Tragic News

I had a major shock of my life early this morning when I logged in to my Facebook account to read the postings by my friends  on my News Feed.   I could not believe my eyes when I read that one of my customers was stabbed to death by some cold-hearted muggers yesterday evening.  It was the deceased’s sister who posted about the death and her sister is also my regular customer.  The deceased is only in her early 50s and she was such a nice and easy-going customer. The victim died while organizing a Hash Run. She was a massive supporter of Safer Malaysia and was always involved in charity work. She was stabbed 4 times and bled to death by the time her husband arrived and the ambulance took her to UH. They were at Gasing Hill for a Hash Run. Their daughter was with them too.

2 men were on a motorbike and had stopped next to the victim and her daughter. The pillion rider stepped off the bike and immediately stabbed her and tried to take her pouch. She shielded her teenage daughter and before the 2 men could harm the daughter, the young girl ran for her dear life. The daughter witnessed the entire tragedy.

I just cannot fathom why such a good-hearted person has to die at such a young age and in such a tragic and cruel manner. It is my hope that the ruthless murderers will be caught in the shortest possible time, face justice and serve due penance. May they rot in h*ll! I myself was a snatch theft victim and thank God I was not injured, albeit I have now developed a phobia of passing motorbikes whenever I walk or run on the road. And that’s why I always have a pepper spray in my pocket when I run on the road.  The scum was never caught and I never expected that our policemen would be capable of nabbing such criminals. The hubs’ car was stolen twice and in broad daylight on both the occasions! The car thieves were never caught too!  Pray tell how many more Malaysians must suffer and die before our security system wakes up!

8 Long Days And Still No Internet Yet

Can you beat it? The broadband internet has been disconnected from my house for 8 days and there is still no sign that it will be up again. I have stolen 2 hours again, to go to hubby’s office to complete an assignment. I tell you, i am REALLY REALLY pissed off with Telekom. I have been calling Telekom every 2-3 hours for the last 7 days and when I could no longer tolerate hearing their same old lame excuses anymore, I told them yesterday that I will publish this matter in my websites. Today, the technical department of Telekom called to inform me that my Streamyx should be up but my fixed phone line is still down, thus I still can’t access internet. Though I have already lodged a report on the faulty phone line, no one came or called me…. and I am calling every 2-3 hours again to press them to speed up the matter.  See how efficient our government is! I am SO DARN PISSED OFF right now!

Life Is Crazy

Life is crazy.  I am working my brain and fingers at full steam now.  I have 18 outstanding assignments to complete in 2 days and Streamyx is still not re-connected yet.  I will surely have to reject some of the offers as I can only afford to steal 2 hours a day to go to my hubby’s office to work…. and bringing Baby C along with me.  Baby C is also not cooperating as she is crying incessantly.  I think she does not like hubby’s office.  As I am typing this post, I am cradling her with my left hand and nursing her.  What to do, I need the money! 

Internet Down

I am sooooooo darn pissed off with Telekom.   After 4 looooooooong, agonizing days of without internet connection, my Streamyx is still NOT up yet…. thanks to our efficient Telekom.   For the last 4 days, I have been calling Telekom every 3 hours to check on the status of my case and each time I called, I got the same answer.   I tell you, I am just so pissed off with them. 

Anyway, long story cut short coz I am running out of time as I am stealing 2 hours to work at my hubby’s office now….. with Baby C with me now.

 to be continued….

Cheapskate Advertiser

Early this morning, I managed to grab an offer from this advertising network.  The payout is slightly higher than the norm.  I should have immediately completed this assignment and submitted it to the advertiser coz I have just received an email from the cheapskate advertiser informing me that the campaign is cancelled.  Bummer!  And this is not the first time advertisers from this network cancel campaigns.  Many bloggers have ‘kena’ before…..all the time.  I was about to start writing the ad when I saw the email.  What the fun, luckily I have not wasted my precious time cracking my head for ideas to write the ad yet.  That is just so unprofessional of the advertiser to do that.  If they don’t want the ad to appear in my blog, why give the task to me in the first place? 

Nerve-racking Moments

There were 3 high paying opps from TigaP network since this morning but they were all shaded grey.  Each time the opp turned white (3 times), it took ages to load the page, then ages for the damn captcha to appear, then after I had typed the hard-to-decipher captcha (at times typed it wrongly), I had to wait ages again for the page to load only for me to see the dreaded words in red after the page is loaded.  Do you face such nerve-racking moments too when you try to grab opps from TigaP?

Would You Be Glad or Sad?

My 3-year old mobile phone finally breathed its last breath last week and conked out.   After one week of being mobile phone-less, hubby finally got me a new mobile phone yesterday, despite his busy schedule this week.  I should be really glad that hubby bought me a new mobile phone right? No! When I inserted the SIM card into my new mobile phone, I realized that the I can’t even see a single number stored in the phone.  Hubby told me that my numbers were all stored in the memory of my old mobile phone and not the SIM card and when it died, the memory could have gone with it too.

Anyway, today, he went back to the phone shop to try and retrieve my numbers from the old mobile phone that he has traded in.  However,  hubby was told by the sales man that none of the numbers could be retrieved. Oh bummmer, hundred over numbers all gone in a flash!  Just tell me what I’m supposed to do now?  Hundred over numbers all gone and how am I going to trace back these numbers?  Email all my friends and ask them to provide me with their numbers again?  Then, key in one by one into my mobile phone?  Sei lor, that will take me days if not weeks to complete my mission.  What the fun, great!

Bugger Streamyx

Streamyx screwed up again. Internet connection was disrupted for at least half an hour this afternoon. When I called Streamyx, I was given the usual initial crap of “there’s no internet disruption at your area Ma’am. Can you turn off your computer and restart it 15 minutes later?” After pressing the help desk guy to check, he finally checked and told me that there’s indeed a maintenance work on-going at my area. What the fun, this disruption is happening too frequently, like every other day. Streamyx better buckle up or risk loosing more customers.

Streamyx Sucks

Internet connetion has been very unstable for the past 2 days.  A few bloggers and I were unable to get into the sites of 3P, Blogitive and PU2B for 2 days.  We thought we were  suspended and locked out by these advertisers coz bloggers from other areas in the Klang Valley and East Malaysia were able to log in to these sites.  When I called Streamyx,  I was given the same unacceptable answer and help.  I find that even after 1 full day of Streamyx being down at certain areas, the Help Desk officers are still unaware and not notified of the problem.  Instead, they give useless advice and step-by-step instructions to change the settings in our PC or delete certain files and cookis which had once caused my PC to go haywire.  Streamyx sucks don’t they?   Chin Nee was telling me maybe we should switch to Maxis or other providers.


The day is finally arriving.  I’ll be off to my gynae’s office to have an Amnio done tomorrow.  I’m nervous and worried.  Worried of the pain during the procedure, worried of a leaking amniotic sac which would result in a miscarriage, worried of a pre-term labor and worried of a bad report. 

Today I feel really down.  The host for this blog is unable to help me recover my lost posts.  I get really pissed off with them.  Each time I write to them for help, they will tai chi the problem back to me, asking me to solve it myself.  Now, they’ve asked me to check my cPanel for the lost posts.  For pete’s sake,  the data in the cPanel is full of IT jargons and codes and an IT idiot like me would have no clue what those things are.  I guess I will have to forgo all the lost posts and loose all the money that the advertisers are due to me.  All my precious time, effort, sacrifices and lack of sleep are going down the drain.  It’s a lot of money there and I think I will have to write full swing for 1 month to recover all that I have lost.

Streamyx Down Again

Streamyx connection was down for almost 2 hours from 12 noon.  The ‘data’ line on my modem was blinking and all other lights were stable too.  When I clicked on the Streamyx icon on my desktop, an error message no. 678 appeared.  Called Streamyx and was on the line with the customer service guy for almost an hour but the problem wasn’t solved.  Was feeling so down as I have 9 outstanding tasks  due tomorrow and on Saturday.  Thank God the connection was up again at around 2pm, otherwise would have to work at hubby’s office and bring the 2 gals along.

Updates For Today

Internet connection has been super duper bad today. I’ve wasted so much time trying to sign into Blogger, then have to wait like forever for the page to download and I can’t even upload pictures to my posts.  To make matters worse, my gmail is down and I can only view my mails in HTML mode. The stupid guy from Streamyx Help Desk yesterday directed me to delete some files and cookies from my computer and since then, my computer has been acting so wierd.  Tomorrow, I’ll have to send my computer to the shop for repair. Double whammy!!

This afternoon, Alycia told me that her head was painful and when I touched it, it was HOT.  When I checked her temperature, it was 38.6 degree celsius. I gave her some syrup paracetamol but she puked. I then immediately gave her a Voltaren suppository. When she woke up from her nap, her fever subsided and she was active again.  We cooked porridge for her for dinner but she only ate a few spoonfulls.  I then gave her some cold pears and cold organic juice.  Minutes later, when I checked her temperature, I was shocked to see that it has shot up to 39.6 degrees celsius. I immediately sponged her body. I’m going to give her a bath now and give her another Voltaren suppository.  I’m praying that her fever will subside coz I really want to attend the bloggers’ gathering this Sunday. I’ve missed the last one and this time, I really don’t want to miss it again. 

What A Morning

Last night around midnight, I had reserved an offer from TigaPi. This morning, when I tried to reserve the offer again, the dreaded red words appeared! This has happened far too many times albeit the 6 hours is not even up yet. Never mind, there were still a few offers shaded in green and I happily reserved another one. After cracking my foggy brain and typing for around half an hour, I wanted to publish the post and clicked on the reserve tab again. Holy shit, the dreaded red words appeared again!!  Lighting does strick twice at the same spot!  I just can’t believe the jinx. But God is kind, I managed to reserve 2 more offers and had successfully submitted the posts to TigaPi. Now I can only pray that these 2 posts will be approved by TigaPi.  What a great start to a Saturday morning!

Pissed Off With Streamyx

I woke up at 6am today hoping to grab some offers and to complete my outstanding assignments. But my computer wouldn’t cooperate. It took me ages to download the advertisers’ websites. Some websites were fine but I had problems with most sites. I thought my computer was acting up again and restarted it but after it was rebooted, the situation was the same. I had already wasted an hour trying to refresh each screen and to reboot the computer. I then decided to call Streamyx and it was then that I found out that certain areas in the Klang Valley are experiencing Streamyx disruption. Oh what the fun, if only I had known earlier, I could have just continued with my beauty sleep instead of dragging myself up for nothing. So I didn’t manage to do anything this morning until around 10am. What a bummer!

No Luck

This morning, I saw a few opps from TigaP but luck just wasn’t with me, someone is ALWAYS faster than me. I saw the opps appeared right in front of my eyes and one was shaded green while the other was shaded white but the moment I clicked on the opp, it just vanished into thin air, it didn’t even turn grey but just vanished!

What A Bummer

One of the things that upset me a lot is when the water supply to my house is cut off. This week itself, the underground water pipes near our house burst twice, once 2 days ago and this morning, they burst again. This happens very frequently at our housing estate as it is an old housing estate. Each time it happens, the water supply to our house will be cut off for at least half a day and we will not be able to do anything – from taking our baths to cooking, washing the clothes, washing the dishes, cleaning the house, flushing the toilets, etc. I just hate this situation when we are all left dry and dirty. When the water is finally back, needless to say, the water will be murky like teh tarik (pulled tea with milk) and this will last for at least 3 days though we have a huge water filter in our garden. Our clothes will be stained when they are washed in the washing machine and I dare not even wash my face or rinse my mouth with the teh tarik colored water.

I’ll be going out now to the RO water-dispenser across my house to buy some water. I just hope there is still some water left for us to buy. What a bummer!