RMCO Day 46 ~ Saturday, 25 July 2020

Cass, mil and I had breakfast at our favorite open air kopitiam today. It’s Cass’ first time eating here during the RMCO, her first in 4 months.  Of all the cafes and restaurants that her gourmand daddy often brings us to, this humble kopitiam is still her favorite.


Because of friendly Uncle Weng’s fish paste noodles, which is her favorite.  She used to be hooked to this bitter gourd minced pork noodles sold at a neighborhood kopitiam but the seller had moved away years ago.  And she’s since shifted her favorite to Uncle Weng’s fish paste noodles! Moreover this girl just hates to dress up fancy-schmancy just to go out for a meal at a fancy restaurant. She prefers going out in her pajamas (almost!) at a casual open-air eatery to have a quick bite and go home 😁

This brat always singles out all the fried shallots in her noodles and dump them to me 🙄

My fried meehoon with ‘liu’ from the mil’s curry noodles. The amount you see on the plate is just a quarter; the other three quarter portion is in a tiffin carrier, for whoever who’d like to eat it for lunch later.  I think I have a stomach with an XS capacity as I can’t eat much in a meal, thus my size and 42.7 kg weight  😄

MIL made bubur cha cha with 3 types of sweet potatoes, yam, mixed beans, aromatic palm sugar (from blocks) and freshly squeezed coconut milk for tea time dessert.

And our simple dinner of steamed cod fish, stir-fried celery, long beans and ‘fu pei’ and steamed minced pork with preserved mustard green for the 5 of us.  Hubs was at a client’s wedding event – his first outdoor catering for a wedding during the RMCO 🙏

Alycia was finally in the mood to complete the 800 pieces jigsaw puzzle that her granny gifted her last Christmas. Despite a 4-month home quarantine during the MCO, she didn’t have the mood for puzzles.  The girls seemed to be  discombobulated throughout the time they were stuck at home and had no mood for anything besides seeking comfort from their gadgets.  Being able to go back to school seemed to make them happier as their lives returned to normalcy.

My happy food and ultimate kryptonite – kuih 😛

PS: It took me 4 days to complete this short post as there’s been too much going on the past few days – too much distraction, feeling down and having too much to do with too little help. I’m feeling better today 🥰

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Healthy Low-Carb Tomyam ‘Noodles’

This is my almost zero carbo Tomyam ‘noodles’ ordered from my favorite Thai noodles stall.  The seller (whose wife is Thai) knows what I want and is always accommodating to my special requests.  My ‘noodles’ are the extra big red onion strips and the bowl of Tomyam ‘noodles’ comes with extra minced pork, tomatoes, oyster mushrooms, coriander, lots of fresh lemon grass, kafir lime leaves and other spices.  The tomyam soup is cooked less spicy for me.

After downing this piping hot bowl of keto ‘noodles’ under the sun (under some shady trees), I sweat profusely, which helps me to purge out toxins from my body while unclogging my pores. Plus sweating makes me lose some water weight too 😝 🤤

So me think, this bowl of almost zero-carbo ‘noodles’ is healthy and yummo too! Right now, it’s still my all-time favorite. You can find this stall at Restoran Tuck Tuck Tei @ Taman Desa, KL. It’s a coffee shop with al fresco hawker stalls.

Restoran Tuck Tuck Tei
No. 64A, Jalan Desa Bakti, Taman Desa
Wilayah Persekutuan, 58100 Kuala Lumpur

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Trip Back To Ipoh (16 – 18 June 2018)

Our stay in Ipoh during the mid-term school holidays this time was a short 3 days 2 nights trip. We couldn’t go back at an earlier date as mum, papa and Roy were still in East Europe. When they returned, it was already the end of the first of two weeks of  school holidays. We could only stay in Ipoh for 2 nights as Alycia had a dental appointment for her braces to be fixed.  But the 3 days were precious. We had a great time bonding and it was the first time we could celebrate Father’s Day in Ipoh on the actual day with papa and the hubs together. Really wished that we could have arranged for a short trip to somewhere near. My wish and plan now is to organize a holiday together during the year-end school holidays to Langkawi, Thailand or some neighboring states or countries.  I’m full of hopes that this holiday will materialize.

On our last night in Ipoh, we had dinner at Tung Koo Teng (Mushroom Hut) food court @ Ipoh Garden. The hubs is happiest when he is back in his hometown digging into all his favorite childhood hawkers fare. Who is not? I’m happiest too when I am back at my parents, being a princess again, for a short few days before my princessy days turn into long Cinderalla days and nights 🤭

Our favorite picks:

Curry laksa (SO yums!) and Hong Kong style chee cheong fun:

Ipoh style ‘kai see hor fun’ and popiah:

Chicken and beef satay; grilled curry stingray fish:

Ice kacang and ‘wan tau long’ jelly (aka Aiyu jelly):

Aiyu jelly is rarely seen in the Klang Valley or other parts of Malaysia. It is only in Ipoh that we get to savor our favorite childhood dessert.  Writing this post is already making me miss all my favorite food in Ipoh. I can’t wait for the next school holidays for our next trip back to home sweet home ❤


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Saturday Eats ~ 24 March 2018

Saturday breakkie with Drama Queen and Cass was at a neighborhood coffee shop.

I had vegetarian food ~ fried noodles with curry vegetables, grilled pumpkin and crispy fried spinach:

Wanton noodles for Drama Queen and Hakka noodles for Cass. Ordered only half noodles for each of them. I am controlling their food  portion these days. They can really wallop a cow … and perhaps grow into a size of one too if I don’t control how and what they eat! The big girl is more vain. She eats like me and is a workout buff too!

Dinner was at K88 food court AGAIN!  The hubs was a tad reluctant as we had only dined at K88 last Saturday. But his girls voted for K88 and as usual, the majority wins, hah!

With over 50 stalls at the K88 food court, the girls commented that we would need to go there at least 5 times and order 10 types of food each time to try every stall.

Here’s what we had this time:

Pop corn chicken, claypot yellow wine chicken (from the Ba Ku Teh stall) and claypot chicken rice. As usual, the two older girls went round the food court by themselves and had the liberty to order whatever they fancied. Had I known that they were going to order deep fried pop corn chicken, I’d have stopped them.  I  rarely  allow deep fried food for the girls, especially from dodgy eateries.

Fried lobak ko (radish cake), char koay teow and roti naan with cheese.

Mee suah soup and baked tomato cheese rice for the cheese crazed big girl:

Rawang steamed fish head and steamed 3-variety eggs (from Rawang Steamed Fish stall) and oyster omelette (these 3 are my favorite):

As you can see, we ate to repletion and felt 3kg heavier after dinner!  I had to down a cup of Korean fruit vinegar to help speed up the digestion. And I think it really helps.


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Tucking Into Roadside Indian Rojak & Cendol

I have not done this for donkey yonkey years – sitting at the roadside to tuck into a plate of Indian rojak and cool cendol!

I can’t even remember when the last time I did this with the hubby. I think it was way before Alycia was born. Now, that’s more than 13 years ago alright! And it felt so good to be doing it again yesterday, just the both of us, under a shady tree next to a longkang and tucking into a plate of not-so-hygienic Indian rojak with only a piece of disposable plastic paper lining a re-used zillion times and unwashed plate. The bowl where the Cendol was placed was washed in only 3 small pails of water, with hundreds of other used bowls!

Nah, it’s ok if it’s done once in a blue moon. Our body needs the germs to gain resistance  to diseases ok! 😉  And I have my Izumio to help me zap away the free radicals! 😀

After sweating it out under the 4pm El-Nino heat, we went to collect my car from the Hyundai service center.  Back home, I needed my 3rd shower for the day before I tucked into a heartwarming home-cooked dinner of chicken soup with carrot + Camerons gourd + sweet corn (where I threw in a few tablespoons of organic oats) and braised piggy tail with black beans and peanuts 🙂


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Bits & Bops @ Kong Heng Square, Ipoh Old Town

Upon arrival in Ipoh via ETS from KL yesterday, dad and mum brought us to the famed decades-old Kong Heng coffee shop for some famous Ipoh hawkers’ food.  The famous coffee shop was as usually packed to the brim.

After a 15-minute wait, we were lucky enough to get a pathetically small-sized table, which obviously did not fit the 7 of us comfortably. What more with the amount of food that the foodie hubs ordered, gosh, it was really squeezy and uncomfortable having our lunch there. To top it all up, Alycia knocked down a full glass of barley drink which spilled on the Princess Wannabe who complained and whined non-stop throughout lunch, saying that she felt like a piece of sticky chocolate *rolls eyes* !  Thus there is no picture of the food that we ordered from Kong Heng.

After lunch at Kong Heng, we walked a few steps away to Kong Heng Square.  From a  row of once old and dilapidated pre-war buildings, Kong Heng Square has transformed into a modern food square with a retro touch.

Bits & Bobs @ Ipoh Old Town is located in between Burps & Giggles, Missing Marbles and Plan B; focusing on the tid bits, snacks and simple toys back in the early 60s to 80s.

When I saw ice balls, I was excited!  Ice-balls used to be one of my favorite indulgences when I was in primary school in the early 80s.  At only 10sen each back then, we could pick our choice of sarsi syrup or red syrup drizzled all over the ice balls from our school canteen.

And guess how much this ice ball costs now?  A freaking Rm3 each!!  And my kids did not quite enjoy it reason being it melted too soon on the scorching day, resulting in the sarsi syrup dripping all over their clothes, arms, legs and shoes!  Super duper sticky and messy!!

 photo BitsampBops2_zpsfdd4dc0d.jpg


 photo BitsampBops1_zpsf5a31127.jpg

 photo BitsampBops6_zpscc368904.jpg



This bottle of white rabbit candies sure brought back lots of sweet memories of my childhood.
 photo BitsampBops5_zps53e91acf.jpg




And this Magic Pops too!  I remember popping this crackling sweets into my mouth, waiting to be excited and tickled with sounds of POPS on my throat and tongue, really syiok!

 photo BitsampBops4_zps698d5d17.jpg



And this bear bear bubble gum and bubbles too!  They were all my favorite junk food and toy when I was a little girl 🙂
 photo BitsampBops3_zps25c84c6c.jpg






Missing Marbles extends the Burps and Giggles outlet at Kong Heng Square. I told my mum that we have to try out Missing Marbles during our week-long stay in Ipoh to sample their local favorites. And also to see if we could find any missing marbles!  Cass is crazy over marbles these days.


The ‘see harng’ aka loos at Kong Heng Square.  Looks creepy, dilapidated and dirty?  Well, I was taken by surprise when I stepped inside, to find the toilet refurbished and designed ala Ipoh in the 60s – 80s.


There is also an Indian barber…




And we continued our ‘jalan-jalan cari makan di Ipoh’ after we left Kong Heng Square  yesterday afternoon 🙂


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Ridiculously Expensive Hawker’s Food

This morning after sending Cass to school, I had breakfast with the hubs at a nearby food court.  I have not gone to this food court for many years, albeit we do drive past it everyday.   After walking around the food court for 15 minutes, having a very hard time to decide what to eat, I finally ordered a bowl of pork vermicelli with so-called herbal soup and hubs ordered char koay teow.  The char koay teow stall was manned 100% by an Indon helper. She even fried the char koay teow.

When the bowl of pork noodles came, my jaw almost dropped when the Indon helper told me that it cost RM7 a bowl! For such  run-of-the-mill pork noodles with only an egg added, it cost a freaking RM7!!  Oh yes, I chose herbal soup and the soup was super salty and oily and tasted nothing near to herbal soup.   When the char koay teow arrived, we had another shock when we were told to pay RM6 for a regular  plate of char koay teow. Hubs requested for extra bean sprouts but we did not see any extra bean sprouts on the plate of noodles.  Next unbelievable moment was the glass of barley which cost RM1.40 and it was super sweet.

Does this bowl of noodles look like it cost RM7? Yes if I ate it in an air-conditioned restaurant or shopping mall.

RM6 for a regular size plate of char koay teow at a non air-conditioned  food court – would I be going there again?  I’d rather pay a few more Ringgit more to enjoy my favorite  char koay teow from The Little Penang Cafe @ Mid Valley Megamall!

I think that is the last time the hubs and I step foot into this food court.

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Scrumptious Hawkers’ Food

2 Sundays ago, we had some scrumptious hawkers’ food from Paramount O&S coffee shop (take-out). I’ve always wanted to eat at O&S coffee shop but with 3 young kids, the idea of sweating it out while digging into the food at a sardine-packed restaurant with dirty loos always turn the idea off me. So whenever I crave for the hawkers’ food (especially the yong tau foo and prawn paste cee cheong fun) from Paramount PJ, hubs will take-out and we all get to eat them at the comforts of our own home.

An assortment of deep fried foo pei (fish paste stuffed tofu sheets) and deep fried wantan.

An assortment of ‘yeong liu’ (fish paste stuffed brinjals, fried tofu, ladies’ fingers and fish balls)

Yong tau foo (fish paste stuffed tofu) and har koh (prawn paste) cee cheong fun. This prawn paste cee cheong fun is by far the tastiest I’ve eaten. The prawn paste is really thick and rich and flavored with bits of peanuts, really gloriously sinful!

Ngau Lam (beef brisket with radish), deep fried lin koa with sweet potato and yam…

Egg tarts and my favorite chicken pie…

Prawn noodles with added pork ribs. This bowl of ‘kar liu’ (extra ingredients) prawn mee cost a whopping RM10! Cut throat or not you say?

Pork vermicelli.

O&S coffee shop is located beside the Caltax petrol station in Taman Paramount.
55 Jalan 21/12
Paramount Garden
46300 Petaling Jaya

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Penang Road Famous Cendol and Ice Kacang

We tasted the most famous Penang Road Famous Cendol and ice kacang during our stay in Penang.  When hubs drove to the lane where the stall was, I asked him to drop the idea of getting down the car to join in the looooooong bee line at the stall.  It was scorching hot and we were already perspiring though in the air conditioned car.  The weather had been frigging sweltering for the past one week (and is still hot and humid) and if you don’t already know, I am a Puteri Lilin, will surely melt in the sun!  There was NO way I was getting down the car to join in the craze! But hubs the foodie was adamant and quickly parked his car at the side. My dad was also very game to join in the queue to get a bowl of the cendol. To our surprise, the queue quickly dispersed (everyone quickly gulped down their bowl of ice and zoomed off from the scorching sun) and hubs didn’t have to wait too long.

The unassuming stall….

The refreshing cendol and ais kacang. We could not get a better pix as my mum was the camera-woman and Baby was on her lap, jumping up and down.

Even Phua Chu Kang and gang patronized the stall, don’t pray pray oh….

I taste your ais kacang, you taste my cendol… mmmmmm, soooooo delicious and refreshing!  I don’t mind going there again in our next trip BUT I am still not getting down the car hah!

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Food… Oh Glorious Food

During our recent trip to Penang, the hubs AGAIN traveled round Penang just to get the ‘bestest’ Penang hawkers’ grub. Here are just some of the food that he got (for you to drool on):

Char koay teow from Lorong Selamat…. with extra prawns and Chinese sausages.

The ‘aunty cook’ who fries the koay teow wears a pair of special protective goggles when she’s in action in her char koay teow stall!

Yam cake with dried shrimps floss and fried shallots from the stall that sells Sister Char Koay Teow at Macalister Street.

Famous assam laksa from Air Itam market, near Kek Lok Si Temple

Hop over to my other blog to check out what other mouth-watering and sinful food we digged into whilst we were in Penang.

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A Pregnant Mummy’s Crave

Today I craved for curry puff and fatt koa, aka Chinese muffins.  So I went to the nearby Chinese kuih stall to buy a gigantic curry puff with lots of chicken, potatoes and eggs as filling (which costs RM1.30 each) and a purple sweet potato fatt koa.  When hubby saw me eating these and sharing the fatt koa with the gals, got lecture from him again.  Ever since I am preggers, hubby does not like to see me eat hawkers food.  Each time he sees me eating fried vegetarian meehoon bought from the roadside van or any food bought from hawkers, he will give me a strict sideway glance and shake his head.  Worst still if he sees me feeding his 2 princesses with these food!  So I normally eat before he wakes up or after he is off to work, LOL!

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Our Sunday

Daddy has to work in the afternoon,  so after church today,  we didn’t eat out.  Was invited by Darrius’ mum (RamblingMoo) to attend Darrius’ 2nd birthday party but unfortunately, couldn’t go as we only have 1 car at home and daddy has to use it.   

So daddy packed some of my favorite hawkers’ food from Paramount Garden in PJ and we all ate at home.   We had the famous yong tau foo, chee cheong fun with prawn paste, prawn vermicelli, wantan noodles, egg tarts and some nyonya kuih.  Sometimes, I prefer eating hawkers food at the comforts of my own house than to feast on buffets in hotels.  It’s quite torturous to have buffets as all the food always seem so tempting and I’d always want to try a bit of everything on the spread only to suffer in silence after feasting on the food.

These are what we ate today:


Oh how Alycia loves kuih… to bits. 

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Lunch Box Unveiled….. Again

This is what’s inside the styrofoam lunch box that my mil packed several days ago – wantan noodles with freshly roasted char siew or barbequed pork. This shop near my house sells very tasty wantan noodles and roasted meat (roasted chicken, roasted duck, char siew, siew yoke and roasted intestines). My hubby and I can spend RM30+ just on the assortment of roasted meat for lunch for the both of us.

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What’s Inside The Lunch Box… Again

My mil has just bought a packet of delicious food from the coffee shop near our house. It’s 3pm now and it’s the gals’ naptime but with food from mah mah, you think they will drink their milk? No way…. even an adult can’t resist the temptation to have a bite or two of this delicious food. Want to know what’s inside? Want to make a guess? Scroll up to find out what’s inside.

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What’s Inside The Packet?

Yesterday morning as I was having my morning stroll, I suddenly had the urge to eat something that I’ve not eaten for quite some time. So I went to the van selling breakfast and packed that food. I couldn’t wait to reach home to feast on the food. Want to know what’s inside the packet? Scroll up and read.

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Yummy Pasar Malam Food

Yesterday, we feasted on pasar malam food for dinner. Alycia and Sherilyn got their first taste of ‘look look’ (fish balls on satay stick) and were hooked to them. Hubby bought popiah, ‘look look’, chicken and beef satay, deef fried boneless chicken chop, nyonya kuih and of course durians – everyone’s all-time favorite.

Deep-fried boneless chicken chop.

Nyonya kuih


Sherilyn enjoying the ‘look look’.
Word of caution : kids are to eat this under close adult supervision as the satay stick is very sharp.

Chicken and beef satay

‘ Look Look’

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