicy aromatic curry.

East Meets West curry noodles is a flavorful curried broth with noodles and seafood. It’s spiciness level is so mild that I can stomach it very well.  I can’t take the typical fiery Malaysian curries but this spiciness level is perfect for me!

Everyone’s favorite dish here – Nasi Kerabu with very aromatic herbs and spices in every mouthful of rice.

Kuih Gulung is a marriage of Malay and Western flavors where the traditional Kuih Ketayap is metamorphosed into a whole new image, adorned with ice-cream and caramel cage to give it a restauranty edge.  The ultimate utopia was that moment when I took the first bite ~ the familiar fragrant dessicated coconut cooked in palm sugar nestled within the soft pandan kuih, oozing out as I popped the spoonful of kuih into  my mouth, heaven!  One mouthful is definitely not enough. I can actually chomp down the entire kuih by myself and not share it with anyone!  The girls can take the ice-cream and spun sugar, not the kuih!  This has to be one of the yummiest desserts I’ve ever tasted.

It’s not easy to please my bon viveur hubs and he’s pretty happy with the food, service and ambience.  We’ll definitely return again; this time to try their new dishes.  We’ll order the Nasi Kerabu and Kuih Gulung again for sure.

After our meal here, we segued into Sunbather Coffee for desserts! That’ll be in another post.

Level Ground, The Sphere, Bangsar South City
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2242 0964
Hours 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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