Second Payment From Google Adsense

I received my second payment from Google Adsense several months ago but only had the time to withdraw the cash from Western Union several days ago.  The exchange rate was pretty good at 3.58 and I managed to cash out RM843.  Quite a lot of money eh?  I used to earn much more than that from writing paid posts during the good times 2 years ago. Oh well, nothing is forever.

So what am I going to do with the money? I wish I can splurge it anyhow I like but too bad, most of it will go towards my credit card account…. to partially settle the amount incurred on Baby C’s surgeries.

Direct Offer From An Advertiser

Someone from a local advertising network called me this morning. I was very busy trying to collect Baby C’s pee (to be sent for a urine culture) and didn’t have the time to entertain her and told her to call me back at 3pm today. At 3pm sharp today, this lady called me back. I was still busy (well, I’ve never been free these days) and was quite pissed off. But when she offered me to write an advertorial on one of our local bank’s new product, which the advertiser is going to pay me RM200+, I could feel my mood instantly changed from one of being irritated to being excited! Look at me, so money-minded! Anyway, she told me that I have to attend the bank’s launch on 8 January 09. I told her that I am unable to attend and asked if I could just write the product review after reading the product description, she said it’s fine. I further asked her to send me an email to confirm this offer, which she said will be sending to me soon. I still haven’t received the email yet and I hope I’ll receive it soon.

A Cheque From Google… Finally

After having the Google Adsense ads on my Blogspot blog for 16 long months, I finally got my loooooooong awaited first cheque from Google, amounting to USD122.13!  Earnings are moving at snail’s pace but at least I don’t have to do anything, yet get paid, in USD that is.  This cheque motivates me to create a few more niche blogs to monetize my blogs from Adsense!   No wonder some people can have hundred over blogs and earn a 5-figure income every month.  Samm, I must learn from you! 

ClickBooth Ads For Your Blog

I still have not signed up this blog for any pay-per-click ads program. I had wanted to sign up for AdSense but AdSense is bringing in the revenue at snail’s pace. I signed up my Blogspot blog with AdSense in April last year and up until now, the revenue has not even reached USD100, though traffic to my blog is fairly good.

I just found out that I can sign up for ClickBooth ads in my blog. ClickBooth is an advertising network which connects both the advertisers and the publishers. ClickBooth enjoys wide popularity because they are one of the highest paying ads programs on the internet.  Another advantage of signing up with ClickBooth is that the publisher will be paid once his/her account exceeds the $50 threshold for the month while most pay-per-click advertisers only pay when the publisher’s account reaches $100.

If you are interested to have ClickBooth ads in your blog, all you have to do is to register your blog or website.  After that, you have to wait for the site administrator at ClickBooth to review your site and once it is approved, you will have access to thousands of brand name online marketing campaigns instantly and can start publishing ads in your blog. So wait no further, quick register your blog with ClickBooth now!

Cheapskate Advertiser

Early this morning, I managed to grab an offer from this advertising network.  The payout is slightly higher than the norm.  I should have immediately completed this assignment and submitted it to the advertiser coz I have just received an email from the cheapskate advertiser informing me that the campaign is cancelled.  Bummer!  And this is not the first time advertisers from this network cancel campaigns.  Many bloggers have ‘kena’ before…..all the time.  I was about to start writing the ad when I saw the email.  What the fun, luckily I have not wasted my precious time cracking my head for ideas to write the ad yet.  That is just so unprofessional of the advertiser to do that.  If they don’t want the ad to appear in my blog, why give the task to me in the first place? 

Want To Earn More Moolah From Your Blog?

If you are looking for new avenues to earn more revenue from your blog, then head on to Snapbomb, a network that connects advertisers with bloggers. Snapbomb believes that blog marketing and buzz marketing is the strongest form of advertising today. The advertisers at Snapbomb will pay bloggers for writing opinions about their products and services. How much you will be paid depends on the value of your blog. Your blog will be valued based on its popularity, quality, expertise in a field, audience size and feedback from your posts.

You can start by registering your blog(s) at Snapbomb and begin to select opportunities right away! However, some opportunities will not be available to you if they don’t match your blog. Each blog post must contain a minimum of 150 words and advertisers will be rating your posts.  You will be paid via PayPal or check on the 1st and 16th of each month 6o days from the time you created your post. Quick sign up now and start to earn money right away!

Google Is Finally Paying Me

I got a pleasant surprise yesterday when I saw a letter from Google AdSense.  The money in my account has finally reached USD50…. after 9 long months!  I am now required to log in to my Google AdSense account and enter the PIN number, which I have already done. However, the remaining steps to getting payment seems sooooo complicated and long. Google is asking me to click on links after links to read on. I am now trying to find the short way to getting payment by seeking advise from those of you who have already received payment from Google recently.

My question is after entering the PIN number, what am I supposed to do? Would really appreciate you explaining the steps to me. Thanks!

Sorry, my full name and address are for my eyes only 🙂

Thrills Of Grabbing Opps

If you are a blogger who does paid posts, tell me, do you feel thrilled to pieces when you see this particular advertising network release opps one by one?  I already feel elated when I see one opp appearing on my screen and when I refresh my screen and see more opps popping out, I feel as if I see a philanthropist throwing money  on the street and I have to fight with other people to grab the money, LOL!  

A Good Google PR Makes A BIG Difference

Yes, it does and the effect is immediate. Yesterday morning, I was taken by surprise to see 3 offers for me from this advertiser. I had not known of my promoted PR yet and was wondering if the advertiser made a mistake by giving me 3 offers. Hours later, I found out from Hui Sia that my Google PR has shot up to PR4. Later in the evening, I received another highly paid offer from this advertiser.

This morning, I saw another long list of opps for me at LL. My blog was approved by LL 3 months ago and I hardly got any offers from them but after the PR promotion, the opps just came pouring in. I still haven’t accepted any from them yet as I still have 13 outstanding assignments.

Yes, I’m happy that my blog PR has increased but am worried at the same time that I may not be able to handle the number of assignments. I guess I just have to strike a balance between earning money and spending time with my kids, even if it means having to forgo some opps and earning less.

What A Morning

Last night around midnight, I had reserved an offer from TigaPi. This morning, when I tried to reserve the offer again, the dreaded red words appeared! This has happened far too many times albeit the 6 hours is not even up yet. Never mind, there were still a few offers shaded in green and I happily reserved another one. After cracking my foggy brain and typing for around half an hour, I wanted to publish the post and clicked on the reserve tab again. Holy shit, the dreaded red words appeared again!!  Lighting does strick twice at the same spot!  I just can’t believe the jinx. But God is kind, I managed to reserve 2 more offers and had successfully submitted the posts to TigaPi. Now I can only pray that these 2 posts will be approved by TigaPi.  What a great start to a Saturday morning!

Outstanding Assignments Cleared

I’ve finally completed all my outstanding assignments and only left with 1 that I had received yesterday. It’s a feeling of relief yet itching for more assignments. Have not been receiving many offers for the last few days. It’s funny that when I am bogged down with many assignments, I feel the stress but when I don’t have any, I feel upset and itching to have some. Humans are just never satisfied with what they have! Well, at least today I can start writing more personal posts and spend some time reading to the girls.

Are These All For Me?

This morning, I got a real surprise when I logged into one of my favorite advertiser’s websites to see if they have sent me any assignments. I’ve not received offers from this advertiser for more than a week but this morning, I saw 18 tasks there! As I have astigmatism, I had to blink my eyes and rub them to see the screen, just to make sure I’m not imagining things. Well, there were indeed 18 tasks there. Luckily the deadline for submission is next week, else I would have to stay up late to complete them.

Setting Up Own Domain

I was google chatting with one blogger mom a moment ago and she has kindly offered me her help to set up a WordPress blog. Since I’ve got help offered to me, I am even more tempted to transfer my blog to my own domain now. That would really benefit me in the long run. Many advertisers, especially ‘ l c l y 3P’ are restricting offers to Blogspot blogs so if I remain with Blogspot, my opportunities would be really low. Anyone has any good host to recommend based on your own experience with them? Would appreciate comments.

Morning Plan Thwarted

This morning, I decided to wake up at 5:30am to complete a few outstanding assignments which are due today. But Sherilyn my little rascal decided she wanted to wake up and follow me down too. I put her to sleep next to daddy (which she would normally gladly fall back to sleep) but she wouldn’t sleep. She was just so alert and raring to go down with me. So along she went down with me, drank her milk, had her washed up and changed and she still didn’t want to go back to sleep. I told her mummy has work to do and asked her to go back to sleep. Fortunately after about 15 minutes tossing and rolling on the mattress on the floor, she drifted back to sleep. As for me, I could only complete 1 assignment. I hope I can complete the rest by today, else I would have to let the assignments expire.

Nice People

I’ve made friends with some very nice, thoughtful and helpful people through blogging. Most of them I have never met but they have offered me help in many ways. One such person is this mummy who has never failed to check offers for me and even heped to log into my account to reserve offers for me whenever I am out, asleep or busy! We help each other out but she has gone all out to help me. Thank you Barbara!