Truly Organic

I almost dumped this fella into the wok yesterday. It was snugged inside its shell and velcroed to a piece of organic lettuce.

Why didn’t I see it when I washed the veggie earlier? Eeesshhh, that’s the problem when you’re too busy and can only afford half an hour to cook!!

I like to see holes, snails and worms on the organic green leafy veggies that I buy. This gives me the reassurance that the veggies have not been sprayed with pesticides. When I see vegetables that are exceptionally big, leafy, shiny, plump and flawless with not a hole on it like fake veggies, I get really skeptical. How can crops grow so impeccably without being attacked by pests?

Would you rather (unknowingly) eat vegetables laced with pesticides or eat an organic worm? I choose the latter. It’s protein anyway 😀 And people in some parts of the world eat BBQ-ed worms and bugs like a delicacy.

Cass begged me not to kill the snail as she wanted to keep the cute baby snail  as her pet (good gracious!) while Drama Queen manhandled it! After they got bored playing with the garden snail, Drama Queen flicked it down the balcony, hoping that the snail would land on some plants below and survives *slaps forehead*  You think snaily survived the fall?



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Kids Nap The Darnest Ways

Guess what this is? It’s the gals’ play tunnel, folded and buttoned up. And guess what Alycia loves doing with it?  More guesses. Guess what’s inside this tunnel, which looks like the shell of a snail?

One afternoon, Alycia napped inside this little cocoon… and Baby found her jie jie inside….

… and kept calling cheh cheh, cheh cheh…. until cheh cheh woke up from her beauty sleep…

Then this little monkey followed suit, hopped inside and pretended to sleep like her cheh cheh….

Later, both of them had more fun crawling in and out of their cocoon.  They sure know how to find games to entertain themselves when mummy is busy.

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Kids Say The Darnest Things – Part 3

Conversation 1

Alycia – Mum, long time we din go back to Ipoh to see koong koong and granny.
Me – yup, you miss them?
Alycia – Yess….
Me – we will go back to Ipoh next month to celebrate koong koong’s birthday, are you happy?
Alycia – Yyess….. and gives me a big grin.
Me – so what are you going to give koong koong for his birthday?
Alycia – hmmmm……a BIG hug….
Me – only a big hug?
Alycia – and a balloon….
Me – what shape balloon?
Alycia – hmmmmm… heart shape and hmmmmmm….. a square balloon.

Conversation 2

Alycia and Sherilyn had just gotten up from their afternoon nap and Alycia started to whine for no apparent reasons. After I had failed to subdue Alycia, I gave up and brought Sherilyn to the bathroom and as I was washing up Sherilyn…

Sher – mummy, where is Alycia?
Me – Alycia is whining and crying in the hall. Mummy hates the sounds of whining and crying you know, make me mad.
Sher – make me mad oso.
Me – you also always whine and cry for no reason, right?
Sher – ahahahaha……

Conversation 3

We were having dim sum at Overseas Restaurant today and Sherilyn was placed on a baby chair with a seat belt that was spoilt.

Sher to me – my seat belt is spoilt. Aunty, aunty.. … halo halo…. please come and fix my seat belt, it’s spoilt….. as she waves her hand to the waitress.
All of us laughed at her.

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Kids Say The Darnest Things – Part 2

More funny, touching and darn things that my gals had said :

Conversation 1
Kakak – Ok, everyone, please help kakak pick up the toys.
Sherilyn – I’m so tired…. (and then lets out a big sigh)

Conversation 2
Sherilyn sitting on her potty – Jajak (kakak)… i stomachache…. please help me…. please please……(as she scrunches her tummy in pain with her hands)
Jajak and mummy then burst out laughing.

Conversation 3
Alycia – Mum, you are so pretty, like an angel…
Me – Thank you Alycia. You’re also very pretty and you’re also mummy’s angel. Why do you say mummy is pretty like an angel? Have you seen how an angel looks like?
Alycia – No, but you look like a princess.

Conversation 4
On a dark evening as it was raining heavily…..
Me – Take a look outside Alycia, it’s raining cats and dogs and it’s so dark
Alycia – Where, where…. where got cats and dogs?
Me – Raining cats and dogs means raining very heavily.
Me – Ohhh……..

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Sherilyn and Her Nappy… part 2

Earlier, I had written about how obsessed Sherilyn was with her nappy. It’s been more than 2 weeks now and Sherilyn’s obsession with her nappies is becoming more intense now and she has even rubbed off the obsession to her cheh cheh. This morning, both gals wore a nappy cape round their shoulders and ran round the house and pretended to be flying as they shouted “i am supergirl, yay”.

Sherilyn’s obsession was far worse off than Alycia’s as she insisted to wear it all the time, from pooping time, to meal time, to napping time. Siau or not you say?

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