Alycia’s First Guitar Lesson

Today marks an important day in Alycia’s life. It is a day that she will remember profoundly for the rest of her life as today is her first guitar lesson.  After years of talking about learning guitar, I finally chanced upon this guitar teacher exactly a week ago at the lift of our condo. Actually, I had seen this guy lugging a couple of guitars with him several times at the lift of our condo and I had wanted to ask him many times if he teaches guitar.  I finally summoned my courage to ask him last week and bingo,  jackpot.  I found my daughter a guitar teacher who could come and teach her one-on-one.

Since Alycia was 2 or 3 years old, she had already indicated to us her interest in learning the guitar but we thought that she was way too young, so we bought her several toy guitars to play with, to placate her 😀

Finally, today she is learning the real guitar and here, the teacher brought us 2 new Ukulele (smaller than a guitar)  to choose…

While I was immediately drawn to the pink Ukulele (pink is MY favorite color! Even my car is pink hehe!), Alycia made a puking look and said NO!  So we took the brown one, which is more expensive and produces a better quality tone.

As a beginner, Alycia is taught the Ukulele  and when she has mastered the strings and notes, she will graduate to a guitar.

All in, I paid over RM500 for a new Ukulele, a month’s fee to the teacher, a book and a tuner.  This is still way cheaper than learning a piano.  And we get to see a handsome teacher too *coughs* 😀

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