Must Have Door Stopper

After rascal #2’s thumb got squashed by a steel door about 2 years ago (the bone of her left thumb cracked a little and the nail was yanked off.  It was a bloody scene at home and in the hospital.  Eeeeeekssss!), I have developed a strong phobia of my kids’ fingers being squashed by doors. Since then, almost every door in our house has a door stopper and all our bedroom doors have 2 door stoppers – one in front and one at the back, where the door hinge is.

Most of the conventional U-shaped door stoppers are for the front of the door. The back of the door where the door hinge is, that’s where the finger accidents happened most of the time to Sherilyn and Alycia. Before I found out about this amazing door stopper for the hinge, I used 2 U-shaped door stoppers – one in front and one at the back. On some doors, I used a floor door stopper, ie those where you place on the floor to stop the door from moving. But the U-shaped door stoppers are often breakable and they tend to drop off the door when there’s strong wind and the door slams hard. As for the floor door stopper, my kids tend to play with them (esp Baby) and they always go missing.

When Cosway sent me a brochure the other day, I saw this door stopper and I knew I must get a set:

The plastic door stopper is hooked at the door hinge and it’s pretty child-safe in that it prevents the door from closing and the gap behind the door is big enough not to get a toddler’s finger pinched from behind when the door moves.

When you want to close the door, simply remove the door stopper and hang it on a holder next to the door.  A set of 2 door stoppers only costs RM6.90.

All our bedroom doors are now affixed with 2 door stoppers – one in front and one at the back. It’s better to be safe than sorry. I want no second time waiting at the hospital ER with my kid with blood everywhere on the hospital floor!

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My mil is a coffee lover, so much so that she even has a special coffee grinder to grind coffee beans so that she has a cup of very aromatic coffee every morning.

This is the coffee-maker / coffee bean grinder

Whenever Alycia and Sher see mah mah grinding the coffee beans, they will surely fight to lend a helping hand.

The ground coffee powder is collected in a little drawer in the coffee-maker.

The coffee powder is then poured into a disposable paper sieve put on top of a special funnel. Hot water is then poured on the coffee powder.

Even her coffee beans are kept in a special container that is air-tight, which my mil uses a special pump to pump out all the air (on the cover of the container) before she keeps them in the fridge!

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Lightning Surge Protector For My Golden Goose

Ever since the network card in my PC was struck by lighting, I have a phobia whenever there is lightning. My computer technician advised me to get a surge protector which acts to protect my PC, the modem and our telephone line. The protector is affixed to the wall socket and all other plugs are affixed to the protector. It costs RM70 and he came to install it today. Hopefully this is really useful.

Does anyone of you have a surge protector for your computer and modem too?

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Cool Gadget For Babies And Adults

My sil recently got a cool gadget for the gals from Hong Kong, but mummy and daddy can also use it. It’s a anti-mosquito device, specially designed for babies. The device operates by emitting ultrasounds within a range of 3 metres which annoy mosquitoes without causing any undesired effect to people or animals. It operates on batteries with an average useful life of approximately 100 hours. This gadget is so small that you can fasten it to your clothes, babies’ strollers, planpen, just on anything. Cool or not?

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Mosquitoes And Insects Trapper

Do you know what DH hates most? Mosquitoes. That’s because 5 years ago, both he and MIL contracted Dengue Fever, both at the same time. I remember it was a few weeks after I had finished my ‘confinement’ when I suffered a miscarriage, that both DH and MIL were down with Dengue Fever. Barely over from the heartache, I had to muster up enough strength to care for 2 sick people, travelling to and fro house and hospital. It was one of the darkest moments in my life.

Ok, enough of sob story. After DH recovered from Dengue Fever, he developed a strong hatred for mosquitoes. Everyday, he’d carry a huge torchlight and a battery-operated mosquito zapper (like a badminton racquet) and go on a mosquito-hunting spree.

Recently, DH bought a mosquito/insect trapper which is really very effective. This trapper emits Carbon Dioxide (CO2), the kind of gas that we humans emit and an ultraviolet light that attract insects and mozzies. When the insects and mozzies enter the trapper, a fan will pull these bugs down to the base, which is a sticky pad. Everyday, there will be lots of mozzies and little insects trapped in the sticky pad. This device is so effective that DH bought another 3 units recently, with each unit costing around RM300. So for those looking for a solution to mozzies woes in your house, check out this trapper.

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