A Little Kitten At Home

Despite having to discard Haru’s poop and pee like 100x a day, empty her litter box and disinfect it with PECA water twice weekly, feed her at 6am even before I feed myself and entertain her throughout the day, Haru is a joy in our lives. She brings much laughter to everyone, except for the someone who doesn’t like to have a cat in the house la.

Hubs told me to just scoop away the poop and pee after several evacuations but OCD me cannot stand the stench (especially poop) wafting in the house as the litter box is just next to the living area and my work area. Now I’m starting to have backache from having to bend over the box to remove the litter box.  We really have to get a cage soon as cleaning the litter box is really back-breaking!

Something as simple as a fluorescent pink rope can keep Haru entertained for at least 15 minutes, sometimes up to 30 minutes.  The pink rope is currently her favorite toy.

Haru loves playing with thrash too. So I fill up receipts in a plastic bag, tie it up into a ball to keep her entertained. I think she likes the rustling sound from the plastic bag.

Cass is smitten with Haru. She puts her best friend on her lap during online classes while the fur ball with tiny sharp fangs gnaws playfully on her fingers. They keep each other company happily.

Haru always tries her best to be friends with Alycia, who still has a phobia of cats. She’s still trying very hard to overcome her Ailurophobia through holding Haru and playing with her. But if Haru dashes across Alycia’s feet swiftly like a drain rat, Alycia will jump out of her skin and scream “MUMMMMMMMY!!!!” 🤣

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Yearly Pap Smear and Screening

The time of the year is here again. Today is my yearly pap smear and screening at my gynae’s clinic. I’m feeling extra anxious this year. I know I’ve not been too kind to my body with all the stress, anxiety and other negative emotions that I’ve been feeding my mind the past one year. I’ve always been snacking on junk food!!

Praying that all will be well today. Wish me luck!

I’ll update everyone on the outcome of the check up soon.

Here’s Haru saying Happy Meowday all and sundry!

Haru in her ‘sakai’ mode switched on – ‘lovingly’ biting me and just being super playful.


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Switching High School

After a month of attending online classes at her new high school (SMK/public school), Cass finally told me that she wanted to switch school – back to the initial high school of her choice, which is a coveted independent Chinese high school (ICHS). She passed the entrance exam in December last year and was accepted into the school. We had paid the registration and January fee. However, she later changed her mind about going to this school and went to a feeder public school assigned to her.

I wasn’t keen to transfer Cass back to this ICHS mainly because, like I’d mentioned in my previous posts, I do not wish for Cass to struggle studying in Chinese for another 5-6 years in a ‘military’ style tough Chinese high school. Plus, this school is well known for emphasizing importance in academics. It’s not uncommon for students to transfer out from this school to a national school when they can no longer cope with the pressure from this ICHS. There’s a minimum average mark that students have to maintain in order to remain in this school.  Another reason is the school fees.  Hubby’s business and income have been affected since last year when the MCO was imposed in our country at the start of the Covid19 pandemic. With Cass studying in this private school, another huge cost will be added to our monthly expenses.

But I see it pointless for Cass to continue studying at her current high school when she has shown almost zilch interest during online classes. She doesn’t look happy or enthusiastic since the start of online classes in mid January this year. After spending 6 years in a Chinese primary school, the teaching method and language (in BM) seems to have given her a slight ‘culture shock’.

Knowing that chances of our appeal to be accepted back into this ICHS are slim, I still tried my luck and emailed the school.  Several days later, a staff from the academics department of the ICHS called to inform me that our appeal has been approved.  I had to confirm the switch in school by 3pm on the same day as a lot has to be done for Cass’ data which has been deleted from the school system to be keyed in again so that Cass can start online lessons the next day. The staff warned me that the school’s academic expectations are high and homework is heavy. She warned me that Cass will have a lot of catching up to do as she has missed out on a month’s worth of studies and homework.  I explained Cass’ health issues and her impending surgery this year to the staff and she told me to consider carefully on the switch of school as Cass will have to put in a lot of hard work to catch up on  studies/homework that she’ll be missing during the surgery and recuperation at home.

Cass wasn’t worried anymore about the heavy homework load and possibility of struggling for another 5-6 years studying Chinese. She just wanted to switch back to the high school of her initial choice. All Science and Math subjects are taught in dual language in English and Chinese.

I called the school back at 3pm on the same day to confirm Cass’ registration, made the necessary payment and Cass started her first online class the next day at 7:20 a.m.   Online classes start from 7:20 a.m. and only end at 2:30 p.m. from Mondays through Saturdays.  I’ve never seen Cass this enthusiastic in her online lessons since late last year. I hope that she finds her mojo and zeal in her studies again in her new high school.  And she’s happiest as her best friend is also studying in this school, albeit in another class.

The next morning, Alycia had to be in school to arrange tables and chairs in preparation for her final leg exam in high school – SPM, which starts next Monday for a duration of one month! After Alycia was done with the arrangement of tables and chairs, she collected her school leaving cert and helped me to buy Cass’ books.  And there goes another RM500+ on books and another RM600 for the school’s yearly miscellaneous fees!

Haru like a koala bear on Cass’ hoodie jacket while she attends online lessons 😁

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Updates on Haru Our Pet Kitten

We started feeding Haru with wet kitten food last week, when she’s about 7-8 weeks old. We’re not exactly sure how old she is though. She absolutely loves her Whiskas tuna and mackeral fish. She got so excited trying  her first real food that her body was shaking with excitement 😂 and she whined like a puppy to ask for more.

We still feed Haru with milk at least once a day, though she’s not exactly enthusiastic anymore. Her special lactose-free goat milk formula imported from Netherlands costs over RM27 for a small tub, which is way more expensive than our milk powder. I think we can wean Haru off milk after she finishes this tub of formula.

Alycia is still trying her best to overcome her phobia of cats and trying really hard to like and touch Haru. It’s improving by the day and she can now hold Haru without having to wrap her with a towel 😆. However, Haru still gives Alycia the jitters. It’s not easy to overcome a phobia, eh?

Alycia setting up a video call for Haru to meet her brother, Ginger (now named Moon Moon), who’s been adopted by her best friend. Ginger now has a life that every cat dreams off – he’s free to roam in the house, is very loved by her owners and has two avocado cat beds. He’s even allowed to sleep with his owners on their beds. We’re all so happy for Ginger.

Haru with her hooman dad 😁. Daddy is trying his best to convince the queen to allow Haru to roam freely in the house so that we needn’t buy a cage to cage up Haru after all.

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Chinese New Year 2021

Chinese New Year this year is celebrated on a whole different level with no traveling back to our hometown, no house visiting, no mall visiting, no lion dance, no nothing but just sitting at home. The girls miss playing  fire crackers with their Singaporean cousins in Ipoh, enjoying koong koong’s homecooked dishes and granny’s cookies. In accordance with the government’s Covid19 SOP for CNY this year, reunion dinner on the eve of CNY is only allowed for relatives staying within a 10km radius in the same district. Our condo Management only allows guests in from 6 – 10pm on the eve of CNY.   The only relative who is within a 10km radius in the same district as us is hubby’s cousin. Our reunion dinner was held at hubby’s aunt’s unit, which is 2 floors below ours.  This year, I didn’t even bother to buy any CNY cookies (except for some arrowroot chips, emping chips and fried beehives) as my girls are not big fans of cookies and since we can’t be doing visiting and gifting. Fortunately, my younger brother who is on a working trip back to Ipoh will be able to bring some of mom’s home-baked cookies for us!

Tossing the yee sang is also unique this year with everyone donning on face masks as there are vulnerable folks around. You know how the Chinese talk during yee sang tossing right? Imagine everyone’s saliva being tossed inside the yee sang too 😱

On the first day of CNY, the mil cooked the customary ‘jai’ (vegetarian dish). The girls are also not fans of ‘jai’ but they’re pretty easy going and ate them without any fuss.

I really miss going back to my parents in Ipoh this CNY. I’ve not seen them in person for more than a year now.

How has your CNY been this year?

Here’s Cass with her new bestie.  She’s absolutely besotted with Haru and loves having Haru next to her all the time 😁.  Haru is about 8 weeks old now and is such a charming kitty.

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Some Facts About Haru, Our Pet Kitten

Haru hates her pink collar with a bell. As she’s still a tiny kitten, the collar is too big for her neck, thus we have to put it on her body.  We only put the collar on Haru whenever she’s let out of her box for her happy hour. The bell lets us know where she is. Haru is only let out to roam in our house whenever someone who doesn’t like cats is not in the living room or dining area  😏 .  Haru always tries to wriggle her body out of the collar.

Check out the scratch marks on my hand. Haru’s nails are super sharp like a tiger’s claws!

At almost 7 weeks old now, Haru still drinks milk from a bottle.  Her style of drinking from the bottle is similar to some hyperactive toddlers who cannot lie still when they drink.  Her body  has to move and wriggle about, she bites the bottle teat, she uses her front legs to push the bottle away while her two hind legs are in the air, she will stop drinking part way and has to roam about, then continue drinking with more ‘pattern’… just like a human toddler.

Haru was litter trained at about 6 weeks old.

Cass loves to put Haru on her lap and stroke her to sleep.

Haru can now climb out of her box, thus we had to tape up the 4 flaps on the box to make it higher… until we buy her a cage.  Someone is not happy with the prospect of having a cat cage at the shoe area of our house 😐. Actually I don’t like having a cage in our tiny condo either, but since she’s not allowed to roam freely inside the house 24 hours/day, the cage is the only option.

Sherilyn multi-tasking here: eating her dinner while attending an online tuition class while entertaining a hyperactive Haru.

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We Love Haru 😻

Alycia did something totally out of our imagination yesterday. While Sherilyn and I were out to buy Haru’s formula milk, Alycia heard Haru meowing. We now know that Haru only meows to let us know that she needs to pee, poo or is hungry.  So the girl went to check on Haru and with a towel, she carried Haru out of the box, put her on the litter and after she was done peeing,  wiped Haru with a wet tissue and put Haru back into the box.

When Alycia told us that she brought Haru to pee, we couldn’t believe it!  The girl with cat phobia helped take care of Haru on her own initiative. Way to go! We’re so very proud of her!  Soon she’ll get over her phobia of cats! 🤗

Haru still needs to be bottle fed. I tried to let her lap from a shallow plate (using a Häagen-Dazs cap) but she didn’t know how to lap from it without burying her face in it 😅 and then refused to drink. Just like a human baby, she loves her bottle feeding time and even drinks like a human baby.  I love watching her suckle from the bottle. It’s so therapeutic!  Check out the below video of Haru drinking from her bottle.

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Haru In Our Lives

Haru is very much loved by her two human sisters.  Sherilyn now sleeps early so that she could wake up by 7am to feed Haru.  And Cass would pacify Haru whenever she craves for attention – she would place Haru on her lap while she practises the piano or does her stuff on the computer. And never in my life had I ever imagined that I would be litter training a kitten and cleaning up cat litter as I’d never ever had the intention of having a cat as a pet 😁.

Even Alycia is trying her best to overcome her Ailurophobia (cat phobia) so that she could live at ease with having a cat in the house.  She’s been strongly influenced by her cat loving best friend and sisters to at least overcome her fear of cats before starting to love Haru. It’s tough for her but she’s trying really hard. Today she mustered all her courage to lift up Haru when she cried for attention – but not without a thick cloth before touching Haru 🤣

Cass has now learnt the art of multi-tasking with one hand holding Haru and another fixing Haru’s milk for bottle feeding.

There was so much drama from Alycia when she tried lifting Haru for the first time today, with a towel. There were so much shrieks and screams, jumping and running away, as if she was trying to touch a rat or cockroach 😆

Haru has definitely brought a lot of joy and laughter to our family and the sisters are getting closer to each other because of Haru the rescued stray kitten 🥰

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Litter Training Our Pet Kitten

Our cute little Haru – only Sherilyn, Cass and I care for her. I’m not a cat lover but Haru is changing me by the day. Her cuteness overload and her intelligence are shining through and she’s slowing finding a place in my heart.

Alycia is terrified of cats and all furry animals BUT Haru is slowly changing her too!  Throughout the day Alycia will check on Haru and asks about her, though she still hasn’t gathered enough courage to touch a cat yet 🤣

The three of us have been litter training Haru since yesterday and it’s been pretty fruitful, provided we take her out of the box immediately and place her in her litter the moment she wakes up from her nap. Today all of us were too busy with our things and forgot to bring Haru out of the box to the litter; she peed inside the box and then let out a different meow, to signal to us that she’s peed.

Grandma doesn’t like Haru to be inside the house. And Haru seems to know it. She will stop at the border (between the shoe area and the living room) and sits there to observe us, knowing that she’s not allowed in.  Poor baby. We let her roam freely at the shoe area during the day and then put her back into the box for her to nap.  We haven’t really planned out where to place her when she grows bigger. Hopefully grandma will fall in love with Haru too and will allow her into the house soon 😁.  I’ll pass the job of convincing the queen to change her mind to the hubs as he’s the one who initiated the cat fostering.

Looking like a penguin here 😆

During the day, we turn the box to its side so that Haru can get in and out easily.   She went to the litter to pee on her own once today.

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Our Newly Fostered Stray Kitten

Apologies for the lack of update the past one week.  Yeah, the title says it all. I’ve been busy being a mom to two new fur kids ☺️

Hubby decided to foster two out of six kittens that a stray cat gave birth to right outside his office door step. I told him that he must be crazy to bring not one but two kittens home! The mil is not happy at all with having cats at home!

I knew that I will not be able to cope with having two cats, in fact I’m not ready to care for a pet yet.   To begin with, I’m not even a cat lover. I’m a 100% dog lover.  But Cass and Sherilyn have always wanted to have a pet at home.  Sherilyn loves cats while Cass is fine with any furry animal as her pet.  She has been hounding me to get her a hamster, guinea pig or any type of small furry animal as a pet. But NO NO, there ain’t going to be a rodent in the house! When a cat gave birth to a litter of 6 kitties outside his shop, hubby immediately had the intention to bring a kitten home, though he’s also not a cat lover.

Luckily Alycia’s best friend who’s a 101% cat lover adopted Ginger.  Today her friend came to bring Ginger to its forever loving home.  She’s even planning on putting Ginger on her bed to sleep with her, just like her baby! So happy that Ginger found someone who could care and love it (it’s probably a male) forever.

Though I’m not a cat lover, I am beginning to fall in love with Haru a little more each day.  Sherilyn had the privilege to choose a name for the kitten as she’s the one who’s going to take care of it most of the time, with Cass assisting her.  Haru means spring in Japanese.  I’d preferred such names as Hunter, Tiger or Thunder as it hissed at me the very first time I tried to touch it. Such a fierce infant kitty. She was the only kitty that spat and hissed at us.  But as Haru got used to us humans, she stopped hissing at us on day 3 and now wants to get out of her box all the time to explore her new home.

There’s so much to talk about Haru and Ginger but I’ll leave the stories for another post. Enjoy the pix of our cute little Haru, the one with tri-colored stripes and polka dots on her pink belly.

Haru smiling at us at the vet today.

Haru and Ginger love holding their milk bottle during feeding time, just like a human baby. I love watching them drink milk from the bottle.

Haru weighs 330 gms today – 28 Jan 2021

Last pix of Haru and Ginger together today. Her new adoptive mom is downstairs waiting eagerly to meet her.

Sherilyn feeding Ginger for the last time.

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